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  • Complete Hales Place cycle connection

    Created by Gregory Williams // 1 thread

    The Bird Cage Walk cycle path stops short of properly serving Hales Place. Cycling through the Farleigh Road underpass isn't indicated at permitted, nor is cycling to the road at Hever Place. There is prospect that a better cycle connection for Hales Place could be developed, keeping cyclists away from motor vehicles.

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  • Trail Link needed

    Created by Steve Crapper // 1 thread

    An obvious link between the very well publicised and used Brierley trail and Skegby Trail is required in this plot of land to enable circular routes to be created

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  • Connect A1078 cycleway to Loke Road

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    The cycleway alongside the A1078 abruptly ends at Estuary Road with only a link east into the estate which is a long detour off the desire line towards the town centre.

    There are several ways that this could be resolved, including linking to the Bawsey Drain Path as part of any future development and any of them could be an improvement.

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  • Nightingale Avenue cycle route

    Created by wookey // 1 thread

    Nightingale Avenue should be a major cycle route between the biomedical campus (via Red Cross Lane) and Queen Ediths in general and places beyond. It is the natural route for many people, for example between Trumpington/Shelford/Sawston and numerous schools, Cherry Hinton/Arm etc. It is already quite well-used but could be much better with some dedicated infrastructure.

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  • The Avenues cycle route

    Created by Richard Jennings // 1 thread

    The Avenues Shambles

    Few people who live in the area will be happy with the situation on The Avenues. A couple of years ago the city won a grant to improve cycle routes around the city, called a “Cycle City Ambition Grant”. The first route to be improved was the one that came along the Avenues, known as the “Pink” route. After two years of planning, public meetings and proposals we are left with the dangerous inadequate mess we see today.

    Why is The Avenues Special?

    Far more bikes use The Avenues than any other road in the city, "nearly 700,000 in 2016 according to the Air Quality Status Report for 2018. Most are students at UEA or workers at the Hospital and Research Parks. It’s also the route hundreds of children should be using to cycle to the City Academy School, so the potential number of cyclists could be even higher if the road were not so dangerous. Logically it should have been the highest priority for providing proper cycle tracks, but it didn’t turn out like that.

    Why is it bad?

    The road markings only allow enough space for one direction of flow on a two way street, so if it needs to pass traffic has to drive in the cycle lanes and when it gets busy the cycle lane simply disappear. There is basically far too much traffic for this type of design.

    Why did we end up with this mess?

    That’s a good question but there are clues, take a look on Tombland and the expensive paving around the cathedral gate. All this meant there just wasn’t enough money left to build the proposed cycle tracks and the present botch is the result. The council decided that the cost of doing The Avenues didn’t represent good value for money, yet doing Tombland did. This is a very suspect situation which has left us with an unacceptable, dangerous mess that simply can’t be left as it is.

    What can be done?

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  • Babraham P&R to Addenbrookes cycleway

    Created by wookey // 2 threads

    Out of the A1307 Linton Greenway consultation has come a plan for the section between Addenbrooke's roundabout and the Babraham P&R, which the county/GCP are keen to move forward. There was an initial invite-only consultation event on Thur 31st Jan for local residents/residents associations to comment.

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  • North Peckham Healthy Streets

    Created by Raiph // 2 threads

    We would like to hear what you think about proposals to improve cycling and reduce parking pressures within the North Peckham area - that's roughly the area between Burgess Park to the north and Peckham Road to the south - see map below.

    Controlled Parking Zone

    In recent years many residents have told us that parking can be difficult in this area. With the introduction of a parking zone, parking stress is likely to be greatly decreased in the area allowing for safer walking and cycling and prioritising space for residents.

    Please let us know if you would like to see parking restrictions on your street, this would help to free up more spaces for residents to park.

    If you have any questions or would like to know more about parking restrictions, please refer to our information section at the bottom of this page.

    Cycling Improvements

    In addition, we would like to make changes to some key junctions in the area to create a safer cycle route through North Peckham, this would form part of the Southwark Spine ( This would link existing sections of cycle route at Wells Way (Quietway 8) and Lyndhurst Way (the Southwark Spine) - these cycle routes are intended especially to enable younger or less confident cyclists to cycle more safely.

