Harlesden Primary School Travel Plan

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Added by Henry Lancashire

Brent Council write:

As part of our sustainable transport policy, we are progressively improving key walking routes to schools and making them safer for all road users such as children. This documents outlines our proposal to improve pedestrian access to Harlesden Primary School in Minet Avenue.

Why are we proposing this change?
As a part of the recent expansion programme for Harlesden Primary School the school entrance
was relocated from Acton Lane to Minet Avenue. Brent Council has received many complaints
from the school and parents in relation to their concerns about the safety of pupils trying to access
the school due to congestion and obstructive parking. In addition there have been a number of
accidents reported by the school involving school pupils and motor vehicles in the section of Minet
Avenue between Acton Lane and the gated closure outside the school.
Brent Council also receives regular complaints with regards to vehicles driving through the
emergency services access gate that was installed to reduce traffic and improve safety in Minet
Avenue by the school.

What are the proposed improvements?
The scheme proposals are shown in the attached drawing. In summary the proposals
The introduction of a Pedestrian and Cycle zone in Minet Avenue between Acton Lane
and the existing gated closure, between 8:15 to 9:15am and 2:30 to 4:00pm. Residents
of this section of Minet Avenue will be issued with a permit (free of charge) and will be
exempt from the proposed restrictions together with emergency services vehicles, blue
badge holders and permitted delivery vehicles.
Introduction of timed “Pedestrian and Cycle” zone signs and a CCTV camera to help the
enforcement of this area to improve safety of children and all pedestrians.
The introduction of school keep clear marking outside the two new accesses of the
Parking bays outside the school will be amended as shown on the plan to facilitate the
proposals above


February 8th, 2019 17:00


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