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  • Dog Kennel Hill Junction and Champion Hill 'No Entry'

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    We would like to know your view on our proposals for:

    1. Improvements to pedestrian and cycle facilities at the Dog Kennel Hill junction with Grove Hill Road and Champion Hill; and
    2. Making permanent the ‘No Entry' on Champion Hill.

    These changes will improve safety, encourage cycling and walking in line with the Healthy Streets approach, and will enable the junction to form part of Cycleway 17. These changes represent the first stage of wider area changes as part of the Camberwell area-wide study.

    The key measures proposed are:

    • Segregated westbound cycle lane in Grove Hill Road;
    • Separate cycle signal at the Grove Hill Road junction;
    • Early release for cyclists at Champion Hill;
    • Footway widening in Grove Hill Road; and
    • ‘No entry' to be made permanent in Champion Hill.

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  • Champion Hill No Entry Trial Monitoring Form

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    Following consultation in late 2018, a trial no-entry restriction has been introduced on Champion Hill. This is intended to reduce the amount of through traffic using Champion Hill and surrounding roads, and make the streets safer and healthier for residents.

    The trial will run from February until Autumn 2019. We anticipate there may be a degree of disruption initially, as motorists become used to the changes. After this 'bedding-in' period, we will be using various methods to monitor the outcomes of the trial, but we also want to hear from residents.

    If you have observations or concerns about how the trial is operating in practice, please submit your comments using this form.

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