    Overall, the Southwark Spine is a north to south cycle route through the whole borough. A map can be found in the related documents at the bottom of this page.

    The principal changes we are proposing include:-

    An improved crossing for cyclists and pedestrians at the junction of Wells Way and St George's Way - This will include additional phase for cyclists and widened pavements. (Section A)
    Closing St George's Way to through motor traffic, with a barrier east of Chandler Way - This would be an experimental change, which would be open for public comments for 18 months before a decision is made whether to make it a permenant change. It is intended to reduce through traffic along St George's Way. Access will be maintained to Chandler Way from the west and Cator Street from the east. (Section B)
    Installation of a two-way cycle track on part of Commercial Way - This will facilitate the crossing of cyclists from Chandler Way to Moody Road. (Section C)
    Changes to the crossing at Moody Road - this will help cyclists and pedestrians cross Commercial Way (Section C)
    Footway widening at the junction of Kelly Avenue and Peckham Road - this will create more space for pedestrians and cyclists (Section D)

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  • Awkward right turn on to NCR76/ NCR1

    Created by Pierhead // 1 thread

    Travelling from North Queensferry the entrance to NCR76 / NCR1 involves a right turn while moving downhill at the very point in the road where the double white lines on the road change to dashed lines (to allow overtaking).

    The double white lines prevent overtaking for several hundred yards before this (though drivers do not always comply).

    Often by the time a cyclist reaches this junction from North Queensferry there following vehicles which are trying to overtake just at the very point where the cyclist must indicate right with one hand while braking with the other hand before making a right turn into a narrow bike lane at a tight angle.

    This often feels dangerous, especially when several cars are trying to overtake. The "no overtaking" zone (solid double white lines in centre of road) should be extended beyond this turning point and warning signage provided for drivers. The entrance to the bike lane needs widened and the angle of entry from the road relaxed.

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  • Haselbury Neighbourhood Statutory Consultation

    Created by Clare Rogers // 17 threads

    Enfield Council through Cycle Enfield are seeking views from the public on a number of ideas for the area shown in the map. In their words:

    "We have a number of ideas that will not only help more people to walk and cycle but will also enhance community spaces, making Haselbury Neighbourhood a better place to live. Help shape our designs before we carry out a consultation later in the year. You have until Sunday 1 July to share your views."

    ***Note that there are separate threads below for each of the 13 drawings***


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  • traffic island crossing Clifton Moor Gate cycle route with poor visibility

    Created by becm // 1 thread

    When crossing Clifton Moor Gate from George Cayley Drive towards Water Lane and waiting on the traffic Island in the middle of the road, if the traffic waiting to turn right into Water Lane is backed up to the Island there is no visibility of vehicles travelling up Clifton Moor Gate.

    I have had 2 near misses now and an going to stop using this crossing which will mean cycling on the main roads and not using the cycle lane.

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  • Proposed cycle route from Manydown to Station

    Created by Stephen // 1 thread

    New documents added with revised proposed access to the Manydown site.

    Finally details of the proposed cycle route to the town centre (railway station) from Manydown. Details given in the MSD13 Transport Assessment Parts 1, 2, 4.
    Detailed descriptions of the current route and proposed improvements.

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  • Theydon Bois to Debden (CAP App. I.11.2)

    Created by Chris Lord // 1 thread

    Improve Non-Motorised User connectivity between Theydon Bois and Debden.
    * Approx. 1.5 mile length part on-road and part off-road scheme that would link Theydon Bois Tube Station and Town to Debden and Loughton Tube Stations and their shops and services.
    Longer Term

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  • Roding Cycle Hub Route: Loughton & Chigwell Greenway & Quietway (CAP App. I.10)

