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  • Giving cycle paths primacy over adjoining roads

    Created by Henry Gomersall // 1 thread

    This is a pretty far reaching discussion point, but one I feel is important in establishing cycling as a first class means of transport.

    I apologise if this is something for which a consensus is well established, but I was unable to find anything specific on it. Or indeed, or if there is little that can be done!

    The issue is that though Cambridge has loads of pavement cycle lanes, they tend to be of the kind that stop at each and every adjoining road. This is suboptimal and really slows down one's progress.

    In some cases there are "helpful" give-way markings to remind the cyclist that cars go first. Slightly better are give way markings to both the adjoining road and the cycle lanes, but my experience has been that the road give way marking is often simply ignored (and it takes a brave cyclist to not slow down despite knowing they'd arrive first). Also, cars turning into the minor road from the more major road are not clearly required to give way to cyclists.

    The new slightly raised cycle lanes with bus islands are clearly much better in this regard and seem to be treated by drivers with the same priority as the road they are part of. So on the whole the new infrastructure seems to be dealing with the problem properly.

    However, slightly against this trend, I noticed that the wonderful cycle lane by the guided bus route by the new Great Kneighton centre (marked on the map) has a dropped kerb to the not-yet-commissioned road and little in the way to indicate it's not going to be sliced in half when the road is opened properly.

    Another trend seems to be to coerce cyclists to use pedestrian/cycle crossings at junctions, e.g. where the guided bus route ends at Francis Crick Avenue and the cycle lane continues onto the Addenbrookes site.

    This is part of a bigger question about how much cyclists should be considered with the same priority as motorists (consider how long it takes the cycle road crossings on Fen Causeway to change, despite all the traffic moving at a snails pace).

    What if anything can we do about this? What I really want is at a minimum for cyclists to be given _equal_ priority to the drivers.

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  • A10 Stamford Hill and Clapton Common junction consultation

    Created by Harry Fletcher-Wood // 1 thread

    TfL note that this junction has "one of the highest collision rates in all of Hackney" and so have "come up with some proposals that aim to make this junction safer for all road users".

    The substantive changes include Advanced Stop Lanes for people cycling, continuous footways across some side roads, realignments to traffic islands and the provision of more/longer parking.

    Please make share your thoughts Tuesday 23rd February so Natalie and I can collate them.

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  • Turn Dock Street entrance into continuous pavement/cycle track

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 0 threads

    The entrance to Dock Street should be turned into a continuous footway with pedestrian and cyclist priority over turning vehicles akin to this Danish junction:

    This would improve sight lines for pedestrians too as the dropped kerbs are away from the junction, and it would also go with the pedestrian desire line as many tend to cross closer to the junction than the dropped kerbs. It would also slow down the vehicles entering the narrow street.

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