East to west cycle route along Bread Street / Morrison Street

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Added by Chris Paton

Provide a reasonable cycle route linking the West Port and Lady Lawson Street with Morrison Street.

The West Port is a key route out of the Grassmarket and Old Town and Lady Lawson Street additionally provides connection with the Meadows and St. Thomas of Aquins High School as well as the Quartermile development and other locations. Providing a reasonable route west would link these areas better with Haymarket and the West End (via Ladyfield) and thus provide not just a local link but onward connecting routes as well. At the moment cyclists are forced to take an indirect route via East Fountainbridge along two-lane one-way streets (i.e. which have fast traffic). There is also an existing link between the Meadows and the Union Canal (and plans to upgrade this) but it is too far south to be of use to those coming from Lauriston Place or the Grassmarket, and doesn't provide connection to Haymarket.

Bread Street and Morrison Street are the clear desire line and have space to afford better provision for cyclists. Bread Street is already buses only westbound and so a small connecting cycle lane at the junction with East Fountainbridge would allow cyclists to use the bus lane. The existing junction at Lothian Road is left turn only, but small remodelling could allow cyclists into Morrison Street and still retain the existing light timings (with cyclists getting a green when pedestrians do). Of course, this requires that a contraflow cycle lane is provided on the section of Morrison Street between Semple Street and Lothian Road. This may be possible by relocating some space from the large pavement next to the Sainsbury's, though this maybe required for fire evacuation from the offices and cinema. Another approach would be to have only one right turn lane into Lothian Road rather than one. Finally, upgrading the pedestrian crossings at Semple Street to toucan crossings would complete the link with the two way section of Morrison Street and onward travel.


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