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  • Dangerous to cross Milton Road diagonally at Toucan crossing

    Created by Matt H // 2 threads

    As the bridleway crosses Milton Road, it swaps sides of the busway, so most pedestrians and cyclists want to cross diagonally. However the toucan crossing only protects people crossing Milton Road. It doesn't stop busway traffic.

    This is confusing and dangerous. When the road traffic stops at red lights, and the Toucan crossing turns green, it feels very safe to cross the busway. Yet buses can come from three directions (busway west, busway east, Milton Road south) at speeds of 30 mph.

    Cyclists in particular are tempted to cross diagonally from north west to south east. Last week I saw a near accident. 

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  • Long wait to cross Busway / Station Road, Histon

    Created by Matt H // 1 thread

    Pedestrians and cyclists at the toucan crossing where the busway meets Station Road, Histon have to wait a long time for the lights to change even if there is zero bus or road traffic.

    This seems inconsistent with Highway Code rule H1 about the hierarchy of road users. Pedestrians should have priority over non-existent buses!

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  • Strikes Crossing

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    The former level crossing near a petrol station and the Strikes bowling alley is a frequent source of conflict between cycling and motoring. As of 2020, this is a toucan crossing just west of the former railway's line, necessitating cyclists to slalom across it. There are short cycleways on the south side of the A148 Lynn Road and Gaywood Road providing access to the main entrance of King Edward School.

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  • Access to Central Park from Morston Drift

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    The access to Central Park (Balls Up Park) is on the north side. The cycleway is on the south side. There is no crossing provided between them, so cyclists either have to bump kerbs if able, or ride on a footway until the next junction. Seems like an easy fix.

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  • Coldhams Lane

    Created by Paula Downes // 4 threads

    The road is unloved, has very few trees, has a lot of traffic, moving fast or jammed. Air quality is poor. Cyclists cycle along the pavement very fast which is dangerous for pedestrians. The cycle lanes on the road are not safe. It is difficult for cyclists to cross the road since there are not enough crossings. A lot of people park near Coldhams Common on Saturdays. Many people have created driveways to avoid people parking in front of their houses in the parking bays. Crossing the little roads (Brampton, Vinery Road, Vinery Way) is difficult because the cars block the path as they wait to get onto Coldhams Lane and greenery prevents pedestrians from going behind those cars.

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  • Two second cyclist/ped green

    Anon // 1 thread

    The glorious development that was the removal of the barriers to Clifton Backies has revealed another problem: the green light (or phase, as highways engineers call it) for pedestrians and cyclists crossing from the east side of Water Lane to the west side of Water Lane just south of the junction with Green Lane has been dialled down to the absolute minimum. I swear it used to be a leisurely five seconds or so, allowing for parents with buggies to amble and cyclists to roll across with little fuss - their reward for having waited their turn to cross. Now however it's more like a blink-and-wasn't-that-light-green-a-second-ago two seconds: you glimpse the long-awaited green, start moving off and before you've even travelled a metre, it has disappeared.

    I know why this has happened: this junction gets really congested, particularly at peak times, largely because the new housing being built nearby was seemingly given the go-ahead without any consideration for the impact that it would have on the road network. Doubtless the Council has received a series of irate communications from frustrated motorists, and Council officers have responded not by acknowledging maybe giving permission to dozens of houses without considering the transport implications wasn't such a good idea, but rather by depriving cyclists and pedestrians of valuable seconds on their 'phase' of the crossing. It's utterly pointless, of course. I very much doubt these seconds 'solve' the congestion experienced by motorists, or whether they even have any real impact. But losing them does have a real impact for pedestrians and cyclists, who are pretty much guaranteed to find themselves in the stressful situation of being stranded on the crossing without a green light reassuring them they're safe.

    It's horribly undemocratic too: the decision to deprive pedestrians and cyclists this reassurance of being able to cross safely was, like other traffic light timing decisions in York, made without consulting pedestrians and cyclists. Rather, it was decided by a lone highways officer that motorists were being unduly impeded, they should therefore have longer green phases, and this time should come out of the pedestrian/cyclist phase. So much for the Council's transport hierarchy, which puts pedestrians and cyclists respectively at the top. So yeah, this is something to discuss with the Council...

