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  • Junction of Windmill Lane, Church Land and Field Lane, Heslington

    Created by Mr Andrew Woodhouse // 1 thread

    Cyclists approaching the Windmill Line, Church Lane, Field Lane junction in Heslington, from different directions sometimes have do do strange and potentially dangerous manoeuvres to get to where they want to go.
    For example:
    Approaching the junction from the east along Field Lane towards Heslington along the cycle path, if I am wanting to turn right up Church and then Windmill lane, following the cycle path I cross at the lights over the University bus lane, I then cross Field Lane at the same traffic lights, I can then either cycle up Church Lane and cross the road at the junction with Windmill Lane to cycle up Windmill Lane (just up from the traffic lights and with no ability to see the cars coming round the junction up Church Lane), or I Church Lane this time again at the traffic lights, and join a narrow pedestrian path, then cross over Windmill Lane to cycle along it. The same journey in reverse is just as tortuous.
    All I think that is required is a pedestrian and cycle crossing at the east end of field lane at the already existing traffic lights and a widening of the pedestrian path on the east side of Church lane to include a cycle lane which then has a drop kerb onto Windmill lane.
    This may also aid cyclists coming along Church Lane trying to get onto the Field Lane cycle path.

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  • Poorly-designed cycleway at junction

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    Between the A10 cycleway and the Hardwick Road cycleway is a complex of sluggish crossings, narrow tracks and dangerous junctions which currently (early 2014) take 7 minutes if you wait for all the crossings. Of course, the red bike lights are only advisory, but then riders and drivers are hindered by the poor visibility at many of the crossings, plus some drivers mistakenly believe that riders should dismount and walk across, to the point of harassing riders who ride across.

    Unsurprisingly, some commuters riding through this junction have developed a number of innovative and, eh, "interesting" approaches to it. This shouldn't be necessary. This junction between the Highways Agency's A47 and Norfolk County Council's A10 and A149 should be cycle-proofed as a high priority, before the planned housing at West Winch and North Runcton.

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  • Francis Crick Avenue

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    At yesterday's BUG-WAG meeting, it was clear that Addenbrooke's themselves have heard dissatisfaction about this area. I said I'd forward comments from members, of which I remember many, but in no detail at all, just a lot of comments. However, doing a search for "Francis" or "Crick" pulls up no results, so either any thread on this is so obscurely labelled I can't find it, or all the traffic I remember seeing is on the members' email list which I don't have archives for.

    I've been asked to send comments asap, as I get the feeling they want to lean on the developers to fix snags.

    Either, can someone point me to the correct Cyclescape thread, or, assuming that doesn't exist, can people, if they can remember what they said (or think every day), can they repost here. I will collate comments anonymously into a file and send to Katharine Smith. The new LMB already had comments about how you are supposed to actually get a bike to the cycle parking from the road as that didn't seem to have been thought of!

    I get the feeling this is needed fairly soon, hence the plea so early on a Saturday morning, so I can try to do a dossier tomorrow or Monday.

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  • Silent Street contraflow

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 0 threads

    A new contraflow allows cycling in SW direction on Silent Street. Sadly the final result is a confusing mix and is a dangerous, disjointed facility. It is not easy to use and does not make it clear to motorists etc travelling NE direction to expect contraflow cyclists.

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