Proposed changes to Miller Street NW1

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Added by Mixhael

Camden are consulting with residents of, and neighbouring residents to, The Three Fields Estate on Arlington Road.

Part of their proposal is to remove the awkward dog-leg on Miller Street. Hurray.

I know Miller Street is a popular east-west desire line and (sort of) connects up with Pratt Street.

The proposal doesn't mention cycles. Boo. I'd hate to see it being pedestrians only. Although it's difficult to tell what is meant by the pink colouring on the proposed plan, it does look like their will be vehicular access in this area. Let's hope the existing filtered permeability will be maintained.

More details here

and here

There will be a consultation meeting at Fairfield Play Centre 18:30 to 20:30, Thursday 25th February 2016. I'll pop along and see if I can find out more.


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