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  • Speed humps make cyclists choose a busier route?

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    A colleague asked if the gate from Downing to the Downing Site was open again, since he needed to go to Pathology. I said it wasn't, but why didn't he take the route I take, down Norwich St, Panton St, Tennis Court Road. Answer, "because I fell off my bike there, those speed humps are dangerous, and if you go slowly enough not to fall off, it's really slow".

    Now I find that worrying. I go my way to avoid the awful traffic jams at the junction by the Catholic Church. I think most people would consider it a safer route. But if some cyclists are being put off going that way, and instead taking the zoo that is Regent St in preference, well, I don't think the traffic calming is doing the job intended.

    Too late to fix this here, but we must make it a priority that any future traffic calming in the city or South Cambs doesn't inadvertently act as an anti-cyclist measure and force cyclists onto the much busier main roads which I'm sure everyone would prefer them not to use if there's a better a and quicker route. But if the traffic calming, that was presumably done, in part, to improve cycle safety, has failed, this is a waste of money. The speed humps on Bateman St, unless you do a slalom, you have to cycle over and the ones on Norwich St are viscious. I've just got good at taking them at speed as I've had plenty of practice.

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  • No cycle bypass on The Hollow upper pinch point

    Created by t1mmyb // 0 threads

    There is a pair of traffic-calming chicanes/pinch points on The Hollow. The one lower down the hill (where drivers must give way to downhill traffic) has a cycle bypass; the one further up the hill (where ascending traffic has priority) does not.

    When I cycle up The Hollow I am probably managing about 5mph; this pinch point brings me into conflict with much faster motorised traffic going up the hill, to the extent that I usually avoid the road completely and take a different route (Southdown Road) that has no traffic islands/pinchpoints.

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