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  • Have your say on the transformation of Oxford Street

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Westminster Council/TfL/London Assembly Overview:

    "Oxford Street is one of the best known shopping destinations in the world. Around half a million people visit or work in the street and surrounding area every day and thousands of people and families live close by.

    Oxford Street is already very busy and growth in London’s population and economy will bring even more people to the area.

    There are lots of issues. Pedestrian spaces can get crowded. We recognise there is a road safety problem and air quality in the area is poor. Significant congestion delays passengers using buses and taxis.

    Unless we take action now, these issues will worsen as London continues to grow, threatening the success of Oxford Street and the surrounding district.

    The introduction of the Elizabeth line in late 2018 provides a once in a generation opportunity to tackle these challenges and make the district into the world’s best outdoor shopping experience and an unrivalled place to live, work and visit.

    Transport for London (TfL), Westminster City Council and the Mayor of London are working closely together to transform Oxford Street and the surrounding streets.

    We want to create a better environment, address poor air quality, support its cultural heartland and thriving business district and deliver improved neighbourhoods.

    We want to know your thoughts before we make any decisions. We would like to hear from everyone who visits, works or lives in the area so please get involved in this important consultation."
    Cllr Robert Davis MBE DL, Westminster City Council, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Business, Culture and Heritage
    Valerie Shawcross CBE, Deputy Mayor for Transport
    Mike Brown MVO, Commissioner, Transport for London

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  • Berkeley Square North Public Realm Improvement Scheme

    Created by Dominic Fee // 1 thread

    Westminster Cycling Campaign has received an email from Westminster City Council inviting us as a stakeholder to comment on the Berkeley Square North Public Realm Improvement Scheme proposals.

    We believe that this is a consultation for stakeholders and not the wider public. Nevertheless we are putting this online on Cyclescape and inviting people to give input to Westminster Cycling Campaign / London Cycling Campaign's response, because Grosvenor has been publicising its 20 Year Vision for the area (, including an article in the Evening Standard (, and because of this publicity we've received quite a lot of correspondence about Berkeley Square.

    I think it's important that we distinguish between comments on Grosvenor's 20 Year Vision (for which I note the PDF is dated July 2015) and comments on this much more detailed Berkeley Square North Public Realm Improvement Scheme (for which I note the drawings are dated March 2017 and we emailed on 3 April 2017).

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  • Westminster's Civil Enforcement of Engine Idling experimental traffic order

    Created by Dominic Fee // 1 thread

    Westminster City Council has made the The City Of Westminster (Restriction Of Engine Idling) (No. 1) Experimental Order 2017 “which will come into force on an experimental basis on 4 February 2017" for a maximum of six months.

    “2. The Order will prohibit engine idling by waiting vehicles, with certain exceptions, to facilitate civil enforcement of the contravention (through the issue of penalty charge notices under the provisions of the Traffic Management Act 2004)
    3. The Order will apply to any area of carriageway in the City of Westminster designated as a parking place, loading bay, recharging point, taxi rank or terminal point, and to any length of street where waiting is restricted (shown by yellow lines).”

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  • Pre-submission consultation (Regulation 14) on Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Plan

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Knightsbridge forum description:

    The Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Forum is inviting views on its proposals for a neighbourhood development plan and associated documents.

    This is a pre-submission consultation in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2015 (as amended).

    The consultation documents may be found at the link below on the Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Forum’s website:

    Part One: Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Plan, 2017-2036 (4.7MB)
    Part Two: Knightsbridge Management Plan – proposed actions that are not planning policies (2.9MB)
    Part Three: Knightsbridge Evidence Base – comprising supporting evidence for Part One (15.7MB)
    Executive Summary (3.0MB)
    Hyde Park Barracks - Preliminary healthcheck note by Christopher Lockhart-Mummery QC (3.0MB)
    Further evidence and related information (see link below)
    Letter to consultees dated 8 December 2016 (0.6MB)

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  • Quietway 19 - Cambridge Circus

    Created by Colin Wing // 4 threads

    There has never been a satisfactory cycle route from Soho into Covent Garden. The right turn from Old Compton Street into Charing Cross Road is prohibited. Moor Street lands cyclists at an inconvenient part of the junction. Using Greek Street and Shaftesbury Avenue means a difficult right turn into Charing Cross Road.

