Stafford Road Parallel crossing and surrounding area

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Added by Marcus Howarth
  • Environment and Sustainable Transport Committee 
  • 2023/24 and indicative 2024/25 programmes

7b) 2023/24 and indicative 2024/25 programmes: (A) / Environment and Sustainable Transport Committee / 20221215 ( 

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Convert zebra crossing to a parallel crossing (one that allows cyclists to use it) near Mellows Park which would provide a continuous safe facility for cyclists. This would provide links to an existing contra flow cycle lane in Redford Avenue and a large residential area in Mellows Park, and a borough cycle route into Wallington district centre

Stafford Road Parallel crossing

  • Borough Cycling
  • Medium priority
  • 23/24 Funding staff £14k project £30k
  • 24/25 Funding staff £0 project £0

These currently being negotiated by LBS with TfL - hopefully funding confirmed mid March 2023.


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