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  • Havering LIP

    Created by Simon Still // 1 thread

    Not clear that there is an explicit consultation for this.
    LIP link attached.
    Discussion thread added. level. This is known as a Local Implementation Plan. A Local Implementation Plan (LIP) is a statutory document prepared under Section 145 of the GLA Act. It represents a borough’s own transport strategy and is reviewed on an annual basis.

    This is the third LIP prepared by Havering and it aligns with the MTS published in March 2018 for the period up to 2041. The draft LIP explains how the borough will implement the transport elements of the draft London Plan, the Mayor’s Transport Strategy and other relevant Mayoral strategies. The draft LIP also takes into account Havering’s own plans and strategies, particularly the Havering Local Plan submitted in March 2018, and sets out the long term vision for transport in Havering up to 2041.

    The Council is undertaking a consultation exercise to seek the views of the public, local businesses and other interested parties. Responses will be taken into account when drafting the final LIP3 document to be submitted to TfL in early 2019.

    please email the Transportation Planning team: or write to:

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  • Beam Parkway

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    From the council:

    The London Borough of Havering has secured £4.5m of funding from the Mayor of London and £1.8m from Transport for London (TfL) to progress plans to transform New Road (the A1306) in South Hornchurch. Subject to TfL approvals of the final design, further funding will be released to help deliver the scheme.

    Even though the new A13 was built almost twenty years ago, New Road still retains the look and feel of its old function as a trunk road. Whilst it is already a single carriageway east of Cherry Tree Lane, to the west of this junction it remains a dual carriageway. This creates an unpleasant environment that is dominated by the road and has road safety issues.

    There is now also a greater awareness of the impact that transport has on well-being, and how encouraging people to walk, cycle and catch public transport more can help to improve health and reduce air pollution. The funding that is available has given us the unique opportunity to tackle these challenges through an ambitious set of proposals that we have called the Beam Parkway scheme. Our plans will transform New Road into a greener and more pleasant place to spend time in and live next to, for both existing and future residents.

    Scope of the Beam Parkway scheme

    The work we are doing is limited to New Road itself, as shown on the plan below. Although the Beam Parkway scheme will complement the housing developments that make up the Rainham and Beam Park Housing Zone, it is an entirely separate project. If you are interested in finding out more about the Rainham and Beam Park Housing Zone, please read our Rainham and Beam Park Planning Framework document.

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  • Faircross Avenue - Experimental Width Restriction

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Havering council said:
    The Council’s Highways Advisory Committee considered the matter at its meeting of 4th
    October. Because of the legislation controlling the experimental process, the options open
    to the committee were to either recommend the scheme be made permanent or that it be
    After considerable debate, the committee deferred the decision to allow staff to facilitate a
    meeting with the 6 ward councillors representing the affected area in order to discuss a
    way forward. This meeting was held on 9th November and it was agreed that Staff would
    write to residents within the consultation area for the scheme inviting their views on a
    scheme to provide further restrictions in the area.
    Ward councillors are mindful that there were many views expressed in relation to the
    current experiment, but there appears to be a general dissatisfaction with the volume of
    larger vehicles using the area which should be using the main road network.

    We are therefore proposing two options;

    Option 1 - Further works
    This would involve the following;
    • Making the existing width restriction permanent,
    • Introducing a further width restriction on Lawns Way, just north of the junction with
    The Drive to prevent use by larger vehicles.
    • Introducing an “absolute” weight limit on a short section of Gobions Avenue
    between Chase Cross Road and the service road. This would affect a “point” and
    with the exception of emergency and public service vehicles (buses, refuge
    collection etc), no vehicle over 7.5 tonnes would be permitted.
    The absolute weight limit would be slightly different to the current 7.5 tonne area weight
    limit. The current situation allows those delivering to the area access, with the prohibition
    being driving through. A point weight limit would require those needing enter the area in
    large vehicles to access and exit Gobions Avenue from Havering Road.
    Because Gobions Avenue is a bus route, we are not able to provide a physical restriction.
    A short absolute weight limit would be enforced by a camera, rather than the area limit
    which requires our enforcement team to gather evidence of contraventions by observing a
    driver passing through the entire area (which is staff-resource intensive).

    Option 2 – Return to the previous situation
    This would involve revoking the current experiment and the removal of the width restriction
    from Faircross Avenue. The Council would revert to the enforcement of the area-wide
    weight limit where resources permit.

    We are eager for residents to provide us with their views on the two options as presented
    above. In the event there is support for Option 1, further detailed work would be required in
    order to select an appropriate way forward (for which we would continue to provide
    updates). In the event there is support for Option 2, then we would simply report the matter
    to the Highways Advisory Committee for further consideration with this information.

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  • Gubbins Lane junction improvements

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Havering council said:
    "Transport for London has awarded the Council with funding for pedestrian improvements
    on Gubbins Lane. The project aims to add benefit to the Crossrail project currently being
    delivered at Harold Wood station and to promote safer walking to and from the station."

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  • Romford 20mph zone

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Havering council said:
    "We wrote to you on 21st October setting out a series of safety proposals for Romford town
    centre comprising of a 20mph zone for all streets within the Romford Ring Road (including
    some traffic calming measures) and some changes to road markings on various
    roundabouts on the Ring Road itself.
    We sent out over 2,500 letters to people in the area, but only received 8 responses with 4
    of these being from residents. This was reported to the Council’s Highways Advisory
    Committee on 6th December where the decision on the scheme was deferred in order for
    further discussions to take place with ward councillors.
    As a result of these discussions, it has been decided to provide a further period of
    consultation and any other comments received shall be reported to the Highways Advisory
    Committee on 7th February 2017.
    We would therefore like to extend the opportunity for you to provide any comments you
    may have to the postal address above, via our email address
    or through an online form which we have provided at"

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  • The Drill Roundabout Havering

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Havering council says:
    "Thanks to a grant of £100,000 from Transport for London Havering Council is planning on making a series of improvements to a busy roundabout in Romford.

    Four new zebra crossings and footway widening are proposed for the roundabout near Gidea Park station at the junction of Brentwood Road and Slewins Lane. The zebra crossings would improve pedestrian access around the junction by the Drill public house.

    The Council is now consulting on the plans. Letters have been sent to all homes and businesses in a radius of 10 minutes walk of the junction in parts of the Squirrels Heath, Emerson Park, Romford Town and Hylands wards. Information is also available on the consultations page of the Council’s website,

    Subject to the outcome of the consultation and a decision of the Highways Advisory Committee on 7 February works could take place from the end of February until the end of March.

    Cllr Osman Dervish, The Cabinet Member for Environment, said:

    “The “Drill” roundabout operates reasonably well for motorists but it performs poorly for people walking. The pedestrian traffic islands are old, provide little waiting space, and are difficult to maintain. There are areas where the footways are narrow and there is a substantial amount of street clutter that we are proposing to clear up.”

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