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  • One way gates installed on Coldhams common

    Created by Thomas Ashton // 1 thread

    A pair of one way swing gates have been installed on Coldhams common.  This blocks the path for people like me with a cargo bike because it is not possible to hold the gates open and hold the bike at the same time.  I spoke with someone on the site and they said it was needed to stop cows escaping while they replaced the cattle grid.  Surely there is a better way that don’t stop access for cargo bikes?

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  • Off-road Route between Ham and Richmond

    Created by Kate // 1 thread

    In order to avoid the muddy and sometimes flooded route along the riverside path it is possible to use a tarmac path across Petersham Field. However, at both ends of the field there are kissing gates which mean that larger bikes, bikes with child seats, cargo bikes, double buggies or larger prams as well as wheelchairs are either unable or struggle to get through the gate. The gates create an unappealing obstruction for "normal" bikes too.

    I have been told by councillors and council officials that the gates are to keep in the cows which graze for half the year in the field. In Cambridge all the cows grazing on common land are kept in using cattle grids. Why can't this solution be used here?

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