    In April 2015 Westminster's contractors are consulting the public about improvements to Cambridge Circus. The consultation period ends on 8th May 2015. Subject to approvals, it is planned to start the works on site in August 2015 and to be completed by February 2016.

    The scheme takes into account the need for Quietway 19 to pass through the junction between Soho and Covent Garden.

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  • Carton Vale proposed cycling and pedestrian improvements

    Created by David Arditti // 1 thread

    The consultation on this is now out: see

    This is a scheme for which Brent Cyclists has been campaigning for some years. See also here for campaign context

    While this scheme does not do all we would like here it is a major step forward for the borough, which has no effective cycle infrastructure to speak of and lags behind adjacent LAs in cycling. Hence we would like to see it go through.

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  • Bond Street

    Created by Colin Wing // 1 thread

    Westminster City Council is embarking on a major project to upgrade Old and New Bond Street.

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  • Parliament Square

    Created by Dominic Fee // 1 thread

    Mayor Sadiq Khan's proposal "to rid part of the square of traffic and create a public space worthy of a Unesco Heritage Site.”

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  • Oxford Street

    Created by Dominic Fee // 3 threads

    Mayor Sadiq Khan's proposal "that would see all motor vehicles removed from Oxford Street and the space given over to pedestrians and cyclists".

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  • Cycle Superhighway 11 in Westminster and Camden

    Created by Colin Wing // 7 threads

    This is part of a proposed cycle superhighway from the Finchley Road into Central London.
    It will become more attractive after the modification of the Swiss Cottage gyratory system in Camden.
    See the discussion threads for details on the sections in Westminster, Camden and Swiss Cottage

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  • Vauxhall Cross public consultation

    Created by Simon Munk // 2 threads

    TfL say:
    We are proposing a number of transformational changes to Vauxhall Cross as part of our Road Modernisation Plan.
    The Road Modernisation Plan is the biggest investment in London’s roads for a generation, consisting of hundreds of projects to transform junctions, bridges, tunnels and pedestrian areas, making our roads safer and more reliable.
    Working closely with the Lambeth Council, we are aiming to return the one-way road system at Vauxhall to two-way roads and significantly improve pedestrian and cyclist provision to help create a safer and less intimidating environment for vulnerable road users. The proposed changes would also help to improve connectivity throughout the area, and create a better environment for people living, working, and travelling through Vauxhall.
    Following our initial consultation in 2014 on our high level proposals, we are now inviting your views on our detailed design proposals.

    What are we proposing?
    The changes we are proposing include:
    Removing the existing one way road system around the transport interchange (Parry Street, Wandsworth Road, Kennington Lane, South Lambeth Road) by converting these roads around Vauxhall to two way
    Providing more cycle and pedestrian crossings as well as segregated lanes and parking for cyclists
    Improving existing and providing new public spaces
    Redesigning the transport interchange, including a new central bus station

    Why are we proposing this?
    Reducing traffic dominance
    The current gyratory creates an environment heavily dominated by motor vehicles. The wide carriageway encourages high speeds, especially outside peak periods
    The gyratory can be difficult to navigate, and the one-way arrangement means that vehicles often follow indirect routes
    Lack of facilities for pedestrians and cyclists
    Large numbers of pedestrians pass through Vauxhall each day but the existing crossings do not always follow the most direct or popular routes, which can lead to pedestrians crossing roads away from the crossings
    The Vauxhall gyratory has some of the highest numbers of collisions involving injury to pedestrians and cyclists in London
    Cycle Superhighway 5 will improve conditions for cycling along Harleyford Road and Kennington Lane. However, there is limited cycle provision on the other roads surrounding Vauxhall Cross and a lack of connectivity between facilities
    Supporting the transformation of Vauxhall
    Vauxhall is the gateway to one of Europe’s largest regeneration zones, with 25,000 new jobs and 20,000 new homes coming to the Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea area
    Supporting Vauxhall’s distinct local character, the proposals look to the future – preparing for the increase in the numbers of people living, working, and visiting Vauxhall and its existing and new shops, businesses and attractions

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  • EWCS Parliament Square statutory TMO consultation

    Created by Dominic Fee // 1 thread

    Westminster City Council is undertaking a statutory consultation on the Traffic Management Orders (TMOs) needed to implement the East West Cycle Superhighway at Parliament Square. You can find a description and drawings of the proposals here:

    In Westminster Cycling Campaign we rarely respond to statutory TMO consultations because the proposals are either insignificant or, if they are significant, they've usually been subject to an earlier public consultation. It would be inappropriate for us to repeat points we've made previously, and we wouldn't be listened to.

