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  • Percival Road/Well Lane

    Created by Ross // 9 threads

    Well lane has been blocked to through motor traffic creating a nice quietway for walking and cycling.

    However where it meets Percival Road a dropped kerb has not been installed meaning that cycles, pushchairs and wheelchairs have to bump down to cross Percival.

    A couple of dropped kerbs and perhaps a parking restriction would really open this up as a nice cycle quietway.

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  • Drop kerbs on new junction missing

    Created by imanuk // 0 threads

    New junction into new housing development has cycle path combined with wide pavement, however the nearest drop kerb is 10m up the street into the development for vehicle access and after the pavement has been narrowed. This means the cycle lane is inconvenient for cycles to use and will push them onto the road. It is also inconvenient for other users such as wheelchair and prams especially as is inclined after junction.

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  • Narrow cycle route section with kerb

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    This section of NCN 70 from Claypath down to the side of Leazes Bowl roundabout has cyclists and pedestrians on separate halves of the path, rather than shared-use. This has the advantage that cyclists are more likely to be able to freewheel quickly down the hill without upsetting pedestrians. However, the cycle portion of the path is higher than the pedestrian side, with a kerb. As the path is not particularly wide, if you meet a cyclist coming the other way it is quite tricky to pass safely.

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  • Poor link between cycle path and road

    Created by DaveE // 0 threads

    The link between the cycle-path and Trent Close is missing. It is expected that cyclists should dismount, negotiate a large number of parked cars, and an un-dropped kerb to go from cycle path to road or vice-versa. This is unreasonable and I can't think of a reason not to have the cycle path join straight into the end of the road with no interruption.

    The current situation encourages cyclists to cycle along the pavement for entire length of Trent Close to reach a dropped kerb, causing unecessary delay and potential conflict between cyclists and pedestrians, as the pavement isn't very wide.

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  • New kerb on cycle route by Sydenham Station

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 0 threads

    On passing on Saturday I noticed that Lewisham have moved the block point of Verner Road to the junction, however this seems to have added and obstruction for cyclists. It could be that once the work is complete it will no longer be an issue as from the other side there is a dropped kerb.

    Note in the photo the signage of the cycle route on the lamppost on the left.

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