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  • QW2: Morning Lane cycle crossing

    Created by Harry Fletcher-Wood // 1 thread

    As part of the Quietway 2 route, Hackney Council propose a cycle crossing, raised table and motor vehicle restrictions at the crossing of Morning Lane.

    Looks good at first sight, if you have any thoughts about the scheme please could you add them by Friday, 5th August, so that Harry and Natalie can draft a group response.

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  • Dangerous cycle lane on Worting Road, Basingstoke

    Created by jpennycook // 0 threads

    Drivers are unaware/don't care/don't see cyclists in the cycle lane, so pull out of Lidl an Old Worting Road turning left, or turn right from Worting Road to Old Worting Road leading to very near misses. The cycle lane should be replaced with access to Old Worting Road near the bus stop, and improved access to Lidl provided.

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  • Consultation on Improvements to the Leather Lane Market area

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    Leather Lane has a well established market that trades on the street throughout the week

    To stop vehicles using Leather Lane when the market is on, Camden proposes to close access to Leather Lane and other roads leading directly to Leather Lane with some consequent changes in parking provision.

    Camden Council's proposals can be seen at:

    They include the following:

    Option A

    - close Leather Lane

    - close Hatton Wall, between Leather Lane and Hatton Garden

    - close St Cross Street, between Leather Lane and Hatton Garden

    - close Portpool Lane and Baldwin’s Gardens where they meet Leather Lane

    Option B

    - same as Option A but keeps St Cross Street open


    The proposal consistently refers to stopping "vehicles" using Leather Lane. It should refer to "motor vehicles" so that cycles still have access.

    Reply due 5 December 2014.

    Please add your comments by 1st December

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  • Bus Lane Cameras

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    I've just spotted a County Council public notice on the post at the point noted, but applying to various areas as far as I can tell. Was in a bit of a hurry - stupidly didn't think of taking a photo of it. But the Council appear to be suggesting putting bus lane enforcement cameras in! I think this has to be good news, and ought to help cyclists - what do other people think?

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  • Spring Road domestic parking

    Created by Caroline Page // 1 thread

    Significant domestic car parking in the advisory cycle lane of westbound lane combines with heavy traffic jams to obstruct/block westbound passage to cyclists in rush hour. Generally there is a section of this route where pavement pushing is unavoidable

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  • lack of queue busting cycle lane

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    Since they appear to have changed the phasing at the lights at Cherry Hinton Road the other side of the railway bridge this morning, it becomes ever more apparent that if you have queueing traffic all the way southbound from Station Road to Cherry Hinton Road, the lack of even a narrow "queue-busting" cycle lane here, combined with the shocking state of the kerbside approx 9 inches of road surface (uneven cobbles and slabs, very slippery, very difficult even to use while scooting your bike along by a foot on the pavement), that cyclists are being seriously held up. Once the advisory lane outside the Centennial Hotel (well obeyed by drivers this morning in general apart from when the right hand turn queue for Brooklands Ave starts) ends, you just get stuck in a queue of kerb-car-car traffic and cannot access the ASL at the junction with Brookgate, in order to take advantage of the cycle lanes which queue-bust you across the railway bridge.

    This leads to a) pavement cycling, b) people nipping in and out of a queue of vaguely stationary/starting to move traffic c) nipping back infront of traffic which is starting to move at the lights after white lining to get past the queue. All of the cars stuck in that queue will have to wait at least two cycles of the lights at Cherry Hinton Road before proceeding and thus are just an obstruction.

    Given that this is a relatively recently refurbished/altered road, I suppose this should have been spotted at the time.

    What can be done about it retrospectively? If the traffic light phasing at Cherry Hinton Road stays as it is, there will be an accident before too long.

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  • Roehampton lane between Danebury Avenue & the A3

    Created by MB // 0 threads

    Roehampton Lane is unsafe for cyclists with two or 3 lanes of fast, heavy traffic. Drivers jostle for position, change lanes, brake for the few meters of speed camera markings, undertake right turning vehicles & manoeuvre to accommodate or block (yes, block) buses. Cyclists present yet another hazard to motorists. It would be safer for both if cyclists were not on the road.