    Nevertheless I would encourage interested people to take a look at the Parliament Square drawings to check that the earlier design has been taken forward properly into a detailed design for construction. We have had a recent example where we did respond to a statutory TMO consultation in which the connection between part of the EWCS proposals (Savoy Street) and the rest of the highway network (a left-in left-out junction on the Strand) hadn't really been thought through. If we need to submit a response regarding Parliament Square, the deadline is 21 September 2015.

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  • Westminster Bridge South

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    TfL say:

    "The improvements would provide a connection between the East-West Cycle Superhighway on the north bank of the Thames and the Central London Cycling Grid on Belvedere Road and Royal Street in Lambeth, providing a joined-up cycling network for this part of London."

    "Proposed layout changes for cyclists
    Provide cyclists with dedicated road space on Westminster Bridge, Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth Palace Road, Addington Street and York Road; cyclists would be separated from traffic by a kerb or white line
    Separate cyclists and motor vehicle movements at junctions; cyclists would have their own traffic signals which would operate at different times to those for other traffic
    Widen the pedestrian/cycle crossing by the south end of Belvedere Road and improve the connection between Belvedere Road and Westminster Bridge Road
    Convert the pedestrian crossing on Lambeth Palace Road outside the hospital to a pedestrian/cycle crossing so that cyclists can access Royal Street from Lambeth Palace Road. The crossing would be changed from ‘staggered’ (two separate crossings with an island in the middle) to ‘straight across’ (a single crossing)
    Provide bus stop bypasses at bus stops D and E on Westminster Bridge Road, bus stops B and C on Lambeth Palace Road and the tour bus stop at the east side of Westminster Bridge so that cyclists could avoid having to mix with traffic. Cyclists would continue behind the bus stops on a carriageway-level cycle track, which would feature a chicane and narrowed track to reduce speeds. Bus passengers would access the bus stop waiting area by crossing the cycle track using a marked crossing point/s
    Widen the footway on the corner of York Road and Westminster Bridge Road to slow down left turning vehicles
    Cyclists would still be able to use the northbound bus and cyclist only route from Westminster Bridge Road to York Road"

    "Cycle facilities on Westminster Bridge
    "Westminster Bridge is a grade two listed structure and a busy bus, cycling and pedestrian route. We would like to know what you think about how cycle facilities should be provided on Westminster Bridge. We are proposing two options:
    a. 2.3m wide mandatory cycle lane in both directions
    This approach would give cyclists more space to overtake one another. A painted white line would separate cycles and motor vehicles, but there would be no physical segregation. Motor vehicles would be prohibited from entering the cycle lane.
    b. 1.8m wide segrgated cycle track in both directions
    This approach would provide cyclists with physical separation from motor vehicles using a 0.5m wide traffic island, but may reduce cyclists’ opportunity to overtake one another."

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  • Cycle Superhighway 5 in Westminster (via Vauxhall Bridge Road)

    Created by Colin Wing // 2 threads

    Vauxhall Bridge Road was originally the proposed route of Cycle Superhighway 5. After Westminster objected that it would displace traffic onto local roads, a number of other routes were investigated and put out to public consultation. Although a two-way route on Belgrave Road proved the most popular with cyclists, Westminster doubted whether it was feasible. So attention has now turned back to Vauxhall Bridge Road.

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  • East-West Cycle Superhighway: Westminster's alternative route

    Created by Colin Wing // 1 thread

    This is Westminster's alternative route for its section of the East-West Cycle Superhighway. The following are the differences from TfL's proposal:

    * Uses Stanhope Terrace instead of Bathurst Street

    * Goes via the Mall, Trafalgar Square and Northumberland Avenue instead of Birdcage Walk, Parliament Square and Victoria Embankment.

    A plan is available at or

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