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  • Camulodunum Way - Baronswood Way Missing Link

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    The sub-LTN 1/20 white line (6.5.2-3) segregated bidirectional cycleway (Table 5-2 & 5-3) along Camulodunum Way (CW) and Baronswood Way (BW) are not connected, leaving unconfident cyclists travelling North/South along CW via the toucan crossing from the new development 202025 unable to continue North to the Town Centre, as advertised in planning documents.

    The gap could be easily filled to the existing standard on CW/BW via footway conversion.

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  • No safe Access to the Cycle Network

    Created by Mike Comerford // 1 thread

    Those of us living in the area marked have no safe access to the cycle network in order to cycle in and out of Dumfries. There are many keen cyclists in this area (as evidenced by the Toirthorwald Cycle Sportive for example).

    I live with my family in a cluster of houses close to the A75 (Mouswald Banks) end of Linns Road. There are a number of cyclists at this location and we wish to cycle to Dumfries for work and for social / leisure reasons.

    Our Options are:
    - the A75 - definitely not safe
    - to Torthorwald then along the A709 - narrow, full of heavy trucks, no pavement and very unsafe
    - through Torthorwald, across the A709, onwards to Tinwald and then onto the A701 towards Dumfries until able to join the Caledonian Cycleway at Locharbriiggs. This stretch of the A701 is narrow and full of heavy trucks. Where there is a pavement it is too narrow to cycle along it. This is also a long way round to get to Dumfries.

    The best solution would be to create a cycle path from Torthorwald along the A709 and through Heathhall woods to connect with the cycle network. This would serve Torthowald, Collin and surrounding hamlets. There is land along the side of the A709 to allow space to make a cycle path.

    The shortest in terms of building new infrastructure, would be to make a cycle path along the A701 from the Tinwald road end to Locharbriggs. However space at the roadside along the A701 is very limited, and the route is a long way round for the communities from Torthorwald and Collin.

    Building a cycle path along the A75 is an unlikely and unattractive proposition and would cause disruption along a major Trunk road.

    Active travel is a priority for the Scottish Government to increase physical activity and reduce traffic emissions. Funding is available through Sustrans.

    'Sustrans Scotland's Community Links programme provides funding for the creation of infrastructure that makes it easier for people to walk and cycle for everyday journeys. The programme is funded by Transport Scotland and has funded hundreds of projects across Scotland since 2010.

    Through the Scottish Government's Programme for Government 2017-18, the active travel budget has been doubled to £80 million per year, from 2018-19. Community Links will help deliver a key action from this by supporting projects that make our towns and cities friendlier and safer places for people to walk and cycle.'

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  • Missing gap following Scarbrough Rail Bridge

    Anon // 1 thread

    Following the completion of Scarborough Rail Bridge next year, there will be a gap in safe infrastructure linking the through to the town centre. The bridge itself & Marygate will give safe/quiet route until hitting the A19 then all of a sudden you'll be riding along one of the busy main roads with just a painted non-mandatory line for 'protection'.

    The fact there is a line demonstrates that there is space available, even if it's not a luxurious 1.5m+. One of the Google Street VIew shots demonstrates that there is enough room for a truck to sit in the main lane and not obstruct the cycle lane.,-1.0861864,3a,75y,124.88h,70.07t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sBDxo7S1O7j_UWsmbbCFmJQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

    Ultimately to be a success and encourage adoption of the new bridge by all users of all abilities the whole route needs to be seen as safe by introducing some physical separation along this stretch, preferably a kerb but even just some armadillos

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  • Cycle Lanes along A104 from The Warren to Wake Arms Rdbt. (CAP App. I.15.1)

