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  • Off-road Route between Ham and Richmond

    Created by Kate // 1 thread

    In order to avoid the muddy and sometimes flooded route along the riverside path it is possible to use a tarmac path across Petersham Field. However, at both ends of the field there are kissing gates which mean that larger bikes, bikes with child seats, cargo bikes, double buggies or larger prams as well as wheelchairs are either unable or struggle to get through the gate. The gates create an unappealing obstruction for "normal" bikes too.

    I have been told by councillors and council officials that the gates are to keep in the cows which graze for half the year in the field. In Cambridge all the cows grazing on common land are kept in using cattle grids. Why can't this solution be used here?

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  • Bad path surface in Cut Throat Alley, Ham

    Created by Kate // 1 thread

    This alley connects Ham Street with The Ham Avenues and is an excellent way to avoid the fast traffic in Sandy Lane. It is a cut through which is particularly useful as a safe car-free route for parents and kids on foot and bikes to get to the German School and the Russell School.

    It is also creates a link to help people avoid a stretch of the busy Petersham Road, as it connects with Riverside Drive and on to Kingston.

    It is a dirt track which becomes dangerously and unappealingly muddy for autumn/ winter/ spring. I know some people choose to drive to school rather than attempt this route with children (and buggies).

    If changing the surface is not an option due to drainage then this path should be included in the council's leaf clearing schedule so that the mud does not have the opportunity to develop each autumn. I have tried advising the council to clear the mud - no reponse as yet. Two years ago the Council put down stones on the worst affected part but that created a skidding hazard.

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  • Cycle parking for shops in Ashburnham Rd, Ham

    Created by Kate // 1 thread

    I would like to propose the parade of shops in Ashburnham Road, opposite Ham Library as a spot that would greatly benefit from cycle parking. This spot was turned down for cycle parking in 2012 on the grounds that there is already cycle parking in Ham Street outside Hansel & Pretzel (opposite Grey Court School).

    The Ham Street cycle parking is not convenient for people who want to park their bikes in order to pop into the shops in Ashburnham Road. The cycle parking in the library is reserved for library users only. As you can see from the attached photos people end up laying their bikes down on the pavement, thereby causing an obstruction for pedestrians.

    2 or 3 Sheffield stands would be sufficient to solve this problem.

    I have obtained signatures from all but one of the shops in Ashburnham Road in support of this idea. The remaining one also supports the idea but they want to be sure that the parking would not be directly outside their shop, thereby possibly obstructing deliveries.

    My suggestion would be to put stands either as a group on the corner next to the mosaic and the Indian takeaway restaurant, or to locate them on the opposite side of the road to the shops, in a similar way to the ones in Back Lane, Ham (see attached photo).

    As I am sure you are aware, convenient cycle parking not only encourages people to use their bikes but has also been proven to help the local economy as people are more likely to stop and use the local shops if they can easily park their bikes nearby.

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  • Link Meadlands Drive to Ham Avenues - surfacing

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 1 thread

    Providing a cycle-friendly surface on the path from Meadlands Drive to the road serving the German School and the Polo Club would improve cycling access to Strathmore and Russell Schools and help provide a better quiet route from Meadlands Drive area towards Richmond - providing more/better options for avoiding the busy Petersham Road.

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  • Cycle parking for Hammertons Ferry

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    Thought it might be useful to have some (covered) cycle parking near the Ham-Twickenham ferry. Although you can take bikes on the ferry; this would give people an option of leaving their bikes on the south side whilst visiting the twickenham side - which might be good for people less physically able to lug bikes on and off the boat and the steps.

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  • Thames towpath - Richmond-Ham

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    The towpath from Richmond to Teddington lock is currently unappealing and dangerous. These photos were taken in May and the path is a lot worse after in winter or after a spring tide.

    It is sufficient for people on mountain bikes who do not mind getting muddy, but not easy for children, older people, less confident cyclists, pedestrians with buggies, cyclists on cargo bikes etc to navigate - basically all the vulnerable road users who would most benefit from avoiding the busy, fast moving traffic on the narrow winding Petersham Road.

    I take this route to work and I have to plan for the fact that I will get covered in mud every morning, and take it very slowly because it is so bumpy. I have seen pedestrians and those with child buggies climbing over the flood wall and walking on the grass on Petersham field in order to avoid this path. When I have my child in the bike seat I get off and walk the section between Ham House and River Lane that is pictured as I don't feel safe.

    With a bit of thought this path has the potential to be an excellent car-free cycling and walking route that would tempt people out of their traffic jammed cars on Petersham Road.

    See also the discussion at

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  • Ham Gate Ave - parking narrows road causing conflict

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 2 threads

    Ham Gate Avenue: As you cycle past parked vehicles which narrow the road by almost half you are trapped in a long tunnel. Impatient motorists who want to enter from the other end do so and simply drive at you forcing you practically into the gutter or off the road completely. Would it be ever possible to ban parking on this avenue and limit the speed to 20mph as it is in the park?

    Note - there is a shared use segregated track alongside the road here (part of NCN 4) but it is frequently too narrow to cope with the volumes of cyclists and pedestrians; it is overhung with low tree branches and the surface is poor.

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  • Star and Garter Hill

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    Can we include the Star and Garter Hill in our list of shared footpaths (actually a footway in this case). Slow-moving cyclists travelling up the hill from Petersham Gate to Richmond Gate have difficulty with fast passing cars on the hill who overtake too closely. This does not occur in the downhill direction because cyclists can travel much faster. The suggested solution is to permit cycling on the footway up the hill only. There are very few pedestrians and in any case the cyclists will necessarily be travelling very slowly so they would cause no problems. The traffic signals at the bottom of the hill would need some alteration to facilitate cyclists crossing from the Petersham Road onto the footway up the hill.

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  • Petersham Road

    Created by Dylan // 1 thread

    There is a fairly good cycle lanes from Kingston towards Richmond up until you reach the Richmond Council border where Richmond Road (A307) turns into the Upper Ham Road (A307) and eventually Petersham Road (A307). At traffic lights along this route there are reserved areas for cyclists but along the roads there is nothing to remind drivers that cyclists share the road especially when the road narrows after Sandy Lane through Petersham. The road surface here is terrible and the speed bumps are pointless because some driver sprint between the bumps.

    The best solution would be to remove the cyclists from this route altogether by upgrading the Thames Path to create a proper cycle path along the River Thames towards Richmond that currently stops at Teddington Lock. If a cycle/foot bridge linking Ham with Twickenham was built over Eel Pie along this route it would create an obvious link for those want to reach Twickenham.

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  • Wiggins Lane Ham - one way street

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    The northern section of Wiggins Lane is a one-way street, however this is an important desire-line for cyclists from the centre of Ham heading for Ham House and the river-side paths. Many cyclists already treat this as a contraflow - without the appropriate signage to warn oncoming motorists, this is a dangerous situation - see

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