    Created by Chris Lord // 1 thread

    Currently there is no safe cycle route between South Loughton / West Debden and Chigwell School. This safer off-road route could be popular with school children and their parents. At Highwood Lane end the route could connect with Debden via Oakwood Hill and Loughton (Traps Hill) via Alderton Hall Lane north.
    * Approx. 1 mile length part on-road and part off-road scheme from London Square (Chigwell) via Grange Farm Lane.
    * Section 1: Approx. 1 mile length part on- road (via provision of signage and road markings) and part off-road scheme (a new unlit 3m wide shared cycle route facility) from London Square (Chigwell) via Grange Farm Lane, crossing the River Roding via an existing bridge and on to Highwood Lane.
    * Section 2: Provision of an on-road cycling route in both directions along Oakwood Hill, made possible through parking restrictions and removal of the central hatching/wide centrelines.
    * Section 3: Provision of an on-road cycling route in both directions along Alderton Hall Lane and Traps Hill, via signage and road markings, and parking restrictions/formalisation where required.
    Medium Term
    £500,000 (Assumes route is not a PROW and excludes stats diversions)

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  • North Waltham cycle route

    Created by Heather Rainbow // 1 thread

    A proposed cross country route from North Waltham via Level lane and farm tracks and the ROW to Kempshott and the Roman road. Parts of the route are ROWs on footpaths and need upgrading to restricted byeway and parts are private tracks which could be permissive paths. Some of the land crossed has been registered on the SHEELA as available for development and some is on the boundary of Hounsome fields and Kennel farm.
    It is proposed that this route is adopted as part of the North Waltham Neighbourhood plan so that CIL and section 106 money can be used to develop it.

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  • dangerous junction - no visibility

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    A few years back, the university reopened the Fitzwilliam Gate off the Downing Site, which had been locked and closed for many years. This was to facilitate a one-way system on the site so that vehicles enter via Botany, but leave via Fitzwilliam.

    There is a wall which obstructs visibility of drivers exiting - it is very hard to see traffic coming from the Lensfield Road (southern) end of Tennis Court Road. I spent a few minutes chatting to a friend on that corner and we saw several near-misses.

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  • Disappearance of Cycle Route - Sunnymead Drive, Waterlooville

    Created by Tim P // 1 thread

    Sunnymead Road, Waterlooville is currently a "Cycle Advisory" route" from Milton Road to Charlesworth Drive, marked out with 0.75m (substandard) on road advisory cycle routes.

    Approx 10 meters after the junction (north/west bound) after Charlesworth Drive, the route disappears, and there are no signs to show that the route goes via Charlesworth Drive.

    Given that many cyclists traversing this road are from Denmead, and have used the Hambledon Road shared path from Denmead, typically to/From Cowplain School, to divert them off Silverster Road having crossed it, then back on again, makes no sense.

    Route needs a review with the Council to provide a clearer, safer route from Denmead area to Cowplain School.

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  • Cycle path behind Dumfries High School

    Created by JohnSch // 1 thread

    At certain high usage times for the games area, such as on a Sunday morning, despite there two large car parks adjacent to the High school and a very large amount of on-road parking, the cycle itself becomes a car park. Also cars park across the dropped kerbs and along side the path, meaning that access is almost impossible for bicycles, prams and motobility scooters to squeeze through. Parking on the cycle path also blocks the path for users and also damages the surface.
    Also surrounding pavements are blocked making it very difficult for the local community to use them and this causes road safety issues.

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  • Cycle route maintenance

    Created by Monica Frisch // 8 threads

    Cycle routes and cycle paths need maintenance. This issue is somewhere to raise matters relating to standards of path maintenance, problems of poor maintenance, and examples of good maintenance.

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  • Torthorwald cycle route

    Created by Cycling Dumfries // 1 thread

    Torthorwald is only a couple of miles from Dumfries but very few people are willing to cycle on the Lockerbie Road/ A709. An off-road path running parallel to the road down to Heathhall forest would connect up with the Caledonian Cycleway and provide an accessible route into town.

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  • Join Mill Road to College St bike route

    Created by Cycling Dumfries // 0 threads

    There is now a nice cycle path that takes you from the river away from Devorgilla bridge, but there is no easy way to go from there to the College Street cycle track or Terregles Street as both Market Square and Howgate Street are one-way going the other way. Adding an 'except cycles' sign and allowing contraflow cycling along Market Square (which is not a fast or busy road), combined with a crossing across Buccleuch St on the east side of the street would provide an alternative route through town when the Whitesands is closed (or the Loreburn Bridge). At the moment, to get across Buccleuch street you have to cross in three cycles of the light and there are railings preventing pedestrian and bike access to College Street. This would also benefit pedestrians.

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