Tipner Lake Shared Path Closure / Diversion

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Added by Ian S

The shared path alongside Tipner Lake will be closed from April 2017 while flood defence upgrade work takes place for the next 30 months.

The proposal is to divert cyclists (and pedestrians!) along the busier Northern Parade road on a 'temporary cycle path' which has not been specified at the time of applying for planning permission application.

PCF believe that there has been no attempt to calculate the number of cyclists using the path on a daily basis, and the issues around placing them on a busy road as a diversion.

PCF would like to see a segregated on-road lane created to allow cyclists to continue to cycle safely to and from the north west gateway of the island. This could be created easily by using wands for the duration of the work.

The existing southbound shared path on the pavement is not suitable for most commuting cyclists.


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