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  • "Car-free" 15 flats behind Aldi, Histon Road 14/1254/FUL

    Created by Rohan Wilson // 0 threads

    3-floors block 15 flats hidden rear of industrial building behind Aldi.

    Nominally car-free (ie provides no on-site car parking beyond one space for disabled) but the flimsy Transport Assessment (Conclusions 5.5) says "....surveys on existing on-street parking on local routes have identified some capacity for additional parking demand generated by the development, should residents at the development choose to own a vehicle." This acts against the (so far undelivered) scheme to eliminate car parking on Histon Road and instal cycle lanes. There is space in front of the industrial shed, and "parking" appears there on the site plan.

    This seems to be a re-application, developer suggests the only issue left to be resolved is (personal) security on the remote access route. However the police ALO doesn't like it.

    Car-free: interesting, but this instance looks very dodgy.
    The TA instances other Cambridge "car-free" flat developments - do they really work?

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