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  • No cycling path across Christ's Pieces

    Created by JoannaH // 1 thread

    I am very concerned that there is no cycling permitted along any of the many paths crossing Christ's Pieces. I fully understand that the main path leading from Christ's Walk over to the Grafton should be cycle-free as there is almost always a high volume of pedestrian use on this path. However, the other paths are almost always virtually, if not completely empty of pedestrians and could easily allow cyclists. Living near Mitchams Corner, I frequently cycle into town and if I want to go to the Grand Arcade or St. Andrews Street, I am not allowed to cycle across Christ's Pieces and park my bike in Christ's Walk. Instead, I am supposed to run the gauntlet of buses and taxis (see panoramic picture), in Emmanuel Street or, equally dangerous, Hobson Street via King Street. Hobson Street is so narrow that if a bus or taxi is coming down it, a cyclist is forced to leap off and drag the bike onto the pavement. Lorries are also often parked for deliveries too! I have raised this issue with Jocelynne Scutt who has said she would look into it. I consider it urgent!

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  • Massey Close: cyclist dismount and bollards

    Created by Hazel Dawe // 1 thread

    The Massey Close exit to Churchill Drive is cyclist unfriendly. Bollards are too narrow for an average cyclist, let alone a cyclist with a trailer. The angle from the bollards to the railings on the other side is very hard for a cyclist to navigate. From the other direction there is a cyclists dismount sign.

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