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  • Multiple potholes descending Hills Rd rail bridge

    Created by David Green // 1 thread

    The cycle lane on the Northside of the Hills Rd rail bridge has many potholes where the red tarmac surface is missing. This is extremely hazardous for cyclists to avoid whilst descending with car lanes on either side. You could easily fall off into the path of motor traffic. 

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  • Harrow 'Northern' Cycle Route

    Created by Anoop // 1 thread

    Harrow council is proposing to build a 'Northern Cycle Route', mostly a signed route with minimal intervention and no changes to the road space allocated to motor vehicles. Some of the route follows existing advisory cycle lanes or signed-only routes along busy roads that do not meet cycle design standards. There are a few isolated improvements - small sections of segregated path on verges to connect service roads or other minor roads, and some new parallel zebras, but even these are poorly designed and take cyclists well away from the crossing desire lines.

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  • Wealdstone Town Centre Redevelopment

    Created by Anoop // 1 thread

    Harrow council is proposing to reroute buses in Wealdstone town centre in order to improve bus reliability. They are also proposing expensive re-modelling of junctions and repaving of the high street, but without any changes to the car circulation plan or new cycle routes.

    There will be a short section of cycle path along a short section of the high street (part of the TfL Quietway), but another section of the high street is becoming one-way with no cycling contraflow. Cycle desire lines to and from the station or Harrow Leisure centre are not catered for at all. Many of the pedestrian desire lines lack formal crossings.

    There are no measures to reduce car traffic or restrict cars from certain roads, beyond the restrictions that exist already. Overall this scheme will do little to increase walking or cycling in Wealdstone.

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  • Ellon -Aberdeen Cycle Path

    Created by Debra Storr // 1 thread

    Plans in progress for cycleroute from Ellon to Aberdeen.  Parts of route exist.  Grampian Cycle Partnership involved with both Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Councils.  

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  • Stow-cum-Quy no cycle path

    Created by Robbie397 // 1 thread

    There is now a nice new fully separated cycle path from the north end of Stow-cum-Quy along Colders Lane and Quy Road, which provides easy access to Anglesey Abbey, Lode, and a useful connection between cycle routes 51 and 11, with onward access to Wicken Fen. This is really great. However, to get onto this path from cycle route 51, just after the Newmarket Road junction with the A14, requires cycling along half a mile of busy, narrow, 30 mph road with no cycleway, and traffic calming (islands) that encourages wreckless overtaking of bicycles. The only safe option is to cycle on a narrow footpath with no signage. 

    Could at least painted cycle lanes be added to the road here, and with a 20 mph speed limit to make the village nicer for cyclists, residents and pedestrians? This could also encourage many more visitors to Anglesey Abbey from Cambridge to go by bike, and to go more regularly, benefiting the National Trust. 

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  • Closure of Netherhall school off road cyclepath

    Created by Phillip Barnett // 1 thread

    (Originally sent to Camb cyclist mailing list)
    Does anyone know why the off-road cyclepath from Cherry Hinton park to Netherhall school has been closed all week? The northern half of this is locked by gates at both ends, (private land, belonging to school) and is open daily just before school, and just at end of school, half hour at a time, for children to get to school off road. Apparently, the primary school at the south end of the path has objected (don't know why? Maybe worried about possible accidents with their children?)
    So for the first time in decades, it's been closed.
    And so now my children are being forced onto longer routes, on busy schoolrun roads, when they had a perfect off-road route, door to door offroad cyclepath all the way!
    I'm sure it's a backwards step in terms of child safety. I will take it up with the school but wondered if anyone knew what's going on?

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  • Turning right: Eastfield Road to St Mary's playing fields

    Created by Rhian // 1 thread

    A quiet cycle route is signed from Annan Road to Calside. This involves two right turns from Rosevale Street to Eastfield Road and then from Eastfield Road to Westfield Road. This second turn feels precarious as people driving towards town often cut the corner making waiting in then middle dangerous. Because it is a wide road people driving behind also try to undertake, again making waiting in then middle dangerous.

