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  • Green Road Roundabout

    Created by Hazel Dawe // 1 thread

    Cyclists crossing London Road from South to North at the Green Road roundabout are faced with an extremely tight ninety degree turn into a very narrow space because a signpost is blocking the middle of what should be a cycle lane. This sharp turn onto a narrow space is virtually impossible to negotiate without stopping cycling and using your foot to push your bike. It is also very difficult to align the bike to cross the next lane in the extremely narrow space available. it is impossible with a cargo bike.

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  • parked cars blocking access to cycle lane

    Created by Mia // 0 threads

    cars (particularly cars with blue badges) like to park here two abreast blocking access to cycle lane to cyclists and electric wheelchair users too forcing them to go on to the pavement (if they can) or a long detour

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  • Cars parked outside Bodrum takeaway on cycle path & double yellow lines

    Anon // 1 thread

    Cars, which appear to be delivery vehicles, are near-permanently parked outside the Bodrum takeaway on Bootham in the evenings, despite the fact that they are doing so on double yellow lines, on an advisory cycle path, and close to other junctions. This forces cyclists to swerve around these cars, and much closer to incoming traffic in the other lane on Bootham.

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  • Car parking on Blue Bridge Lane

    Kate Ravilious // 1 thread

    Car parking obstructs cyclists travelling uphill, forcing them to stop and start on a steep uphill section, or move into the path of oncoming traffic travelling downhill.

    It would be safer to have car parking on the other side of the road.

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  • Threat of barrier on existing Highworth Ave cycle route

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    I've gotten wind that some residents are pushing for an exclusionary barrier of some kind to block the existing filter at Highworth Ave / Leys Road. Right now it's a couple of nice planters with a reasonably-sized gap that any kind of cycle can ride through. I don't know exactly what they're planning but they want to stop motorbikes, which can only mean something really obnoxious for everyone else.

    While I sympathise about the motorbike problem (I see them too, being a nearby resident and frequent user of this cut-through), I am very worried about this kneejerk reaction that will harm legitimate users of the filter. A form of collective punishment for the actions of a few, basically.

    I would like to alert people who may be worried about yet-another obstacle on a cycle route, or even possibly losing a nice quiet cycle route that lets us avoid nasty parts of Arbury and Milton Roads.

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  • Closure of Netherhall school off road cyclepath

    Created by Phillip Barnett // 1 thread

    (Originally sent to Camb cyclist mailing list)
    Does anyone know why the off-road cyclepath from Cherry Hinton park to Netherhall school has been closed all week? The northern half of this is locked by gates at both ends, (private land, belonging to school) and is open daily just before school, and just at end of school, half hour at a time, for children to get to school off road. Apparently, the primary school at the south end of the path has objected (don't know why? Maybe worried about possible accidents with their children?)
    So for the first time in decades, it's been closed.
    And so now my children are being forced onto longer routes, on busy schoolrun roads, when they had a perfect off-road route, door to door offroad cyclepath all the way!
    I'm sure it's a backwards step in terms of child safety. I will take it up with the school but wondered if anyone knew what's going on?

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  • Cars blocking dropped kerb

    Created by GinaroZ // 1 thread

    Under the Forth Road Bridge there is a shared use section with a dropped kerb from Hopetoun Road.

    When I last cycled there it was blocked by a parked car, and you can see there's normally a car near it if not blocking it on street view: - double yellows or something needed.

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  • Cambridge Road, Bridge Road traffic lights

    Created by Joe Adam // 1 thread

    The traffic lights on the Cambridge Road, Bridge road t junction have just been redone.
    They have slightly widened part of the footpath/shared use cycle way. However they have put a new offside repeater light in. The pole for this goes in just where the path is narrowing again, and where people on bikes turning right from Cambridge Road are joining the path.

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  • Beverley Rd / Chiswick Lm dropped kerb

    Created by Jon G // 1 thread

    A dropped kerb here would create easy cycle access between Chiswick Lane and Beverley Road, creating a backstreet cycle route avoiding parts of Chiswick Lane and Chiswick High Road

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  • Obstruction on Path

    Ian S // 1 thread

    There is a well used 'cut-through' between East Shore Way and Shore Avenue.

    About a year ago, wooden barriers were placed on the path which restrict the passage of bikes generally, but non standard bikes or push chairs specifically through the access path.

    This issue was reported to PCC who said they cannot do anything about it as they are on private land.

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  • Path from View Road, Hornsey to Alexandra Park

    Created by JonC // 1 thread

    Access to Alexandra Park from View Road is obstructed by a staggered barrier, which does not have space for a recumbent trike to turn.

    This is on the route of the proposed Hornsey to North Finchley Quietway.

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  • Dangerous barrier on Fen Causeway pavement / cycle path.

    Created by olwen williams // 1 thread

    A cycleway runs along the pavement on the S side of Fen Causeway. There are various metal barriers, placed to prevent pedestrians coming off a footpath and going straight onto the road. 2-3 years ago, I collided with a barrier in the cycleway.because I was blinded by on-coming car headlights to my left. This barrier is uniquely dangerous because the oncoming cars are mounting the bridge over the river. In addition, oncoming cyclists on the right may both add to the difficulty in seeing the barrier and also narrow the cycleway. In rush hour, the barrier is obscured and invisible for about 25% of the time.
    I am aware of one other person who has run into the barrier, but I suspect there must be more. If you have done so, please get in touch! I have so far been unsuccessful in persuading the council that this barrier must be removed.

