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  • Barrier very tight for bikes

    Created by Donald Noble // 0 threads

    This barrier is quite a tight squeeze for a normal bike without panniers, and would be very difficult/impossible to get though with an accessible bike/panniers/trailer etc.

    Presume bollards could be used here to stop vehicles entering the path without causing an obstruction for bikes/wheelchairs etc.

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  • Rope Walk cars park in cycle lane westbound

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 1 thread

    It is a constant problem that car drivers think it is acceptable to park in this particular spot.
    The single yellow needs upgrading to double yellow lines ( is this enforced anyway ) OR we need hard infrastruture design which prevents such selfish behaviour.

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  • Dangerous tree stump

    Created by Ian Seeley // 0 threads

    There is a tree stump about 3 feet high on the cycle track. It's particularly difficult to see at night when travelling east bound and should be completely removed and the cycle track resurfaced.

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  • Barrier too narrow for some bikes

    Created by Donald Noble // 1 thread

    Access barrier (presumably to stop motorbikes) is too narrow to permit access by some bikes, including mountain bikes with wide bars, plus all sorts of accessible bicycles, as well as pushchairs/wheelchairs/mobility scooters etc.

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  • Chicane installed by Astra Zeneca developers on guided bus track

    Created by James Gilbert // 1 thread

    The Astra Zeneca developers (I assume) have installed a chicane made from two plastic roadwork blocks, plus a little "Chicane Ahead" warning sign on the down slope of the guided busway path as it approaches Francis Crick Avenue.

    I assume that the idea is to slow down cyclists, but I don't see why this is any more necessary than it was before their building site was created. I think it will make collisions between cyclists, or between cyclists and pedestrians, more likely.

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  • Access blocked from Bramshot Lane to MoD Lands

    Created by Charlie Halliday // 0 threads

    Bramshot Lane was a MoD Road which went from Summit Avenue to the entrance of the National Gas Turbine Establishment at Pyestock. The Pyestock site and road have been sold to developers and the site renamed Hartland Park.
    The developers have now erected fencing on both sides of the road which comes up to the locked gates used by the MoD to access their land.
    Previously there was a gap at the side of the MoD gates to allow access for cyclists and pedestrians.
    For cyclists the main issue is the SUP crossing at the northern end which provides a valuable link between Farnborough and Fleet.
    The last remaining alternative is a staggered crossing on the A327 near the bridge over the railway and Fleet Road. This has poor sightlines and is unsafe.
    About 200m to south access to the Military Lands has been blocked on both sided of the road. It was previously possible to walk or cycle between the two sections of the Lands divided by Bramshot Lane.
    Note that paragraph 2 of the Aldershot and District Military Lands Byelaws 1976 allows public assess to the Military Lands when not being used for military purposes.

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  • Barrier across cycle lane - DANGEROUS!

    Created by Simon Redding // 0 threads

    The barrier in the photo blocks the route where NCN67 joins Storforth Road at the end of the Rother Washlands in Chesterfield.
    Perhaps the council was trying to be safe here, but since it's not a well lit area, a cyclist travelling this way at night might well have a nasty accident flying over this barrier.

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  • Gate on North Sea Cycle Route in Harwich

    Created by Gary // 0 threads

    Why would you put a gate across an official cycle route through the "Hangings" in Harwich, on the North Sea Cycle Route from Harwich International to Harwich Town? I've seen visitors from Europe try and cycle through this obstruction with trailers.

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  • New Hinxton ford flood barrier will block road to cyclists between Duxford and Hinxton

    Created by James Gilbert // 1 thread

    New barriers will be used to prevent cars driving into the ford when the river is too high. Almost all of the time when the ford is in flood it is still passable by cyclists and pedestrians on the footbridge. On the Duxford side (pictured), cyclists will have to squeeze past on the verge next to a ditch to get round. This will be hard for cyclists with trailers, children in seats etc...

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  • Gresham Road Resurfacing - No Diversion

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    For a change, I tried following the route signs for the station today. As well as a mystery tour near the Grafton centre where the signs simply stop, my route was blocked at Gresham Road by "WET TAR" and a sign proclaiming it. No diversion was signed and there were no advance warning signs that would have let me pick a better route earlier. Plenty of people were riding along the footways - enough that it was too crowded for me to feel safe doing so. I performed a U-turn, waited a second time at the crossroad traffic lights and rode along the very busy Gonville Place and Hills Road instead.

    I've tweeted at Cambridgeshire County Council and Cambridge City Council in because I don't think that is legal - a cycle route suddenly being blocked by wet tar does not comply with the code of practice on safety at streetworks, which is required by law. I'm disappointed to encounter this in Cambridge.

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  • Illegal blocking of contraflow cycle lane

    Created by Jon_B // 1 thread

    The contra-flow cycle lane leading West on Dogs Head St was (once again) obstructed by illegally parked vehicles this morning.

    I have reported the specific incident, but this seems to be to be a more general problem of lack of enforcement and commercial vehicles believing that it is acceptable for them to use these lanes for short (or not so short) stops.

    In this case there were a large lorry and a van parked one behind each other forcing cyclists to pull out around them into potential oncoming traffic (including buses as can be clearly seen in the photo).

    If these lanes are to form part of the planning scheme then they need to either by physically segregated so as to prevent vehicles parking on them or at the very least there needs to be a zero tolerance approach to enforcement.

    If commercial vehicles do need to use them for emergency purposes (I think they may have been investigating the traffic lights which were out of order) then they should be obliged to put in place some kind of stop / go scheme to avoid conflict between cyclists and oncoming vehicles.

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  • Cavendish Way/St Albans Road West, Hatfield

    Created by Chris Whitehouse // 0 threads

    This refers to the shared cyclepath/footway across St Albans Road West at the junction with Cavendish Way.

