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  • Strikes Crossing

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    The former level crossing near a petrol station and the Strikes bowling alley is a frequent source of conflict between cycling and motoring. As of 2020, this is a toucan crossing just west of the former railway's line, necessitating cyclists to slalom across it. There are short cycleways on the south side of the A148 Lynn Road and Gaywood Road providing access to the main entrance of King Edward School.

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  • Access between The Walks and Millfleet

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    The crossing between Millfleet and Broad Walk is a bizarre left-right slalom movement involving the uncontrolled turn into County Court Road which surprises cyclists and motorists. It's also not signed at all. There are many ways that this could be improved, such as the Toucan crossing planned for CIF2 (pictured) or adding signals to the Almshouses entrance and allowing cycling between it and Broad Walk, but it is a scandal that none of them have yet been done.

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  • A602 Improvements Ware Road - Stony Hills to Sacombe Pound

    Created by JonC // 1 thread

    Following planning approval in Jan 2018 (during which many objections were supported by Councillors), Herts Highways are now developing the next phase: the A119 roundabout and the section between Heath Mount School and the Stony Hills junction. They have published a side roads order (documents can be downloaded from the web link below). This is a statutory process that must be consulted on prior to making changes to any side or access roads. They have conceded installing a cyclists' bypass to the A119 roundabout, but proposals for the Heath Mount School to Stony Hills section are unchanged.

    The "improvement" of the road between the Sacombe Pound and Stony Hills junctions will lead to increased traffic speeds and volumes, making conditions for cyclists worse when cycling between these junctions, or crossing into Sacombe Park.

    ANY PERSON may object to the confirmation of the Order by notice to the Secretary of State for Transport, National Transport Casework Team, Department for Transport, Tyneside House, Skinnerburn Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7AR, not later than 25 October 2019, stating the grounds of their objection.

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  • Slow crossing of ODR

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    It can take up to 5 minutes to cross from the east side of Little France Drive to the west side of ODR, as there are four stages of pedestrian crossings.

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  • A41-M1 Slip Road (near Brockley Roundabout) dangerous crossing

    Created by JonC // 1 thread

    Southeast of the Brockley Hill roundabout the A41 cycle route crosses the slip road that takes A41 traffic onto the M1. The speed limit is 70 mph. There are yellow cross-lines on the main A41 carriageway to slow traffic approaching the roundabout. However, there are no cross-lines on the two-lane slip road and traffic is accelerating to merge with the M1 motorway traffic.

    The at grade cycle crossing point, over a hard shoulder and two traffic lanes, is unmarked on the road and there are no ‘Cyclists Crossing’ warning signs approaching it.

    There was a cyclist injury in 2009 and a cyclist fatality in 2010.

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  • Stirling Corner A1/A411 roundabout dangerous cycle route

    Created by JonC // 2 threads

    Stirling Corner is the roundabout where the A411 (Barnet Lane / Barnet Road linking Borehamwood to Barnet) crosses the A1 and it also provides access to a separate service road with various retail outlets. The A1 is a 50 mph, 6-lane dual carriageway and this is the last roundabout before the A1M.

    There is an at grade, circular pedestrian & cyclist route around the entire roundabout, which crosses each of the 5 arms via refuges in the middle of each. On the west side, the A1 cycle route uses part of this circular cycle route to cross two arms of the roundabout. Speed, volume and unpredictability of traffic makes using most parts of this circular cycle route extremely hazardous.

    It is a high volume roundabout with up to 4 lanes of traffic and traffic flow is partially controlled by traffic lights at 2 places on the roundabout and at 2 entry points (see diagram). There are no traffic lights on the west or north sides.

    At the two entry points controlled by lights (A1 northbound & A411 westbound) there is no ‘green man’ light to assist pedestrians or cyclists.

    The most dangerous crossing points are the two 3-lane exits from the roundabout serving the A1. A possible safer east-west route would be to take pedestrians/cyclists via the centre of the roundabout, making use of the existing traffic lights (and converting them to Toucan).

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  • Safer Walking and Cycling between NW Cambridge and Girton

    Created by David MacKay FRS // 1 thread

    Our campaign for safer walking and cycling to/from NWCambridge now has a petition and a first video (of five) summarising our position.

    See our new video summarising our petition:

    I’d be delighted if you could promote this to your networks. Time is of the essence because a Senate House discussion is coming up [3 Nov 2015], and I will report the number of signatures on our petition there. (But signatures after the date will still be useful.)

    More information:

    The petition:

    Anyone is welcome to sign the petition; we ask people to use the Comment field to let us know if they are University Member / University employee / City resident / SouthCambs resident / etc.

    For twitter purposes the recommended hashtag is #EddingtonSafety and there is an @EddingtonSafety account too.

    Thanks very much


    David J C MacKay FRS

    Regius Professor of Engineering,
    Cambridge University Engineering Department

    Author of “Sustainable Energy - without the hot air”
    and “Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms”

    Girton resident and parent.
    Cambridge Cycling Campaign Member

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  • Woodbrook Road - Oak Tree Lane Crossing

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    The junction with Woodbrook Road is nasty. Woodbrook Road is a prime contender for traffic calming and reduction, as it suffers from speeding and heavy motor traffic (being a rat-run), and it's next to a junior and infants school. A simple solution would be to give Oak Tree Lane priority over Woodbrooke Road, favouring the cycle route and disfavouring the rat run. The flow of the rat-running traffic needs to be analysed and cut off.