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  • Path from Riverside to Newmarket Road next to Tesco

    Created by Matthew // 3 threads

    Umbrella 'Issue' for several issues facing the path alongside Tesco:

    1. Poor junction design at Riverside
    2. #AbsoluteBollards along the way
    3. Wacky chicanes at Cheddars Lane rendering the path unusable by many people

    and anything else.

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  • Errant lamposts and street furniture

    Created by PurpleSue // 2 threads

    I watch in wonder and amazement as the new cycle lane alongside the A41 from Mostyn lights to the zoo is completed - with lamposts in th emiddle of the path - not to mention a three legged road sign which I am sure will make passage impossible.

    I will investigate more and take photos....

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  • Petersfield Green - Widening of path

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    The path running in front of Petersfield Mansions (identified below in red) is only 1.2m wide. This means that when passing each other pedestrians and cyclists often have to use the grass which is problematic when it is wet and muddy. It is also difficult for residents of Petersfield Mansions when exiting their properties as there is very little space for people to manoeuvre around each other.

    Usage of this path has increased over the years with more cyclists using the path to access the cycle racks which have been installed on Bradmore Street as part of the expansion of Anglia Ruskin University. It is therefore proposed to widen the path by 1metre to cater for this increased usage and to improve access from Mill Road with the removal of a short section of railing and the installation of a flush kerb.

    Petersfield is owned by the City Council and the path in question is maintained by the County Council as highway.

    The cost of these works is approximately £20,000 and this project will be joint funded by Cambridge City Council and Anglia Ruskin University.

    The path marked in blue is maintained by the City Council and we hope to improve the surface of this path at the same time if funding can be identified.

    If you have any comments regarding the widening of this path or would like more information please contact cyclingconsultations @ by 14th September 2015.

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  • Donetsk Way tram accidents / off road cycle path?

    Created by Dexter Johnstone // 1 thread

    There have been a number of accidents where the tram lines curve across the road on Donetsk Way as it is not possible to cross them at right angles.

    There is just grass and hedges on either side of the road and so it would be quite easy to install off road cycle paths along Donetsk Way.

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  • off road cycle path along Langsett Road?

    Created by Dexter Johnstone // 1 thread

    the off road cycle path along Infirmary Road which currently ends at the Junction with Whitehouse Lane could be extended along Langsett Road on the left hand side of the road as you go away from town towards Hillsborough. At the moment there is just a grass verge from Primrose Hill to Bamford Street.

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  • accessing off road cycle path

    Created by Dexter Johnstone // 1 thread

    When cycling towards town along Langsett Road it is difficult/hazardous to get to the off road cycle path on the other side of the road which starts on the corner of Infirmary Road/Whitehouse Lane because you need to cross the tram tracks.

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  • Bournville Boating Lake

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    The paths around the boating lake are already used by cyclists. However, the path shown on the map parallel to my suggested path is narrow and in dangerously poor condition. My suggestion is to create an armoured grass path as shown. The path that heads North at one end should be extended to join it, and the old path removed. This is to improve safety at what is currently a blind junction.
    It would be good to address the bridge at the western end of the suggested path, which has wheel-grabbing slots.

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  • Proposed extra pedestrian and cycle access points to Cambridge Business Park.

    Created by Richard Taylor // 1 thread

    Proposal for three new pedestrian and cycle access points to Cambridge Business Park. The proposals are being made in light of the plans for an new station nearby.

    Representations from companies with premises on the business park - Redgate and Autonomy - have expressed concerns about security and the potential for people to try and park on the business park and then get on a train.

    The proposals are for the new accesses to be gated to restrict general public access.

    The proposals include a connection to the potential cycleway along the line of the disused railway.

    Cambridge Business Park Cowley Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB4 0WZ

    Application reference: 15/0919/FUL

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  • Extend cycle path parallel to A92 south of Stonehaven to be full distance between junctions

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    The A92 here has some very fast traffic. Considering this is the flagship National Cycle Route 1, and there is already a cycle path of part of the way between these 2 junctions. It would be much better if this cycle path was continued to the next junction, with some crossing aid in the form of traffic lights, bridge or tunnel. This would open this part of the route to a wider range of participants, as it would be significantly safer.

