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  • Missing bridges on railway paths

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    There are many locations on the railway paths west of Durham City where bridges were taken out and there are steep gradients, sometimes with poor road crossings, to navigate from one section of the path to another. The worst one is near Broompark picnic area where it is very steep.

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  • Hardings Way and Connections

    Created by MJR // 4 threads

    Hardings Way is incomplete and frequently under threat. What exists is a fairly good and very popular route from Wisbech Road to Boal Quay, but the route south of Wisbech Road is still not open (2014). Most of the connections are also incomplete: when buses were allowed onto Hardings Way, we were supposed to get improved connecting routes including through the town centre (never happened) and past the Southgates (dangerously botched). Instead, the northern part is under threat of being opened to taxis and minicabs (July 2014 draft Air Quality Action Plan) and there are frequent rumours of it being opened to all traffic, contrary to local and national policies.

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  • The Missing Link

    Created by Fraser Stephens // 1 thread


    The infamous missing link in the Llanfoist-Brynmawr cycle path (route 46) is a huge barrier to its safe use by children as well as those who find the steep section of the diversion route impossible to climb.

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  • St Peters Dock lethal rail tracks

    Created by Alex Oldman // 1 thread

    Disused railway tracks on St Peters Dock provide short section of road surface that is dangerous to traverse from East to West by bike.

    If you are avoiding crossing the tracks then you are forced into oncoming traffic.

    If you cross the tracks, you are then potentially trapped between parked cars and the railway tracks, which can be dangerous.

    The tracks are very slippery when wet or icy, and sections are often hidden underwater because there is poor drainage after heavy rain.

    Ideally the tracks are totally removed, or the surface covered with concrete or tarmac.

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