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  • Extend Prom to Sea Lane

    Created by Fonant // 0 threads

    The current Promenade has "NO CYCLING" a few dozen yards before its western end, so cyclists have nowhere to go. The parallel road, especially Eirene Road, is dangerous and unpleasant for cycling, so many continue to ride along the footpath to Sea Lane.

    There is plenty of room to widen the path, using concrete on top of the stable shingle. The same method could be used as was used to the east of Worthing some years ago.

    This project has the full backing of local cyclists as their number-one priority in Worthing, and has local resident support too. It was included in WSCC's last LSTF bid document, which won them £2.36 million of funding from central government.

    Can we just build it, please?

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