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  • Two-way cycling in one way streets - 2017

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 2 threads

    We have reached the final phase of the project to open up restricted streets to two-way for cyclists in Cambridge - and residents can have their say.

    Many restricted streets have already been opened up to two-way cycling over the last 10 years following a Department for Transport trial. Allowing cyclists to be exempt from no-entry restrictions, and to travel both ways on one-way streets, is a cost effective and easy way of expanding the city cycle network.

    After consultation with residents and stakeholders last year followed by a meeting at the Cambridge Joint Area Committee in January, we are proposing to make 15 one-way or restricted entry streets two-way for cycling. Local residents will be notified of these Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) regarding proposed two-way cycling in restricted streets in Cambridge.

    Please email policyandregulation AT by 1 September 2017 with your comments.

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  • Garden Walk is two-way

    Created by Simon Nuttall // 2 threads

    Garden Walk is a two way street for all but the last few metres at it's junction with Victoria Road. At that end there is a cycle bypass to the no-entry. It's a bodge up that only transport planners understand.

    I've experienced it myself, but a resident of the street tells me of her frequent problems with aggressive oncoming traffic (mostly van drivers) that barge at her as she rides up the road. When she tries to point out how the street works they don't listen and challenge her knowledge because of her french accent.

    I've suggested these two signage solutions...

    Blue signs...

    Big bicycle markings on the road...

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