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  • Riding House Street Public Realm Improvements

    Created by Colin Wing // 1 thread

    The proposals are:

    • Formalised permanent road closure at east end of Riding House Street.
    • Creation of a pedestrian zone with a flush surface throughout paved with two tone concrete paving.
    • Benches and planting to improve public amenity and change the nature of Riding House Street from a road to a functional pedestrian space.
    • Removal of the existing zebra crossing as it is no longer required. An informal pedestrian route between All Souls School sites is highlighted in the proposed paving pattern.
    • Cycle parking facilities.
    • Two-way operation to the east of Nassau Street to maintain access to motorcycle parking and for servicing vehicles.

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  • Northway Square, Rickmansworth

    Created by Peter Loader // 1 thread

    Create an unsegregated cyclist/walker area in the paved area that was produced when the northern arm of Northway, Rickmansworth became traffic-free. Call it Northway Square. This would become the centre of Rickmansworth's cycling/walking network, with Bikeability level 2  routes leading:

    * To National Cycle Network Route 61 (The Colne Valley Trail at the Aquadrome), to Mill End, and to Maple Cross.

    * To Rickmansworth Station, to Chorleywood, and to The Cedars Estate,

    * To Croxley Green, via Three Rivers District Council's car park.

    Upgrade the existing public footpath to a bridleway so the route remains on the definitive map.

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  • Roundabout proposal for Southend Road / Foxgrove Road, Beckenham

    Created by John H Wood // 0 threads

    The Copers Cope ward councillors have announced plans – which will shortly be out for public consultation – to address road safety issues around the junction of Foxgrove Road, Park Road, Southend Road and Beckenham Place Park.

    The proposals would see a mini-roundabout installed at the junction, similar to the one currently in place at the Brackley Road / Southend Road junction.

    According to the councillors, in order to make the scheme practical, Park Road will need to be closed at this junction.

    This is on a popular cycling route, but also on a notorious Rat Run.

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  • Managing traffic around the Peterborough Estate

    Created by Casey // 1 thread


    We’d like your views on how to reduce through-traffic in your area, reducing road danger and improving the environment to make your neighbourhood more pleasant.

    We’re aware that some roads in the Peterborough Estate get too many cars for such a residential area. In particular, Perrymead Street and its adjoining roads experience a high level of rat-running.

    Our proposal:

    Having spoken with residents and listened to their views, we’ve developed a scheme to reduce the number of vehicles using these residential roads.

    We would like to:

    • ban the right turn from Stokenchurch Street into Wandsworth Bridge Road (this will also prevent right turns into Stokenchurch Street from Wandsworth Bridge Road)
    • ban the right turn from Ryecroft Street into Wandsworth Bridge Road (this will also prevent right turns into Ryecroft Street from Wandsworth Bridge Road)
    • ban the right turn from Studdrige Street into Wandsworth Bridge Road (this will also prevent right turns into Studdridge Street from Wandsworth Bridge Road)
    • ban the right turn Cresford Road into Wandsworth Bridge Road (this will also prevent right turns into Cresford Road from Wandsworth bridge Road)
    • ban the right turn from Bovingdon Road into Wandsworth Bridge Road (this will also prevent right turns into Bovingdon Road from Wandsworth Bridge Road)

    To enforce these proposals, we plan to install refuge islands on Wandsworth Bridge Road - please see our mapbelow.

    We would make the changes by introducing an experimental traffic order and then monitoring the results for approximately six months. We will then ask you for your views again, to see if you think they’ve made a difference, before deciding whether to make these changes permanent.

    As part of the scheme, we’re also considering allowing vehicles to turn right from New King’s Road into Wandsworth Bridge Road, but this would take longer to introduce.

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  • Gloucester Gate to be closed to all traffic, Jan to Jun 2019

    Created by Mixhael // 1 thread

    I read on the Regent's Park Cyclists Facebook page that Thames Water will be closing Gloucester Gate for water mains replacement, starting January 2019, ending June 2019.

    They are requiring cyclists to dismount and use the footway.

    The Friends of Regents Park have expressed fears of cyclists unwilling to dismount, and the attendant danger to footway users.

    Justin Mckie will be asking Thames to provide a way for cyclists.

    If it is anything like the works on Park Village East this autumn, there was plenty of space to provide a small passage for cyclists it was just a lack of cooperation from Thames Water than prevented it. I contacted them directly, they replied but refused to help.

    If anyone has any influence at Thames Water/HS2/Camden it might be worth following this up.

    This is a massive desire line for daily cycling and will be a large inconvenience for six months. On the plus side, it will be interesting to monitor motor traffic levels in the park with Gloucester Gate closed.

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  • Milton Fen Road resurfacing

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    Alert: Fen Road Milton to be closed for resurfacing Friday 14th Dec. As there's no pavement, it will be totally closed even to pedestrians. However, given the terrible state of the road, one day's pain will be more than worth it.

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  • Cotall Street Consultation: proposed road closure and relandscaping

    Created by julieplichon // 1 thread

    Proposed new landscaping to pedestrianise part of Cotall Street and connect the Limehouse Cut Towpath to the Bartlett Park. This includes the removal of existing parking bays, railings, and part of the towpath wall. The introduction of steps and a ramp to access to the towpath, a small pontoon, cycle parking, and new planting.

    Cotall Street and Canal Wall, London

    Tower Hamlets

    Application reference : PA/17/02841/NC

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  • Closure of Garret Hostel Lane

    Created by // 1 thread

    Garret Hostel Lane is closed since Sunday. There is no information posted about reason, duration of closure. Alternative route (Silver Street) is a poor alternative. What is going on? This is a crucial piece of car-free bicycle infrastructure that should not be removed from the network.

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  • Beeley Wood Road Road Closure

    Created by Matt Turner // 1 thread

    Beeley Wood Road has been closed but putting an island in the middle of the cycle lane on Penistone Road North. This is dangerous and not the correct way to close a side road.

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