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  • Roehampton Lane needs safe space4cycling

    Created by MB // 0 threads

    A fast road - dual carriageway in both directioms and with 6 lanes at one end. Speed limit of 30mph rarely respected - except in rushhour when speeds can be down to zero mph at times.

    Cyclists can not cycle safely along either side of the road. Cars, lorries, busses etc are travelling too fast, with drivers jostling to change lanes, overtake busses or 'beat the lights'. The cyclists I see are on the pavement & I don't blame them - frankly the layout is not fit for cyclists. Fortunately the pavement is wide, there are few pedestrians and there is ample room for considerate cyclists to travel this way. More cyclists would use this roue if it was safer & if it joined up properly with Danebury Avenue & the other cycle routes in the area.

    With the wide pavements & carriageway there is room for segregated cycle, pedestrian and motor vehicle routes. There may even be room for 'floating' bus stops. A zebra or Toucan crossing on the road would also reduce average speeds.

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  • NCN Route 72

    Created by Rob1968 // 0 threads

    As you approach the end of this particular stretch of NCN 72 past the Egger factory, you suddenly emerge onto a very busy road. This is one of the major arterial routes in and out of Hexam as it leads to and from the A69 bypass, one of the major transpennine links. It is not suitable for adults to ride on never mind young children.( I have a son aged 10)

    The route leads across the main road bridge into Hexham, swings around a small roundabout by the Tyne Green park, and then brings you directly onto another roundabout by Tesco and the Wentworth Leisure Centre. It is as though cyclists have been designed out of the picture on this one. Its a shame as my son would use this route to school if it were safe.

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  • Kings Avenue/Milner Street rat run.

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 1 thread

    Motorised vehicles currently use the rat run through Milner Street to avoid the fraffic lights at Grove Lane/ St Helens St.
    This is part of NCN 41 , any extra traffic passing through here detracts from the cycling experience and is negative for residents.
    Cyclist comments are needed now !

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  • One way Except Cyclists

    Created by Richard Alderson // 0 threads

    Making this road 2 way for cyclists will greatly increase the permability through Altrincham. Without this exception cyclists are forced onto the busy A56 or Stamford New Road also busy. Test

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