    Created by Chris Lord // 1 thread

    Improve Non-Motorised User connectivity by providing a better and safer on-road route along the A104 Epping New Road.
    * Where possible, clear vegetation behind the existing off-road shared-use footway/cycleway section outside of The Warren, and widen this to make it safer and more useable.
    * The route could then continue on-road as now, but with the existing Diagram 1004 markings removed and replaced by wider Diagram 1049B mandatory cycle lane markings, increasing the available width for cyclists from 0.8 metres to 1.2 metres
    * Provide, at regular intervals, Diagram 1065 ‘40’ roundel road markings indicating the maximum speed limit along the road. This would supplement the existing Diagram 670 repeater signs which could also be provided in greater quantity.
    * This scheme may potentially be considered during 2017 as part of the option development process for the A104 / B1393 Route Based Strategy
    * There is the potential to create an off-road section of shared-use footway/cycleway in the area between the A104 Epping New Road, the Wake Arms Roundabout and the A121 Wake Road, to improve access from these routes to the restaurant and fuel station.

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  • Pyrles Lane, Lawton Road & Rectory Lane s/bound Improvements (CAP App. I.12.2)

    Created by Chris Lord // 1 thread

    Improve Non-Motorised User connectivity by providing the missing links to connect the Hillyfields area with Debden Tube Station and local shops/services.
    * Provision of shared use footway/cycleway along the upgraded path between Borders Lane and Rectory Lane.
    * Signage and road markings along the existing Rectory Lane side road for 0.2 miles until the start of the existing off-road unsegregated shared-use footway/cycleway route.
    * Provision of an uncontrolled crossing point across Rectory Lane to link together the existing shared-use footway/cycleway alongside the northbound carriageway and Lawton Road.
    * Consider a part on-road, part off-road scheme here heading south for cyclists heading towards Debden.
    * North of Conyers Way the scheme could then comprise signage and road markings along Lawton Road for approx. 160 metres to the start of the existing segregated footway/cycleway to Hillyfields.
    * Scheme could potentially continue as an on-road route north to the crossroads at Pyrles Lane, Hillyfields and Chester Road.

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  • Chigwell Lane/Rectory Lane Cycling Infrastructure Improvements (CAP App. I.12.1)

    Created by Chris Lord // 1 thread

    Improve Non-Motorised User connectivity by providing the missing links to connect Debden Tube Station with the existing segregated footway/cycleway along sections of Rectory Lane.
    * Provide an off-road shared use footway/cycleway along the path being upgraded in Winter 2016/17 from Oakwood Hill towards Debden Tube Station.
    * Connect to an on-road section along Chigwell Lane comprising signage and road markings up to the turning head.
    * Improve the existing off-road path to permit cycling to and from the upgraded pedestrian crossing and signalised junction at Borders Lane.
    * Consider upgrading the crossing to a Toucan facility.
    * Provide an off-road shared use footway/cycleway along the path being upgraded in Winter 2016/17, linking in with the existing on-road route to the Corbett Theatre and the existing off-road shared use footway/cycleway to Newmans Lane.
    Medium Term

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  • Theydon Bois to Debden (CAP App. I.11.2)

    Created by Chris Lord // 1 thread

    Improve Non-Motorised User connectivity between Theydon Bois and Debden.
    * Approx. 1.5 mile length part on-road and part off-road scheme that would link Theydon Bois Tube Station and Town to Debden and Loughton Tube Stations and their shops and services.
    Longer Term

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  • Love Lane/Cycle Track Junction

    Created by MartinG // 1 thread

    There is no proper transition between the road (Love Lane) and the Cycle Track. Teh track turn the corner and terminates at the junction of Ronsons Close, but many users (most?) are accessing it from the part of Love Lane that runs east-west. At very least there should be a flush kerb here, but ideally a bit of junction remodelling to give greater emphasis to cycling.

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  • Orbital route

    Created by TMiles // 1 thread

    A focus for a range of initiatives (including junction modifications, cycle lanes and calming measures) that will make it easier, safer and more pleasant to cycle between the diverse mix of communities along this 9km route.