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  • Difficult crossing on Airport Way (near the school)

    Created by Jacob Bramley // 1 thread

    This appears to be a busy crossing, and is used by parents and children heading to and from the school, both by cycle and on foot.

    The chicane barriers make it difficult to cross here with a standard bicycle, let alone a cargo bike or trailer. The cross-hatched area is much more practical to use than the island, but leaves users exposed on a fast road, especially considering that primary-school children are likely to be using this facility.

    On the western side, there is nowhere to wait to cross, so riders with large cycles an trailers have to block the path for other users whilst they wait to cross.

    This is outside the area of the Cherry Hinton North development, but both motor and cycle traffic through here is likely to increase when that is completed, so it is somewhat related.

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  • Cargenbridge Roundabout Crossing

    Created by Steve Jefkins // 1 thread

    Dangerous road crossing with no central island, and not possible to see fast traffic coming from 3 different roads. Especially dangerous coming from Dalbeattie turning left towards the Garrock and the hospital & trying to get to the cycle path the other side of the road.
    Issue added to the map at the 2018 bike breakfast.

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  • Pedestrian phase for Halfords lights

    Created by Rhian // 1 thread

    The three way lights at Troqueer Rd/Pleasance Ave/St Michael's Bridge Rd are very difficult to cross at as there are no pedestrian lights. This is a busy route for people walking in to town from Troqueer via St Michael's Bridge Road or Suspension Brae. A pedestrian phase would be highly beneficial.

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  • Planning application: DC/18/3569/DRC Details of new crossing on Felixstowe Road

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Details of the new Zebra crossing and signalised pedestrian crossing on Felixstowe Road and Anson Road. Details are provided as a detailed design package.

    Land Off Anson Road Martlesham Heath IP5 3RX

    East Suffolk

    Application reference : DC/18/3569/DRC

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  • Difficulties in joining the Water End Orbital

    Anon // 1 thread

    I've never approached from this way before but I came along the path up the left side of the river last week to join Water End Road. However on getting to the junction of the path and Water End I found that there wasn't anything to allow me to join or cross the road easily, only a full height kerb on each side.
    This meant I had to wait for a sizeable break in the traffic in order to be safe to lower my bike over the kerb - my bike is a large utility bike that doesn't take kindly to just jumping off kerbs. Fortunately even though it was 6pm on a Friday the traffic was light so a suitable break came along.
    Worse the is not dropped kerb on the opposite side to join the kerb segregated cycle path, that forms part of the city's orbital route. This meant I found myself having to cycle a third of a km on the road alongside a perfectly good cycle path, as it was too busy heading in the other direction to stop and lift my bike up the kerb without causing an obstruction or being unsafe.

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  • Traffic Lights needed to enable safe cycle crossing of Hoole Road.

    Created by Chris Neston // 1 thread

    Cyclist travelling from South of Chester ( eg Sandy Lane ) and heading for the Greenway have to cross Hoole Road. They do so at various places eg Hamilton Street or Lightfoot Lane.

    Although there are pedestrian crossing places in Hoole Road there are none for cyclists. Hoole road is full of traffic in both directions and most drivers are unwilling to allow cyclist to cross in front of them. This results in long waits and cyclists have to take risks to get across the road. I suggest that a review of this road takes place and improvements made. These could be light controlled crossings or a revised give way system.

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  • Hobson Av / Busway

    Created by Daniel Dignam // 1 thread

    I complained to the council about the recent introduction of lights on the busway at Hobson Av. They're red for cyclists/pedestrians and don't appear to be triggered by bikes. There are 2 buses per hour that use Hobson Av so it seems entirely perverse for the priority to be as it is.

    In the reply justifying the priority for motor traffic it was stated that cars will soon start using this road to access a car park. Has anybody got knowledge about this, as I understood the planning consent access was going to be restricted to buses and emergency vehicles.

    I do think it's an accident waiting to happen, cyclists are going to get used to there being no traffic, and will cross on red (as they're allowed to if it's safe). If it was green all the time then it would be more obvious when they did change.

