Islington section of Central London Cycling Grid

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Added by John Ackers

Lever Street - Two-way cycling, providing a westbound cycle lane

Junction Bath Street/Lever Street - Kerbside build-out to protect cyclists turning into contraflow cycle lane. Loss of one car parking space and the provision of parking facilities for six bicycles.

Bath Street through to Bunhill Row - Refreshing existing road markings to better define the cycle route

Bunhill Row - Clearly marked contra-flow cycle lane which will help cycle safety by making it clearer that cyclists are using this route

Bunhill Row junction Chiswell Street - Protection for cyclists with footway build-outs and traffic islands. A signalised junction could be considered in future, depending on the outcome of a consultation carried out by the City of London in November 2015.

Chiswell Street - Introduction of segregated cycling facilities resulting in the loss of some parking bays

Chiswell Street/Finsbury Square junction - separate traffic light phases for cyclists

Finsbury Square - Two-way segregated cycle lanes

Sun Street/Wilson Street junction - Two-way segregated cycle lane

Featherstone Street/City Road junction - Featherstone Street at the Junction of City Road will be closed to motor traffic

Leonard Street - Inset parking bays and widened cycle lane to improve contraflow cycling

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March 13th, 2016 23:00


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