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  • Route between the Friars and Town Centre

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    There is a key desire line between Baxter's Plain and the Friars area and there's such an obvious route along Tower Street, Tower Place, Hillingdon Square and Birdcage Walk but it's currently very bitty. South of Millfleet is open to cycling, but has some poor surfaces. The crossing of Millfleet does nothing to enable cyclists to access Hillingdon Square and Tower Place is one-way southbound with no legal contraflow cycling. The northern end of Tower Place and Tower Street have no-cycling despite being used by delivery vans.

    With a few traffic order changes and a little work to the Millfleet crossing, this could be a very easy and popular route.

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  • Access to High Street

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    Cycling is currently banned in the High Street, resulting in some cycle parking being difficult to access legally and some useful routes across town (such as Union Lane to Baker Lane) being cut off.

    The ban was not enforced between roughly 2015 and 2018 because some required signs were not put back after restoration of the market places. We do not know of any significant increase in injury incidents during that time. Of course, the ban is widely flouted despite being enforceable again because it looks like a road, with a marked carriageway, and there is cycle parking provided on High Street.

    Access to the south end between SMP and Purfleet to avoid the narrow Queen Street (or worse, the A148) is probably more vital than the northern section where King Street isn't a bad alternative.

    Government policy since 1987 has been that such pedestrian areas should be pedestrian-and-cycle areas unless there's evidence of problems and provision of alternative routes. Norwich's pedestrian areas are now mostly pedestrian-and-cycle.

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  • Contraflow access to Norfolk Street

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    Better access to Norfolk Street and use of it contraflow would avoid some difficult junctions, especially the near-blind right turn out of Austin Street onto JKR eastbound.

    The ban on cycling was not enforced between roughly 2015 (renovation of the Tuesday Market Place removed some required signs) and 2018.

    This was in the CIF2 bid circa 2008 but was not delivered due to budget overruns on other aspects.

    The most important section is probably between Chapel Street and Paradise Lane, to enable access to cycle parking and complete a town centre loop route.

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  • Riding House Street Public Realm Improvements

    Created by Colin Wing // 1 thread

    The proposals are:

    • Formalised permanent road closure at east end of Riding House Street.
    • Creation of a pedestrian zone with a flush surface throughout paved with two tone concrete paving.
    • Benches and planting to improve public amenity and change the nature of Riding House Street from a road to a functional pedestrian space.
    • Removal of the existing zebra crossing as it is no longer required. An informal pedestrian route between All Souls School sites is highlighted in the proposed paving pattern.
    • Cycle parking facilities.
    • Two-way operation to the east of Nassau Street to maintain access to motorcycle parking and for servicing vehicles.

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  • Cotall Street Consultation: proposed road closure and relandscaping

    Created by julieplichon // 1 thread

    Proposed new landscaping to pedestrianise part of Cotall Street and connect the Limehouse Cut Towpath to the Bartlett Park. This includes the removal of existing parking bays, railings, and part of the towpath wall. The introduction of steps and a ramp to access to the towpath, a small pontoon, cycle parking, and new planting.

    Cotall Street and Canal Wall, London

    Tower Hamlets

    Application reference : PA/17/02841/NC

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  • Nicolson Sq Gardens

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 0 threads

    Make more pedestrian friendly and discourage car use. There has been a fatal collision in 2012 but near hits are common.

    Remove the fence around the garden, or add additional entrances on all four corners, to open it up and enable pedestrians to use the garden to cross the square in East-West direction and diagonally. At the moment it doesn't have an exit in the west, making it a dead end and barrier for people moving between Nicolson St and Potterrow.

    The pavement on the south (from Mosque kitchen to the libanese restaurant) are far too narrow. Double yellow lines regularly ignored, creating blind corners, making it difficult for pedestrians to cross.

    Marshall Street should be narrowed considerably to one lane, as it's really only used for a few bus lines, no need to have two fairly wide lanes here. The southern pavement far too narrow, but it is very busy with pedestrians.

    It is used a lot as ratrun between Nicolson Street and Potterrow.

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  • Durham city centre access

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    A generation ago, cars, lorries and buses drove up and down Silver Street and Elvet Bridge. Now it is pedestrianised (with lorry access for deliveries from 6pm till 10am or 11am). Unfortunately no-one considered cycling provision.

    Although Silver Street is busy at lunch times and early evening, Elvet Bridge is never so busy as to make allowing cycling unduly risky for pedestrians. Cyclists are already allowed throughout the day on Saddler Street (as are cars) and that street is much busier. So I think cycling should be allowed on Elvet Bridge all the time, in both directions.

    On Silver Street, cycling ought to be allowed, again in both directions, whenever deliveries are allowed. In the mornings this would be up to 10am. While there are pedestrians using the street, there are not vast numbers at that time, but opening it to cyclists would be very useful for people travelling to work.

    Obviously, other factors would need to be addressed, such as some of the one-way streets approaching Framwellgate Bridge on the west side, and turning out of Elvet Bridge at the east end.

    Relaxing these restrictions would open up a lot more options for cyclists.

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  • Loss of cycle parking on Long Causeway

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    There's a plan to redesign this street which has quite a bit of covered cycle parking at the moment, but no cycle parking is shown on the proposed layout.

    An analysis appears at

    Comments on/to by 20 December

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