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  • 21/02326/FUL Another for 'land south of Coldham's Lane'

    Created by KW // 1 thread

    Hybrid planning application comprising: a) outline planning application for commercial development comprising B8 floorspace, including ancillary E(g)i floorspace, and flexible B8/E(g) floorspace, car and cycle parking, landscaping and associated infrastructure with all matters reserved except for access on Parcel A; b) full planning application for ecological enhancements on Parcel B; and c) full planning application for recreation and ecological enhancements, including landscaping, public open space and pedestrian and cycle access on Parcel C. | Land South Of Coldhams Lane Cambridge Cambridgeshire

    Has implications for The Tins, Fulbourn Greenway, Cherry Hinton, Coldham's Lane, Brookfields, and Burnside.

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  • Victoria Quarter Development

    Created by JonC // 3 threads

    • 692 much-needed new homes, including 35% affordable (242 homes) This is almost double the 2017 planning consent.
    • Creating a transition to Victoria Recreation Ground, improving public access and delivering new landscaping
    • 404 new car parking spaces, with 79 at the surface and the remainder undercroft
    • 1,317 new cycle parking spaces
    • 615sqm of mixed-use commercial space
    • New public realm and associated landscaping
    • Access and connectivity improvements

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  • Proposed cycle route from Manydown to Station

    Created by Stephen // 1 thread

    New documents added with revised proposed access to the Manydown site.

    Finally details of the proposed cycle route to the town centre (railway station) from Manydown. Details given in the MSD13 Transport Assessment Parts 1, 2, 4.
    Detailed descriptions of the current route and proposed improvements.

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  • Proposed A339 Roundabout

    Created by Stephen // 1 thread

    New documents added with revised proposed access to the Manydown site.

    This includes replacing the A339 roundabout to a double roundabout with 4 circulating lanes per circle, and 3 or 4 lanes on each entry.
    But no provision for cyclists or pedestrians.

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  • Planning and cycling (Ely)

    Created by JohnP // 1 thread

    Two questions about details of the Ely Leisure Village

    Planning permission included a cycleway around the edge of the site connecting a perfectly adequate cycleway as far as the underpass to the cycle parking near McDonalds. The planners never had any intention of building this cycleway. I have searched the published documents but not found any intimation of this intention.

    1. If I included access across my build in a planning application but didn't intimate that I had no intention of building it in the foreseeable future, then I think the planners would tell be to get on with it and build it! What is the legal status of pick and choose in the planning process?

    2. The access for cycles from the underpass to the cycle parking as built is indicated (blue sign) along a footpath. This footpath is not fit for bidirectional shared use. If indeed the intention was to not build the cycleway, should there have been some published consideration of an alternative to which interested parties could comment? I have searched the online planning documents and can't find anything.

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  • 17/1008/FUL Darwin Green resubmission

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    17/1008/FUL | Resubmitted application (previously approved under application reference 14/0063/FUL) for the construction of vehicular road link across the north-west green corridor of consented development 07/0003/OUT to provide access to the proposed secondary school parcel of land within South Cambridgeshire District Council. (Resubmitted due to the expiration of three years from the date of the previous permission). | Land Adjoining Whitehouse Lane, Part Of The Darwin Green One Land Between Huntingdon Road And Histon Road Cambridge

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  • Pudsey Greenside Cutting / Tunnel Infill proposal

    Created by M Stanley // 1 thread

    Message from member DD.

    There is an application by the developer EP Homes to in fill the above cutting ( first application is a part infill , to be followed by full Infill and then probably housing application) .

    There is an issue of Bats roosts in the tunnel and under Carlisle Road Bridge. I'm forwarding this as there is also an issue of ever using this disused rail line as a cycle /walking route.

    There are quite a few objections to this and some residents mention the possibilities of a future cycle route Pudsey Greenside Greenway . There are also plans by Bradford Council for large housing developments new link road around Tong /Sholebrook/ Raikes Lane area, not far from the Western end of the railway tunnel.

    Leeds City Council Travel Wise Team also replied ,saying they had no comment on this development ,but state that Leeds cycling Officer Vicky Franks should be consulted. Is it worth Leeds Cycle Campaign contacting her on this item, and also our organisation objecting to this development ?

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