Possible extension to existing cycle route

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Added by Sam Saunders

The existing continuous route from Bristol's Cumberland Basin Swing Bridge along The Portway towards Sea Mills and Avonmouth runs under a footbridge beside the sea lock that provides a direct traffic-free link to quiet streets on the other side of a very busy road system. The footbridge is wide and occasionally used by cyclists who carry or bump their bikes up and then down a long series of steps on each side to get to Granby Hill and Cumberland Place. The advantage of using the bridge is that it avoids crossing or joining the multi-lane traffic of Hotwell Road and offers a quiet route to Clifton, and to Hotwells Primary School. It would be useful for cyclists travelling from the west or the east along the existing cycle route. A continuous channel in which to wheel a bicycle at one side of the steps would be helpful for some and make use of the bridge a more viable option than it is now.


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