Draft Cycling Strategy for Nottinghamshire (October 2015)

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Added by Hugh McClintock

The Nottinghamshire Local Transport Plan (LTP) sets out the County Council’s overarching transport strategy for Nottinghamshire and is supported by a number of more in depth strategies detailing how the LTP will be delivered. Increasing financial constraint/reducing budgets have also brought forward an essential need for the County Council to develop clear strategies for its future transport priorities and investment.

A Cycling Strategy for Nottinghamshire has therefore been developed to complement the LTP in the delivery of local and national objectives; particularly those relating to improving access to jobs and reducing the impacts of congestion on the economy. The draft Strategy sets out how the County Council will work with partners, stakeholders and the public to increase cycling levels and improve cycling safety in Nottinghamshire.

Before we finalise the strategy we want to know if you agree with the strategy we have developed. You can view or download the proposed strategy at the link below.


The webpage also has a link to an online survey where you can leave your comments.

We would particularly like to know:

1. Do you agree with the cycling vision for Nottinghamshire (detailed in paragraph 2.1 of the Strategy)?
a. Would you like anything additional included in the vision?

2. Do you support the actions set out in the Strategy to deliver the cycling vision for Nottinghamshire (detailed in chapters 4 to 14 of the Strategy and summarised in the blue boxes in each chapter)?
a. Are there any actions that you would like to see included in the Strategy that are not currently included?
b. Of the actions included in the Strategy, are there any that you think the Council and its partners should prioritise?

3. Do you have any further comments on the Strategy?

Thank you for your help.

Transport planning and programme development team
Place & Resources Department
Nottinghamshire County Council
County Hall, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 7QP
Email: transport.strategy@nottscc.gov.uk


November 20th, 2015


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