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  • Removal of cycle track on Putney Embankment

    Anon // 1 thread

    Wandsworth Council in TMO 1644 propose removing the contra-flow segregated cycle track at the eastern end of Putney Embankment to allow a hoarding to be built around the Thames Tideway tunnel construction site. The track will be re-opened when the work is complete, but this could take at least a year. It is proposed that eastbound cyclists join the Upper Richmond road by the Dukes Head pub and then continue on this road. Wandsworth Cycling Campaign objected to this on the grounds that the Upper Richmond Road is extremely heavily trafficked and the proposed diversion involved cycling past a row pf parking bays . This would be very difficult and hazardous for the mix of cyclists using the Thames Path of which this forms part. We asked that the parking bays be temporarily removed and replaced by a 1.5 to 2 m cycle lane separated from the motor traffic by wands or similar. For west-bound cyclists using the narrow lane left on Putney Embankment past the work site, we asked for the installation of 'Do not overtake cyclists' signs.

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  • Tipner Lake Shared Path Closure / Diversion

    Ian S // 1 thread

    The shared path alongside Tipner Lake will be closed from April 2017 while flood defence upgrade work takes place for the next 30 months.

    The proposal is to divert cyclists (and pedestrians!) along the busier Northern Parade road on a 'temporary cycle path' which has not been specified at the time of applying for planning permission application.

    PCF believe that there has been no attempt to calculate the number of cyclists using the path on a daily basis, and the issues around placing them on a busy road as a diversion.

    PCF would like to see a segregated on-road lane created to allow cyclists to continue to cycle safely to and from the north west gateway of the island. This could be created easily by using wands for the duration of the work.

    The existing southbound shared path on the pavement is not suitable for most commuting cyclists.

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  • Gresham Road Resurfacing - No Diversion

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    For a change, I tried following the route signs for the station today. As well as a mystery tour near the Grafton centre where the signs simply stop, my route was blocked at Gresham Road by "WET TAR" and a sign proclaiming it. No diversion was signed and there were no advance warning signs that would have let me pick a better route earlier. Plenty of people were riding along the footways - enough that it was too crowded for me to feel safe doing so. I performed a U-turn, waited a second time at the crossroad traffic lights and rode along the very busy Gonville Place and Hills Road instead.

    I've tweeted at Cambridgeshire County Council and Cambridge City Council in because I don't think that is legal - a cycle route suddenly being blocked by wet tar does not comply with the code of practice on safety at streetworks, which is required by law. I'm disappointed to encounter this in Cambridge.

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