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  • Hillyfields, Goldings Hill & Stony Path Improvements (CAP App.I 12.3)

    Created by Chris Lord // 1 thread

    Junction should be improved to facilitate cyclists who are currently not catered for west of Hillyfields.
    * Junction should be improved to facilitate cyclists who are currently not catered for west of Hillyfields.
    * Potentially upgrade the existing zebra crossing west of Hillyfields to a toucan crossing, and moving it closer to the end of the existing cycle route.
    * Widen the existing footway alongside the westbound Rectory Lane (potentially using some of the grass area behind the footway) to enable it to become a shared use facility.
    * Potentially upgrade the existing zebra crossings and mini-roundabouts to a signalised junction and crossings.
    * This could get cyclists on to the western side of Church Hill.
    * Provision of an approx. 150 metre long segregated footway/cycleway (if possible) along the route of the existing footway on the western side of Church Hill and Golding’s Lane.
    * Improvement of the PROW footpath surface and signage for cyclists from Golding’s Lane to Stony Path Lane
    * Signage and road markings along Stony Path Lane up the hill to Baldwin’s Hill.
    Longer Term
    £500,000 (includes provision of signage along Stony Path section)

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  • Barnton Junction Crossings

    Created by acsimpson // 1 thread

    The priority for pedestrians using Barnton Junction is attrocious. Crossing from the East of Maybury Road to Whithouse Road can take over 5 minutes and requires at least 5 separate stages each of which can force you to wait for an entire cycle of the lights. This priority and timing needs to be reworked if anyone is to consider this to be anything other than a clogged artery. Given the high polution readings from the nearby monitoring station no one should be forced to spend so much time here.

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  • Pedestrian Crossing Island Dangerously Small

    Created by acsimpson // 1 thread

    The island on this pedestrian crossing is dangerously small, whoever allowed this to be installed was being negligent. There is no safe area to wait with small children and no flat space for wheelchairs/pushchairs to wait. If I remember the guidlines correctly it shouldn't be possible to walk straight over a staggered crossing island, however this isn't the case here.

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  • Toucan Crossing Timings Incorrect

    Created by acsimpson // 1 thread

    This crossing takes far to long to change. There is rarely a time when it couldn't change imediately without causing extra delays to traffic, however it often takes far to long and being a two stage crossing can add a significant delay to any active travel.

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  • Link to Tarff and Heathhall forest

    Created by Rhian // 1 thread

    Currently the footpath finishes at Tesco. A shared use path to Tarff would be brilliant as there is no footway at all and the road becomes a 60mph limit. From here it's a stone's throw to an access point in to Heathhall forest. There is a bridge crossing the A75 which could be utilised as a pedestrian and cyclist crossing, with a shared footway from Lockerbie Road up to the access to the bridge along Brownrigg Loaning. A safe crossing point would have to be installed to cross Lockerbie Road to Heathhall forest on the E side of the roundabout. Reducing the speed limit on Brownrigg Loaning to 30mph would improve access for cyclists to this point, but a path is also needed for people on foot travelling from Noblehill, Calside and Georgetown.

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  • Boston Road Protected Cycleway

    Created by Space Pootler // 1 thread

    With Hounslow having voted to build the Boston Manor Road section linking Boston Manor station with the Great West Road, Ealing Cycling Campaign are asking Ealing Council to continue the protection North of the borough boundary.

    Early talks with Ealing Borough Council suggest that a crossing will need to be made outside the station to account for a change from a single bidirectional track on the west side of the road to one-way tracks on either side.

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  • Join Mill Road to College St bike route

    Created by Cycling Dumfries // 0 threads

    There is now a nice cycle path that takes you from the river away from Devorgilla bridge, but there is no easy way to go from there to the College Street cycle track or Terregles Street as both Market Square and Howgate Street are one-way going the other way. Adding an 'except cycles' sign and allowing contraflow cycling along Market Square (which is not a fast or busy road), combined with a crossing across Buccleuch St on the east side of the street would provide an alternative route through town when the Whitesands is closed (or the Loreburn Bridge). At the moment, to get across Buccleuch street you have to cross in three cycles of the light and there are railings preventing pedestrian and bike access to College Street. This would also benefit pedestrians.

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  • Lack of safe crossing of Garroch Loaning

    Created by Cycling Dumfries // 1 thread

    There is no signalised crossing between the end of the Maxwelltown Cyclepath and the cycle path on the other side of the Garroch Loaning that joins up with the new hospital site. This leaves pedestrians and cyclists having to wait for a gap in the traffic (with poor sight lines because of the viaduct)

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