Provision of a shared cycleway/footway in Burwell

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Added by JohnP

Supplement to housing development application entitled 'Provision of a shared cycleway/footway west onto Ness Road, landscape, drainage, and associated infrastructure of previously approved 15/01175/OUM'

East Cambridgeshire Planning application reference : 21/01771/FUL

Burwell is not in Ely Cycling Campaign's remit but will be important to some Camcycle members.

The proposed infrastructure looks very good in these plans. The Council wouldn't dare require barriers on it because it is intended as a route for emergency vehicles. The rising bollards don't look to be too much of a problem, as long as they can be seen in poor visibility conditions -the plans includes lighting for the route but it might be good for the bollards to include reflective and fluorescent markings.

There already is a dropped kerb at the northwest end of the route (junction with Ness Road).

The plans include the 'Cyclists Dismount' sign for those emerging onto Ness Road.


January 13th, 2022 00:00


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