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  • Parking in Water Street Cycle Lane

    Created by Anna Langley // 1 thread

    It seems that the new cycle lane in Water Street, is just too tempting to be ignored for motorists looking for a place to park. The councils enforcement people won't do anything, and nor, I expect, will the police.

    We need bollards along there to physically prevent this from happening.

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  • Parking blocking Cam Towpath entrance

    Created by Anna Langley // 1 thread

    This morning 17.5.2016, I found this car blocking the towpath entrance on Fen Road. If you see this again, please call the Police non-emergency number 101 and report it. Especially if it is this same red Citro├źn MV62 JXD.

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  • Barriers on cycle route under dual carriageway off Weston St

    Created by Sam Wakeling // 2 threads

    The nominated cycle route to avoid the University roundabout goes down Weston St and under the underpass. Entry and exit to this underpass is obstructed by metal barriers.

    These make the route inconvenient for all people using bikes, and impossible to access for some recumbent, cargo bike, trailer or multi-wheeled disabled cycle users.

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  • Parking on the towpath entrance

    Created by Anna Langley // 1 thread

    A dropped kerb was created here to make it easier for cyclists (in particular) to get onto and off the towpath. Since then, and even more so since the demolition of the Penny Ferry pub, cars and vans have been using the space as a car park. Vehicles are parked there daily, and I have been photographing them as I go past. I have included a link so you can see what I mean.

    I've contacted my county and city councillors, and the council itself. And the response has been silence.

    Suggestions please...

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  • Blockage of cycle lane by street light replacement

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    Yet again, Balfour Beatty are doing an utterly shocking job on the street light replacements. I thought there was a thread about this somewhere but I can't find it thus can't find if we've got any contacts to directly complain to.

    Basically, there's a large hole in the pavement around where I've put the pointer - not sure that's 100% accurate since I was occupied with other things. So the cycle lane is closed to allow pedestrians somewhere to walk.

    That has been fine this week as it's the school holidays and there is virtually no traffic to speak of. Come Monday, when Hills Road is nose-to-tail gridlock, cyclists will be double and pedestrians probably doubled, it's going to be dangerous chaos. The pedestrian route will not actually be wide enough for all the pedestrians that walk along there on a school day - they will be queuing to get through, let alone the effect of all the 'stuck' cyclists who can't get into the car lane as that's queuing all the way to Cherry Hinton Road.

    What is particularly annoying is that this hole has been there all week with no change.

    Basically yet again, they've just dug holes, stuck up obstructions and gone off leaving them. How about digging the hole, doing the work, and filling in the hole in a timely manner. This whole now four-year operation has been a shambles from beginning to end.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for direct phone numbers or email addresses so I can complain?

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  • London Cycle Network access via Westcoombe Avenue

    Created by MB // 1 thread

    Access for cyclists, pedestrians with buggies or wheelchairs is poor here. Pavement is not flush to carriageway, barriers effectively block access & there are oftern cars parked too. As a part of the 'London Cycle Network' (74) it is substandard. If the route is intended for cyclists, it should be made accessible to them. Other users (car drivers) should be prevented from blocking it.

    In addition, there is a 'cyclists dismount' sign!

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  • Nottm City Council Review of barriers on rights of way

    Created by Hugh McClintock // 1 thread

    Comments welcome please on this consultation about barriers on rights of way.

    Pedals believes that any kind of barriers should be avoided as far as possible, especially those of the A-frame design. If access controls really are needed they should take the form of bollards (or staggered bollards) rather than barrier.

    Message of 22 Feb 2016 from John Lee, Nottm City Council

    Morning all

    Some of you will recall taking part in its preparation.

    We are in the process of reviewing the attached Policy. The policy was in response to complaints about the design of barriers the council have used on rights of way to deal with motorcycles and users safety. Although barriers help deter illegal use some designs were causing problems for disabled citizens, mobility scooters, double buggies and cyclists. When deciding whether a barrier is the best solution for a particular problem/location, the policy has helped provide a consistent approach.

    As part of the review do you have any comments on the policy, for example is there anything else the policy should include so the rights of way network is kept free from unnecessary obstructions and is accessible by all? Please forward onto any contacts who may have an interest.

    Please could I have your comments by Monday 21st March.


    John Lee
    Public Rights of Way
    Traffic and Safety
    Development and Growth
    Nottingham City Council
    Loxley House
    Station Street
    NG2 3NG

    Tele: 0115 8765246
    Mobile: 07976 794880

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  • Chapeltown Rd Leeds

    Created by dpattinson // 1 thread

    Although cycle lanes are marked in parts along Chapeltown Rd going out of town, it is quite dangerous, especially where there is parking for the shops along the west side of Chapeltown Rd. A particular concern is just after the pedestrian crossing lights past Mexborough St, opposite Costcutters. The vehicle lane narrows for the pedestrian island in the middle of the road, but straight after it are car parking spaces which protrude out into the road, creating a bottleneck so cyclists have to go into the middle of the vehicle lane to get around cars parked there. I've had a few close calls there as impatient vehicles try to push past where there is no room.

    It is almost normal during peak hour to have to negotiate cars parked on double yellow lines across the cycle lane.

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  • Concrete obstruction at Calverley Bridge

    Created by M Stanley // 1 thread

    Large piece of concrete partially blocking access. If this was put here to stop motorbikes, then it is obviously ineffective due to eroded bank on right hand side.

    Reported to Leeds City Council via online reporting system 26/02/2016

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