    There is a flower bed on the east side of this crossing which projects into the line of the crossing. There is also a cyclepath/footway sign on a short post in the flower bed.

    At night it is very easy to take a line which sends you into the flowerbed, particularly if crossing quickly to avoid traffic exiting from St Albans Road West. It's not hard in daytime too if there is pedestrian traffic.

    Please fill in and resurface a short section of flowerbed and resite the sign.

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  • Blocked dropped kerb

    Created by Paul L // 0 threads

    The cycle route from Ranelaugh Drive towards Isleworth involves crossing the footway. A dropped kerb has been provided (but no other markings) but this is frequently blocked by parked cars. A solution would be to place a bollard either side of the dropped section.

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  • Dangers from roadsigns for drivers placed on pavements and cycleways

    Created by Peter Lawrence // 2 threads

    Please sign my petition

    Accident CC-23012014-0561 (Incident logged by the Cambridgeshire Police)

    Leaving Zoology Department 18.15 walking east on Downing St, north side on 23 January, 2014. Car stopped in Downing st just west of Corn exchange road junction, obscuring the light. Lying on the road was a road sign warning cars of road works further left in Corn Exchange St, a needless warning. This 1 metre road sign had been placed on the pavement, occluding it seriously and had been, presumably, knocked over and left lying on the pavement with its black and invisible legs raised up about 10cm from the surface and its reflective surface tilted away (see picture). I tripped over the road sign in the dark and fell forwards injuring my face and forehead; the metal cut into my right leg. My glasses are destroyed, the leg of the sign tore my shoes.
    I was taken to Addenbrookes and treated there. I left there ca 20.30 with head injuries and abrasions and now have an impressive black eye and surround.

    I am seeking redress. I am exploring legal action against the County Council whose idiotic health and safety rules (for drivers, not for the rest of us) say that drivers should be warned in advance of even highly visible roadworks (in a 20mph area) and the company responsible for placing such a flimsy and dangerous sign right in the middle of a narrow pavement. Also am anxious that in general people who leave road traffic signs occluding the pavement or creating dangerous obstacles there, should be held responsible and penalised. I see these road signs often as I walk around Cambridge, they should be on or above the road, not blocking the pavement in my opinion.

    The next day the same road sign, with my blood still on it, was back in the middle of pavement waiting to be knocked over again and even now forcing pedestrians to avoid it by diverting on to the roadway. I attach a photo of it taken on Friday the day following my accident with a diverted pedestrian on the right.

    It was again fallen on the ground waiting to kill someone on Saturday night, presumably following the afternoon storms.

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  • Sandridgebury Lane railway bridge

    Created by Rona471 // 2 threads

    Flooded again! Has been for weeks, although it has been a bad winter for floods throughout the UK.
    Was badly flooded before to depth of three feet and a lot of mud was removed, but clearly more work is needed as this is a recurring problem.
    Today was passable, almost up to bottom bracket though.
    Not readily passable for pedestrians - on 30 December saw a runner actually go up the bank and across the railway line, very dangerous.
    Benefit for bold cyclists - some drivers won't go through, so lane is quieter for us!
    Possible solution - fix the drains. Alternative - provide a boardwalk for pedestrians, cyclists could also use it too.

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  • Poor visibility on cycleway exit due to tree

    Created by Alistair // 0 threads

    When exiting the cyclepath to join Anson Road you need to see the roundabout clearly (especially to see southbound A14 traffic turning left to join Anson Road. A large tree has overhanging branches which block the view. It's worse when it has leaves.

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  • Parking in cycle lane by car hire

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    As the shared-use pavement on the east side of the A167 passes the Enterprise Car Hire site, there is a wide driveway leading onto the care hire forecourt which is often blocked by parked vehicles, forcing pedestrians and cyclists into the main road.

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  • Building sites

    Created by Heather Coleman // 4 threads

    I'm creating this as a general "issue" in the hope that people will put different threads here for problems they have with building sites, generally associated with deliveries. Listing those problems and any action or complaints they've taken personally, and also asking how further complaints can be made.

    I can't help feeling we should be talking to the council about making it a condition of planning permission that deliveries that either require "odd" movements of HGVs eg, reversing and taking ages doing so, or parking on the street eg while delivering scaffolding, should not take place during "rush hour", especially on roads that are busy and are major cycle routes.

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  • lack of queue busting cycle lane

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    Since they appear to have changed the phasing at the lights at Cherry Hinton Road the other side of the railway bridge this morning, it becomes ever more apparent that if you have queueing traffic all the way southbound from Station Road to Cherry Hinton Road, the lack of even a narrow "queue-busting" cycle lane here, combined with the shocking state of the kerbside approx 9 inches of road surface (uneven cobbles and slabs, very slippery, very difficult even to use while scooting your bike along by a foot on the pavement), that cyclists are being seriously held up. Once the advisory lane outside the Centennial Hotel (well obeyed by drivers this morning in general apart from when the right hand turn queue for Brooklands Ave starts) ends, you just get stuck in a queue of kerb-car-car traffic and cannot access the ASL at the junction with Brookgate, in order to take advantage of the cycle lanes which queue-bust you across the railway bridge.

    This leads to a) pavement cycling, b) people nipping in and out of a queue of vaguely stationary/starting to move traffic c) nipping back infront of traffic which is starting to move at the lights after white lining to get past the queue. All of the cars stuck in that queue will have to wait at least two cycles of the lights at Cherry Hinton Road before proceeding and thus are just an obstruction.

    Given that this is a relatively recently refurbished/altered road, I suppose this should have been spotted at the time.

    What can be done about it retrospectively? If the traffic light phasing at Cherry Hinton Road stays as it is, there will be an accident before too long.

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