    Many cyclists use the pavement here, despite the signs specifically indicating that it is not allowed & I don't blame them. The road is simply too unsafe and is an ideal candidate for a common sense approach to allowing cycling on the pavement or, in an ideal world, a segregated cycle path.

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  • Proposed removal of cycle path

    Created by Chrisj // 1 thread

    Notice is herby given that Southampton city council

    proposes to make the following

    The City of Southampton(various roads)

    (movement restrictions)(amendment no9)order 2013

    1. the effect of the order is to remove the contraflow cycle lane on

    second avenue between first avenue and the north-westernmost

    access to the NXP site, approximately 150metres south-east of allington

    road thus reverting this part of second avenue to two way traffic. The

    contraflow cycle lane will remain on the part of second avenue between

    the north-westernmost access to the NXP site and allington road.

    2.Copies of the order, relevant map and statement of reasons for

    proposing may be inspected during normal working hours at my enquiry

    office. Further information may also be obtained from the Southampton

    Highways Partnership (traffic management) on 02380798064

    3.Any person wishing to object to the order must write to at the

    address given below or email: stating the grounds for

    objection within 21 days of this notice (i.e. by 2 August 2013)

    Dated 12 July 2013

    Richard Ivory Head Of Legal, HR and Democratic Services,

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  • South Gloucestershire A38 consultation

    Created by christhebull // 1 thread

    South Gloucestershire have released plans of their proposed changes to their section of the A38 Gloucester Road. Several locations will be altered, namely:

    Northville Road Roundabout
    Filton Roundabout
    A38 / Filton Avenue Junction
    A38 Patchway Slips

    The proposals can be viewed here and the consultation closes on the 29th July.

    What is being proposed is, in my mind, inadequate, as the modifications are mostly tinkering with junctions, with cyclists still expected to use the mainline carriageway (which has a 40 mph speed limit north of the Air Balloon). This route forms part of Bristol Cycling Campaign's proposed "cycle freeways" and the proposals are nowhere near adequate for this road to be called such - so make your voice known at consultation!

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  • Why no cycle lanes on A65 in Rawdon?

    Created by WillC // 0 threads

    A65 in Rawdon is wide with few side roads. It needs cycle lanes. Southbound in morning staggered queuing traffic makes if hard to wiggle down to the ring road roundabout. There is ample width and no reason not to add cycle lanes. Ther are however 3 pinch points associated with middle pestrian refuges that are dangerous. There are cut-outs into pavement area to apparenlty widen the road here but the cut-outs are very poorly surfaced and unusable. Vehicles passing cyclists at the pinch-points regularly cause danger (personally experienced several times a week, one very nearly fatally).

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  • Castle Street Cycle Lane - Taxi parking

    Created by Matt Turner // 1 thread

    Castle Street cycle lane is a contraflow cycle lane on a one way street in Sheffield. It has been here since March 1997 and allows cyclists enter the city centre from the network of cycle paths on the East, avoiding some big arterial routes with no cycling provision.

    For the past 15 years this cycle lane has been plagued by Hackney Carriage drivers parking illegally on this cycle lane, blocking cyclists access and forcing them into oncoming traffic. This has been the case for over a decade.

    There is a taxi rank on the pavement side of the cycle lane, taxis often fill up this rank and overflow, parking in the cycle lane, blocking the way for cyclists.

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  • Hoe Street

    Created by Gerhard Weiss // 1 thread

    How St is Walthamstow's artery. It carries way too much motor traffic for its size. Many bus routes run through it. Recent improvement plans are looking ok, but are as usual a mixed bag.

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  • Filtering Through Obstructed (Lane width)

    Created by // 1 thread

    Hills Rd, traffic waiting at lights, cyclist have hard time to filter forward because lane width, presence of buses, long red light period. Sense of obstacle and injustice high because of Bus/Bike Lane liberty in the approach.

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