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  • Southern end of Foundation Street should stay closed

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 1 thread

    During the refurbishment of St Mary at the Quay this section of road has been closed. The sky has not fallen on us and neither has traffic ground to ( any more ) of a standstill. In my opinion it should stay closed to MVs and just be segregated for bikes and peds.

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  • Broken Glass in front of the Birmingham Uni

    Created by Bracken VanRyssen // 0 threads

    The cycle path alongside the University of Birmingham campus seems to be a magnet for broken glass, especially in the area opposite the petrol station and Oakfield Road. Avoiding all the broken glass is quite a trial especially for those with less robust tires. Regular sweeping would go a long way towards improving the quality of the route.

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  • Poor Bourne Park cycle path surface

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    The surface of the cycle path, which is also National Cycle Route 1 through Bourne Park is of an extremely poor quality. This really needs to have a smooth tarmac surface, and potentially widened.

    I would expect kids to be learning to ride a bike along here, however that's not currently possible as its' touch going for an adult to cycle here never mind a child who is just learning to cycle. If this path is upgraded it would be even better if the surfacing was extended to create a circle around the park which is reasonably smooth, so that people can learn to cycle by cycling around this park.

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  • New path in Inch Park

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 2 threads

    Have a new shared path on the Est side of Inch Park, connecting Glenallan Drive, Old Dalkeith Road and Cameron Toll.

    This would be a very useful connection that allows cyclists (and pedestrians) to avoid parts of busy Old Dalkeith Road.

    There is no real reason why a proper path can't be built there; dog walkers walk along the suggested route all the time (on the grass).

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  • Path connection

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 2 threads

    There is a strange muddy puddle where the path from Burdiehouse Burn meets the footpath along Burdiehouse Rd., and the right-angle corner is very narrow anyway.

    The paths should be connected in a more gentle curve - there is a desire line on top of the wall in the left half of the image.

    This is an important point as the footpath does not continue along Burdiehouse Rd northwards, so all cyclists and pedestrians have to walk through the puddle.

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  • Segregated cycle path/shared use

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 3 threads

    Create a cycle path on the pavement or make it shared use, from after the bus stop in Liberton Road around the corner to the junction Gordon Terrace/Esslemont Rd.
    This would allow cyclists who want to turn left from Liberton Rd towards KB to bypass the traffic lights, then continue onto Gordon terrace or rejoin the other traffic in Esslemont Rd.

    Currently it's dangerous because:
    (1) this route is uphills and cyclists are going slow, but cars turning left can't see ahead if there are cyclists.
    (2) cyclists have to wait at the light and then are in front of cars, so drivers get quite annoyed having to trundle along until safe overtaking is possible in Esslemont Rd, many attempt dangerous overtakes earlier. If cyclists can bypass the red lights they have a chance to go up the difficult bit during quieter phases
    (3) cyclists who are not in the ASL (but also those in the ASL) are in danger of being left-hooked (see also

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  • Cycle path needed

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 0 threads

    Lady Rd needs a segregated cycle path uphills. It's very steep uphills with dense&fast traffic, and it is particularly difficult to turn right.

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  • Cycle path Bypass-Straiton Retail

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 0 threads

    The shared footpath under the bypass ends at the bottom of Loanhead Rd and then there is no suitable connection into the Straiton Retail Park area.

    Loanhead Rd is very steep with fast cars. Straiton Rd is fast dual road with unconnected bits of narrow painted cycle lanes. Both are total barriers for other than high-risk extreme sports enthusiasts. No way families could cycle to the shopping centre here.

    The connections into Edinburgh (Burdiehouse Burn, or the new Loanhead-Lasswade path) are actually really good, so it's particularly sad that you're dumped in a car hell on the last few hundred metres.

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