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  • Lower Redland Road false one-way

    Created by christhebull // 2 threads

    A short section of Lower Redland Road adjoining Whiteladies Road is eastbound only, hindering cycling in this area. A simple remedial measure would be to allow legal contraflow cycling in the westbound direction on this road. Although no longer required for contraflows, a small traffic island exists at the exit of this one way street which could either removed, or utilised as the entrance to the contraflow. This would be relatively simple to implement as there are no intermediate junctions or traffic lights, only signs to be altered at either end and various formalities to go through.

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  • Castle Street Cycle Lane - Taxi parking

    Created by Matt Turner // 1 thread

    Castle Street cycle lane is a contraflow cycle lane on a one way street in Sheffield. It has been here since March 1997 and allows cyclists enter the city centre from the network of cycle paths on the East, avoiding some big arterial routes with no cycling provision.

    For the past 15 years this cycle lane has been plagued by Hackney Carriage drivers parking illegally on this cycle lane, blocking cyclists access and forcing them into oncoming traffic. This has been the case for over a decade.

    There is a taxi rank on the pavement side of the cycle lane, taxis often fill up this rank and overflow, parking in the cycle lane, blocking the way for cyclists.

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  • Stanley Road / Garlic Row / Oyster Row

    Created by Simon Nuttall // 1 thread

    A campaign member and resident of the area has sent this:

    I've just received a consultation paper from the City Council for residents of Stanley Road, Garlic Row and Oyster Row. I've summarised the proposals below.Scheme 2 Option B seemed the most significant.

    Scheme 1. Extension of parking and loading restrictions on Stanley Road
    Scheme 2, Option A. "No entry except cycles" on Garlic Row adjacent to the junction with Mercers Row
    Scheme 2, Option B. Oyster Row becomes one-way in the northeasterly direction. No exemption for cycles.

    Comments to Gavin Card at the City Council by the 30th March ( or PO Box 700, CB1 0JH)

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  • One way Except Cyclists

    Created by Richard Alderson // 0 threads

    Making this road 2 way for cyclists will greatly increase the permability through Altrincham. Without this exception cyclists are forced onto the busy A56 or Stamford New Road also busy. Test

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