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  • A41 Divides Guilden Sutton from Chester - better crossing needed

    Created by HVS // 2 threads

    The A41 ring road cuts across a useful quiet route north-west out of Chester, which is an alternative to the traffic-free Greenway (which is unlit, and slippery in icy conditions). Crossing the A41 during busy periods - e.g. when commuting at rush-hour - can be a slow and potentially very dangerous process, especially after dark. A better crossing for cyclists and pedestrians, or a lower speed limit on the A41 (or both), would be very helpful here.
    [Original version of map was wrong; I've now updated it.]

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  • Bournville Lane Dual Carriageway

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 1 thread

    This section of of dual carriageway with an additional lane for parking is not only ludicrous, it results in serious problems for pedestrians on the zebra-crossing, because motorists simply don't notice them commencing their lengthy crossing from the opposite side of the carriageway. This isn't helped by some motorists using the central reservation as a car park, blocking sight-lines to the crossing. Reduce the road to a single carriageway and provide a segregated cycle path to make it possible for cyclists to get from the Cadbury recreation ground to Franklin Way without having to negotiate a dual-carriageway used by articulated trucks accessing the Cadbury factory.

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  • Improve Dual Carriageway, London Road, Copdock for cycling

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    This is a signed cycle route from Capel St Mary into Ipswich. It used to be the A12 into Ipswich. Now it's a 50 mph dual carriageway, with little traffic due to minimal access. It would be easy to bring it down to one lane each way, and give the other lane over to cyclists with safe segregation and a wide path. Also on the south end a better link and also signage southbound to Capel St Mary and other places further south is needed.

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  • South Gloucestershire A38 consultation

    Created by christhebull // 1 thread

    South Gloucestershire have released plans of their proposed changes to their section of the A38 Gloucester Road. Several locations will be altered, namely:

    Northville Road Roundabout
    Filton Roundabout
    A38 / Filton Avenue Junction
    A38 Patchway Slips

    The proposals can be viewed here and the consultation closes on the 29th July.

    What is being proposed is, in my mind, inadequate, as the modifications are mostly tinkering with junctions, with cyclists still expected to use the mainline carriageway (which has a 40 mph speed limit north of the Air Balloon). This route forms part of Bristol Cycling Campaign's proposed "cycle freeways" and the proposals are nowhere near adequate for this road to be called such - so make your voice known at consultation!

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