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  • Opportunity for funding for Frodsham Marsh cyclle path

    Created by Chris Neston // 1 thread

    The NCN 5 route over Frodsham Marshes is very badly surfaced such that can only be used by proficient cyclists with MTBs. As a result most people use the unpleasant main road alternative on the A56.
    An opportunity exists to get funding to surface this as a result of community funding from the Marshes Windfarm development. Closing date Feb 28.

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  • Skate Park link

    Created by Rhian // 1 thread

    There is no link from the NCN to the skate park on Kingholm Road. A shared use path from either or both ends of the NCN would be useful.

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  • Cycling near Babraham

    Created by JohnP // 3 threads

    A permissive path agreement has been drawn up between Cambridgeshire County Council, The Babraham Institute and BBSRC to allow the construction of a path through the parkland in front of Babraham Hall. At the same time the planning application by the County Council for the path to be constructed has been approved.

    The path will run parallel to the perimeter of the campus and have a hedge and fence barrier along its length to separate the public route from the campus grounds. All sections of the path will be 2.5 metre wide with a tarmac top.

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  • Lack of westbound cycle lane before M11 on Madingley Road

    Created by Ben Brierton // 1 thread

    The new road layout on the westbound approach to M11 turning on Madingley Road has poor provision for cyclists.

    Cyclists going westbound now have to take the second lane for a few hundred metres with traffic passing at speed on both sides. Traffic passing in the left lane will be taking the slip road onto the M11 and traffic in the second lane will be going straight on.

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  • Broadway Cycle Path

    Created by MartinGT // 2 threads

    Add a cycle path on the broadway road. This should be off the road as its currently unsafe and a race track. The grass verge is wide enough for there to be a cycle path added adjacent the current pavement.

    This would encourage more people to cycle between Horsforth & Farsley and people from Rawdon & Rodley to cycle to Horsforth then onto the Canal into Leeds etc.

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  • Lack of cycle crossing at Upper Boat.

    Created by Valleys Cycling // 1 thread

    Major roadwork are being carried out at Upper Boat including signalising junctions and installing footway (phase 2). Unfortunately the opportunity in both Phase 1 and 2 has been missed to install a cycle crossing to link the current cycle path from the South to Hawthorn via the Upper Boat PH cul-de-sac. This would have enabled safe cycle trips, avoiding the busy roundabout and given students access to the new college in Nantgarw.

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  • Cambridge Station to Leisure park link proposed

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    A link, possibly involving a bridge, has been proposed for many years, to join the Station to the Leisure Park more directly.

    Cambridge Cycling Campaign does not at present have a position on the desirability of this scheme, but it is worth us keeping track of developments.

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  • Missing Cycling and Walking Link

    Created by Bracken VanRyssen // 1 thread

    The path between Smith's Wood and Water Orton could be a key cycling and walking link and a way to avoid the only other crossing of the A452 and M6, which is the busy and fast Water Orton Road. However the route is blocked off with concrete blocks and is in an extremely poor state of repair with overgrown bushes and an exceedingly unpleasant subway.

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  • Create cycle link from London Road to Columbine Gardens and Lupin Road

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    There is a footpath linking London Road to Columbine Gardens and Lupin Road, which has a series of barriers. Removing the barriers, ensuring there are dropped kerbs are on Columbine Gardens and Cowslip Close. Signs need to be added to sign post the route to the town centre, London Road, and appropriate other places.

    This would mean that there would be direct link from Chantry on to London Road and into town along a potentially safer route than Gippeswk Avenue/Birkfield Drive.

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  • No through route from Midland Terrace to estate cycle routes

    Created by Simon Redding // 0 threads

    The Jepson Road estate has great cycling infrastructure, but when you get to the west end of it, the path peters out and ends in a fence. Lots of cyclists then carry their bike over a fence and round the end of a culvert to Hartfield Close, but it would be better to just have a cycle gate in the fence straight on to Midland Terrace, which is likely to form part of NCN67 soon.

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