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  • failure to keep clear HARMSTOM ROAD

    Created by Trothben // 1 thread

    driver understanding lacking. Does the council need to release a youtube video say of a traffic cop driving around pointing out how to behave around these areas.

    Or a sign: "treat as a zebra crossing, Give way and keep clear at all times."

    Second part for the same reason crocodile teeth are present on the approach to zebra crossings does a similar approach with yellow lines need to stop drivers blocking the visibility.

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  • Right turn into Scotland Road

    Created by Trothben // 1 thread

    I use Scotland road as a lower NOx route. and its easier to join than going on the ring road side of Heathfield primary.

    Problem arises from vehicles waiting for the Nottingham Rd & ring road junction at the futurist blocking visibility of the junction. Makes it harder to turn and increases the threat.

    Suggested solution: Keep clear markings across the junction.

    If agreeable will email KM about it.

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