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  • Allow 2 way cycling along Stoke Quay and New Cut West

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    I've heard that there's a number of people who work in IP-City Centre who don't like cycling along the main road (Hawes Street, and Vernon Street) due to the traffic to get into town, or to the station, and would much prefer to take the quieter riverside route which has very little traffic. Dock Street already is two way for cycling, thus this would be a case of expanding the ability to cycle both directions.

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  • King's Lynn Transport Interchange

    Created by MJR // 2 threads

    Some of (the last of?) the s106 money from two out-of-town big box supermarkets is being used to remodel the connections between the bus and rail stations. National Route 1 runs through this area and the bus station may also be Lynn's biggest cycle park, so there's quite a lot of potential for this to do good - or to do harm.

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  • Contraflow cycle path on Union Road East

    Created by Fraser Stephens // 0 threads


    Part of Union Road East is one-way, so cyclists heading from the hospital into town have to cycle 3 sides of an undulating square to reach Tudor Street. A contraflow cycle lane would solve this and encourage cycling.

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  • Cycle contraflow

    Created by Frenchie // 0 threads

    This is one of the prime candidate for a cycle contraflow in Newcastle City Centre. Currently one way for all traffic from Percy Street to Strawberry place. Allowing cyclists down from Strawberry Place to Percy Street would improve permeability and connectivity for cyclists. Note: not a lot of traffic, space not an issue, short uphill section so speeding not an issue.

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  • Silent Street contraflow

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 0 threads

    A new contraflow allows cycling in SW direction on Silent Street. Sadly the final result is a confusing mix and is a dangerous, disjointed facility. It is not easy to use and does not make it clear to motorists etc travelling NE direction to expect contraflow cyclists.

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  • The Commons Hatfield contraflow

    Created by Chris Whitehouse // 1 thread

    A contraflow on The Commons would connect the Wellfield Road cycle path, Lister House surgery, the Town Centre, ASDA, and if St Peters Close could be made a cycle path it could join with the cycle path along the north side of Cavendish Way.

    The section from Wellfield Road to the first bend is already plenty wide enough and the area around Lister House is double yellow - though people do park there and people, particularly elderly or disabled should have access.

    St Peters Close has plenty of room.

    The section from the first bend to Lemsford Road needs a bit more care but looks doable.

    I think this would be a great addition to our cycle path network.

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  • One-way streets in Crossgate area

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    In the area round Crossgate, the older section of Durham City to the west of Framwellgate Bridge, there are a number of one-way streets which make cycling inconvenient. In most cases the streets have been made one-way primarily to make it easier to provide car parking on narrow residential streets or to reduce through car traffic.

    These streets should be reassessed, and where possible opened up to bicycles in both directions.

    Some restrictions are particularly pointless, such as the one in the photograph. In theory, if a cyclist descends South Street, the only lawful option is to turn left and pedal up Crossgate. Just beyond the no-entry sign pictured is a two-way stretch of North Road that leads from Framwellgate Bridge to Milburngate, from which cyclists could access the National Cycle Network routes to Pennyferry Bridge and local routes beyond to Newton Hall.

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  • Lower Castle Street cycle contraflow required

    Created by Jack Thurston // 0 threads

    Cycle route 42 along Castle Street requires cyclists to make an absurd off-road detour around the castle grounds and through an industrial estate to rejoin the routes east of the town centre at Holywell Road.

    This could be avoided if cycling were allowed in a south-west to north-east direction on Lower Castle Street. Ideally this narrow street should be a walking/cycling only street, or a cycling contraflow could be introduced, though the narrowness of the street makes this a second-best solution.

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  • Frogmore Street one-way street: cycle contraflow required

    Created by Jack Thurston // 0 threads

    Frogmore Street is one-way (SE to NW). It needs a cycle contraflow to allow cyclists access from the north/west end of the town to this main commerce street.

    A cycle contraflow would achieve this objective. It would also be necessary to reconfigure the junction at the north end of Frogmore Street.

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  • Corn Exchange Street contraflow to close for 2 months

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Corn Exchange Street contraflow is to close temporarily.

    Advanced notice of temporary cycle lane closure (aka Woodburn Way) has been published in the Cambridge News. Cars apparently able to proceed, which I find puzzling.

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  • Consultation on Cobden Junction

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 5 threads

    Camden Council proposes major improvements to Cobden junction – the junction of Camden High Street with Crowndale Road and Hampstead Road at its southern end.

    They propose the following measures:

    - eliminate the unnecessary northbound road on the east side of the island

    - gain extra footway space on the east side of the road (uses to include cycle parking, trees, seating)

    - widen the footway outside Mornington Crescent Station

    - safer, quicker and simpler pedestrian crossings

    - improved link for cyclists to the Mornington Crescent quiet route (from Arlington Road).

    - new ASL boxes with lead-in lanes on the approach to the junction from Eversholt Street, Crowndale Road and Hampstead Road.

    - re-site the statue of Richard Cobden and the war memorial

    Proposal for contraflow cycling on Crowndale Road:

    A few months ago, we were shown designs for a contraflow on Crowndale Road between Hampstead Road and Bayham Street with some junction changes at the latter to accommodate it. Unfortunately, this was rejected by TfL on the grounds that it would delay buses. This consultation notes that the layout has been designed to accommodate the contraflow at a future date.

    This consultation also says that in addition, alternative options for providing a west to east link are being explored at both Delancey Street / Pratt Street and Oakley Square. We need to encourage Camden to pursue these essential links. In the case of the latter, there is an urgent need to allow cyclists to make right turn right into Hampstead road from the southern end of Mornington Crescent.

    See consultation on Camden Council website:

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  • Dangerous cycle lanes in Ipswich Town Centre

    Created by Andrea // 3 threads

    In Museum Street and Upper Brook Street/Northgate Street it is very dangerous to cycle. Both roads are very narrow, have lots of buses pass through and there are contraflow cycle paths. On those you are very close to the buses (both directions) even if you wait on the pavements to let them through because you are worried about accidents. Can cyclepaths go through Elm Street, Tower Street or Tower Rampart instead?

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  • Garden Walk is two-way

    Created by Simon Nuttall // 2 threads

    Garden Walk is a two way street for all but the last few metres at it's junction with Victoria Road. At that end there is a cycle bypass to the no-entry. It's a bodge up that only transport planners understand.

    I've experienced it myself, but a resident of the street tells me of her frequent problems with aggressive oncoming traffic (mostly van drivers) that barge at her as she rides up the road. When she tries to point out how the street works they don't listen and challenge her knowledge because of her french accent.

    I've suggested these two signage solutions...

    Blue signs...

    Big bicycle markings on the road...

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  • Lansdown Road one-way

    Created by christhebull // 1 thread

    Lansdown Road is one way, hindering cycling in Clifton. The forthcoming introduction of residents parking zones ought to provide an ideal opportunity to introduce contraflow cycling here and elsewhere in Clifton. Minor changes to the build-outs by the Fosseway are likely to be necessary but contraflow cycling should not be an issue in terms of engineering or traffic speeds / volumes.

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