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  • Extend cycle path parallel to A92 south of Stonehaven to be full distance between junctions

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    The A92 here has some very fast traffic. Considering this is the flagship National Cycle Route 1, and there is already a cycle path of part of the way between these 2 junctions. It would be much better if this cycle path was continued to the next junction, with some crossing aid in the form of traffic lights, bridge or tunnel. This would open this part of the route to a wider range of participants, as it would be significantly safer.

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  • Possible extension to existing cycle route

    Created by Sam Saunders // 1 thread

    The existing continuous route from Bristol's Cumberland Basin Swing Bridge along The Portway towards Sea Mills and Avonmouth runs under a footbridge beside the sea lock that provides a direct traffic-free link to quiet streets on the other side of a very busy road system. The footbridge is wide and occasionally used by cyclists who carry or bump their bikes up and then down a long series of steps on each side to get to Granby Hill and Cumberland Place. The advantage of using the bridge is that it avoids crossing or joining the multi-lane traffic of Hotwell Road and offers a quiet route to Clifton, and to Hotwells Primary School. It would be useful for cyclists travelling from the west or the east along the existing cycle route. A continuous channel in which to wheel a bicycle at one side of the steps would be helpful for some and make use of the bridge a more viable option than it is now.

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  • Westerleigh - Yate Spur Cycle Path - Westerleigh Road Crossing

    Created by David Wilcox // 0 threads

    South Glos Council have published a consultation for extending the cyclepath from Emersons Green to Yate - the Yate Spur

    Funding has been secured through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund to deliver elements of the Yate Spur cycle path. When complete, the route will connect the Bristol to Bath Railway path with Yate.

    The proposed road crossing will provide an informal crossing facility at Westerleigh Road for cyclists, walkers and horse riders using the Yate Spur Cycle Path and Fishing Lakes Link.

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