Brick Lane Liveable Streets consultation

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The Council is committed to supporting Brick Lane’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and wants to use the investment of the Liveable Streets programme to support Brick Lane businesses and the local community in months and years ahead.

Future Visualisation of Brick Lane(External link)

These proposals have been developed on feedback based on residents, businesses and local community. We are consulting on these proposals now, so that if they are supported we can implement them in time for Summer to benefit businesses, the local community and visitors.

Our proposals:

  • Pedestrianising sections of Brick Lane in the evenings and the weekends (Brick Lane will be open to all traffic before 5.30pm on weekdays) to support businesses to trade safely and make use of outside dining space.
  • Improving the accessibility of Brick Lane with dropped kerbs and new disabled parking spaces.
  • Enhancing the neighbourhood with improved lighting, planting and traffic calming measures to create a better and safer environment for the local community and visitors to walk and cycle around Brick Lane.
  • Installing new cycle hangars and cycle stands to encourage sustainable travel.
  • Creating accessible and safer school travel routes to improve air quality and road safety for children.

What is being proposed?

Three schemes have been developed to improve walking and cycling, create better public spaces, discourage through-traffic and improve air quality (click on each scheme to view details):

Our proposals include environmental enhancements and traffic calming measures to improve accessibility and safety for all and to encourage active travel.

Why are these proposals important?

Brick Lane is an iconic area of London that attracts over 18,500 pedestrians every day. This space is also shared with over 4,000 vehicles, many of which use Brick Lane to cut through the area. This means they are not visiting local businesses, schools or places of worship but are significant contributors to the already unacceptable levels of air pollution and congestion along Brick Lane.

School streets are central to our Brick Lane proposals to address key safety and air quality issues. Our initiatives will create accessible and safer school travel routes by reducing the number of cars polluting the school environment and improving road safety for children.

These proposals are a key part of Tower Hamlets commitment to support Brick Lane’s economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and aims to attract more visitors to the area and support businesses to trade safely.

Overview of Brick Lane Proposals

Overview plan of all proposed works in the Brick Lane area. Please click to enlarge(External link)

Have your say

Your views on our Brick Lane proposals are important to us. You can have your say by providing your feedback through our online survey.

If you have any issues or questions you can either leave a question via our Q&A tool or alternatively email link)

If you would like to raise any questions in Bengali or request a translated copy of the consultation booklet in Bengali then please fill out the request form here.

The consultation is open from Wednesday 17th March and closes at 11:59 on Wednesday 14 April 2021.

Coronavirus update

Our Liveable Streets programme team are following government advice and are currently working remotely. Work will continue as planned on the projects and the team will adhere to all guidelines.

Please note that construction timing is subject to change depending on changes to coronavirus restrictions, weather and coordination of works in the area. We will update the website with any changes to the programme and hope you will continue to help us improve the look and feel of your neighbourhood.

For coronavirus updates from Tower Hamlets or to join our mailing list please click here(External link).

If you have any questions regarding the construction phase please see below, or get in touch with the team by emailing link) or calling 0203 092 0401.


April 14th, 2021


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