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  • Mary Vale Road <-> Hunts Road

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    There is no provision for cyclists trying to get to the Rea Valley cycle route from Bournville via Mary Vale Road. Instead cyclists are expected to mix with truck, buses, and heavy motor traffic. When traffic is light, motorists speed. I've even had to take evasive action to avoid being hit by a bus driver who wasn't stopping for anything. There is space here to link the two with a cycle path going via the existing crossing, but instead that space has been used for an ill-conceived LSTF-funded arrangement that uses cyclists as speed bumps. Unfortunately cyclists make lousy speed bumps, because unlike speed bumps they die if hit by a speeding motorist. It's actually more dangerous and unpleasant now than it used to be, since there is no possibility of a motorist passing to the left of the cyclist.

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  • Linden Road Crossing on Mary Vale Road

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    This crossing is a problem for all road users, and it's quite common to hear blaring horns and screeching tyres. Pedestrians have a Puffin crossing, but for cyclists there is nothing. There is good reason for cyclists to cross Linden Road here, as it connects the bulk of the Bournville housing with the Worcester and Birmingham canal and the Rea Valley cycle route, and the motor traffic levels on Mary Vale Road are tolerable. Linden Road, on the other hand, is busy with motor traffic, including trucks. So the crossing needs to be improved, especially for cyclists heading along Mary Vale Road. Helpful to cyclists would be changing the priority in favour of Mary Vale Road. This would also encourage motorists to slow down on Linden Road. Unravelling routes in this way (so that cyclists cross main roads at a right angle and giving the cycling route priority) is one of the ways the Dutch encourage people to cycle rather than drive. Other possibilities are traffic lights or a mini-roundabout.

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  • Bournville Park Link with Sycamore Road and Cadbury World

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    It would be good to link Bournville Park, Sycamore Road, and the Cadbury World access road with a cycle path and road crossing. There is an existing Puffin crossing, but it is not well suited for a cycle crossing as the footpath between Bournville Park and the crossing is very narrow. The radical answer would be to build a bicycle road across Linden Road, making traffic give way to bikes. This would have the additional advantage of forcing motorists on Linden Road to slow down. This section of road really needs to be considered holistically to make it more oriented towards sustainable transport and less hostile. Cars often don't stop for a red light on the crossing, and it is adjacent to a junior and infants school. There is space here for doing something far better.

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  • Bournbrook Walkway <-> Harborne Lane Cycleway

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 1 thread

    A pair of Toucan crossings is provided to get cyclists across Harborne Lane, but nothing is provided to get cyclists between Bournbrook Walkway and the Toucan crossings.
    * The path alongside the garage needs to be widened.
    * The step between Bournbrook Walkway and Harborne Lane needs to be removed.
    * The parking between Bournbrook Walkway and the Toucan crossing should be removed to allow a cycle path to be built between Bournbrook Walkway and the Toucan crossing.
    * The junctions at the garage should be redesigned to give cyclists priority over garage traffic.

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  • Langleys Road <-> Frederick Road

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 1 thread

    Langleys Road and Frederick Road are both quiet, though it would be good to see traffic in Oak Tree Lane prevented from using Langleys Road as a means of avoiding the Selly Oak Triangle junction to turn left on the A38. However, the A38 acts as a barrier to this connection. A cycle path is needed to take cyclists between these two roads via the existing crossing.
    Lodge Hill Road could be closed to traffic turning left off the A38 to allow the cycle path to cross it close to the junction mouth without creating a left-hook problem.

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  • Frederick Road <-> Selly Oak Park

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 1 thread

    Gibbins Road is busy with fast-moving traffic, as despite being a residential road it is used as a rat-run by motorists on the A38 trying to avoid the Selly Oak Triangle junction (this has been facilitated by the junction design). As a result there is a significant problem with speeding on this road.
    Firstly this rat-run should be closed. If this were done, the following might not be necessary. Selly Oak park needs to be linked with Frederick Road to create a cycle route. This could be partly built using some existing footway, the service road, and a short section of cycle path to link with the pinch-point crossing. This last feature should be widened to be large enough for a bike, and the road belled around it to create a chicane on both sides (to slow motorists).

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  • No cycling provision for crossing Warwick Road into town center

    Created by Bracken VanRyssen // 1 thread

    There is no cycling provision at all from the end of the shared use path next to the hospital to the cycle stands at the end of Mill Lane (Mell Square). This is the last half a mile of the official signed cycle route from the Coventry Road to Solihull center, however it fails on the last-mile provision. The Warwick Road is wide and busy and the pavement and crossings are pedestrian only, making the last stretch a bit of a pain to do by bicycle. People on bicycles have to either dismount and walk across the crossings and some distance into the center, or take their chances with the fast and busy dual-carriageway.
    Could benefit from cycle specific crossings and paths across the junction, overall pedestrian numbers are relatively low but enough people use the pavements to cause conflict if they were converted to shared-use.

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  • How to design cycle routes crossing main roads with a dog-leg

    Created by User 609 (deleted) // 1 thread

    It is likely a cycle route will run south from Packington St. I was just thinking how it could be continued north/west crossing Essex Rd, down Gaskin St, crossing Upper St and into Theberton St. At the moment, the main roads get quite busy and present a barrier to cycling.

    Assuming Gaskin St can be made two way, I was wandering what the best design would be to make the links on Essex Rd and Upper St safest for cyclists (bearing in mind this would ideally be a quiet route).

    Are there best practice examples of similar situations elsewhere?



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