Westley Road Level Crossing Closure

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Added by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer)

Cycling UK have advised us of this issue:

We’ve just been made of a potential downgrading of a level crossing close to the wonderfully named village Six Mile Bottom, which is about 11 miles from the centre of Cambridge.

Network Rail are looking to downgrade it to either a footpath or bridleway. We’re obviously keen to see any downgrade be to a bridleway so cyclists can continue to use it legally, and will be flagging up with our local campaigner networks in the area, and in addition on social media too.

Full details are here: http://www.networkrail.co.uk/browse%20documents/consultation%20documents/anglia%20level%20crossings/cambridgeshire/cambridge/anglia%20level%20crossings%20-%20round%201%20consultation%20-%20c30%20-%20westley%20road%20-%20cb8%200ub.pdf


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