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  • Lordswood Rd route problems

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    There is no reason for the plethora of ``cyclists dismount'' signs (13.4.1) and 90-degree turns (5.4.2) on this route.

    It should be improved to remove the latter, and to render the former unnecessary, e.g. by adding raised tables across accesses.

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  • Cut Bridge, West Lynn. No safe cycling facility

    Created by Rob Archer // 1 thread

    The Cut Bridge linking King's Lynn with West Lynn has no safe cycle facility, despite linking two sections of reasonably good quality cycleway. There is a narrow (1.2m) footway which cyclists often (illegally) use but it is too narrow to pass a pedestrian or another cyclist. There is also a low parapet with a risk of a cyclist being knocked over into the river in the event of a collision. This would almost certainly be fatal.

    The 'correct' way to cross the bridge is to rejoin the carriageway, which involves (westbound) crossing on a fast, blind bend then back again after the bridge.

    Possible Solutions:

    1) 20mph limit extended over the bridge - preferably accompanied by average-speed cameras.

    2) Narrow the road and install a wider (Min 3+1 m) shared-use path.

    3) Reduce the road to a single, bi-directional lane with a full-width (2m) cycle lane either side.

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  • Mona St / Grace Ave new Dismount signs

    Created by David Lally // 0 threads

    The path between Grace Avenue and Mona Street (Part of NCR 6) has had a ramp added for much better cycle access on the Mona Street end and a useful mirror at the other end to be able to see round the corner to and from Grace Avenue. All very good until... this was followed by the fitting of Dismount signs.

    Sustrans Rangers are aware of this.

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  • Cyclists dismount for Tesco car park traffic

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    By the Tesco superstore off Dragon Lane, the road junction was recently rebuilt. On the west side of Dragon Lane is a shared-use pavement which forms part of NCN 14/70. While cars travelling north on Dragon Lane can go straight across on a single phase, cyclists are expected to dismount, and cross with pedestrians at a two-stage crossing. The object is to maximise the flow in and out of the Tesco superstore car park, which is the only purpose of this junction. Designing the junction to give greater priority and convenience to cyclists and pedestrians would help shift the balance back to sustainable living.

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  • Cyclists Dismount (Golden Hind Post Office)

    Created by Ian Jackson // 1 thread

    There are "Cyclists dismount and use footway" signs at some roadworks on Kings Hedges Road SE-bound outside the Post Office near the Golden Hind.

    I spoke to a worker who said the sign had been put in by their traffic management team, after getting permission from Cambridgeshire County Council.

    I have phoned the County who say one of their traffic management people will phone me back.

    I have also made this FOI request:

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