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  • Oaklands Road Liveable Street Scheme

    Created by Sylvia Gauthereau // 1 thread

    Brent Council:


    We are proposing to pedestrianise part of Oaklands Road (between Oaklands Passage and Cricklewood Broadway) and create a Liveable Street by removing general traffic and improving the urban realm.  

    Why We Are Consulting

    The proposed scheme aims to create a new, high quality, calm and interactive community space in the heart of Cricklewood. This supports the Council’s commitment to improving our town centre environments, encouraging walking and cycling and improving air quality.  It will also establish a less congested environment for the long-standing fruit and vegetable stall and an accessible and safe route for pedestrians, cyclists and people with mobility difficulties.


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  • Lewisham & Lee Green Healthy Neighbourhood (Streetbuilder first stage consult)

    Created by Alex Raha // 1 thread

    Lewisham & Lee Green is changing

    A key target of both the Mayor of London and the London Borough of Lewisham’s Transport Strategy is for 80% of all journeys in London to be made by sustainable means of transport (walking, cycling and public transport) by 2041. To achieve this, we have to create street environments where traffic is reduced, and where vulnerable road users, including children and the elderly, feel more comfortable making journeys on foot or by bike.

    What are the issues that you would like us to address?

    How would you like to change Lewisham & Lee Green to make the area healthier, greener and more pleasant to live in?

    The Healthy Neighbourhoods Programme will help make Lewisham’s diverse communities greener, healthier and more attractive places to live, work, play and do business. By restricting the through traffic that uses residential streets to avoid main roads, we will reduce congestion in your neighbourhood, improve air quality and make the local area more pleasant to walk and cycle through.

    During the first stage of the programme, local residents will be able to access local traffic data, share their views on traffic issues and help identify schemes to address them, on this website and at a series of public events and workshops.

    During the second stage, proposed traffic management measures will be trialled for 6-18 months, so that we can monitor their impact, gather local opinion and assess whether to make any changes permanent

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  • TfL consultation: A406 crossing at Palmerston Road N13

    Created by Clare Rogers // 1 thread

    The proposed changes by TfL are on their website here:

    Some initial thoughts are:

    1) The staggered crossing already makes crossing by bike or on foot slow and unpleasant, with a long wait on the island where air quality is bad. A one-stage crossing would be far preferable. This is a route used by families on their way to school.

    On this point, I've noticed that when there is a green light to cross the A406 eastbound, westbound traffic seems to be held at the A105 lights - so it is sometimes possible to cross the whole road if you ignore the red signal on the westbound side. Surely therefore this could be converted to a green signal all the way across without delaying traffic?

    2) A modal filter where Palmerston Road meets the A406 would make that section of the route much safer and more attractive for walking and cycling.

    3) A wider point worth making: If Palmerston Road is part of Quietway 10, then surely more than one filter is necessary along its length to make it low-traffic and low-speed. Currently cycling on it is stressful, as a narrow road where drivers may be impatient at being behind a bike. Filtering would improve it both as a cycling route and for residents. This is especially important given that there are no plans to provide safe space for cycling on Green Lanes south of Palmerston Crescent, so filtering Palmerston Road could create a safe route for commuter cycling which currently doesn't exist.

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  • Bishop King's Road proposed traffic improvements

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Council says:

    We are seeking your views about how traffic is controlled in your area and to see if you would like measures put in to reduce the number of motorists using your roads as a ‘rat run’.

    Why are we proposing measures in your area?

    A number of residents have contacted us with concerns about rat running causing congestion throughout the day particularly on Bishop King’s Road. Results of traffic surveys undertaken in September 2016 have confirmed that rat running occurs in both directions and particularly eastbound.

    In response, we are consulting on three options which are:

    - Option 1 - ‘No right turn’ from North End Road into Bishop King’s Road.
    - Option 2 - A gated road closure on Bishop King’s Road. This will stop cars and lorries, but pedestrians and cyclists can still access the road.
    - Option 3 - No change

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  • Faircross Avenue - Experimental Width Restriction

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Havering council said:
    The Council’s Highways Advisory Committee considered the matter at its meeting of 4th
    October. Because of the legislation controlling the experimental process, the options open
    to the committee were to either recommend the scheme be made permanent or that it be
    After considerable debate, the committee deferred the decision to allow staff to facilitate a
    meeting with the 6 ward councillors representing the affected area in order to discuss a
    way forward. This meeting was held on 9th November and it was agreed that Staff would
    write to residents within the consultation area for the scheme inviting their views on a
    scheme to provide further restrictions in the area.
    Ward councillors are mindful that there were many views expressed in relation to the
    current experiment, but there appears to be a general dissatisfaction with the volume of
    larger vehicles using the area which should be using the main road network.

    We are therefore proposing two options;

    Option 1 - Further works
    This would involve the following;
    • Making the existing width restriction permanent,
    • Introducing a further width restriction on Lawns Way, just north of the junction with
    The Drive to prevent use by larger vehicles.
    • Introducing an “absolute” weight limit on a short section of Gobions Avenue
    between Chase Cross Road and the service road. This would affect a “point” and
    with the exception of emergency and public service vehicles (buses, refuge
    collection etc), no vehicle over 7.5 tonnes would be permitted.
    The absolute weight limit would be slightly different to the current 7.5 tonne area weight
    limit. The current situation allows those delivering to the area access, with the prohibition
    being driving through. A point weight limit would require those needing enter the area in
    large vehicles to access and exit Gobions Avenue from Havering Road.
    Because Gobions Avenue is a bus route, we are not able to provide a physical restriction.
    A short absolute weight limit would be enforced by a camera, rather than the area limit
    which requires our enforcement team to gather evidence of contraventions by observing a
    driver passing through the entire area (which is staff-resource intensive).

    Option 2 – Return to the previous situation
    This would involve revoking the current experiment and the removal of the width restriction
    from Faircross Avenue. The Council would revert to the enforcement of the area-wide
    weight limit where resources permit.

    We are eager for residents to provide us with their views on the two options as presented
    above. In the event there is support for Option 1, further detailed work would be required in
    order to select an appropriate way forward (for which we would continue to provide
    updates). In the event there is support for Option 2, then we would simply report the matter
    to the Highways Advisory Committee for further consideration with this information.

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  • Effie Road – Options to introduce a traffic restriction gate

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Hammersmith & Fulham description:

    Residents have told us that the volume of through traffic in Barclay and Effie Road is causing disruption through the day and particularly during the morning and evening peak rush hours.

    In October, we carried out a one-week traffic survey which has given us a clearer picture of traffic volumes and westbound ‘rat running’ traffic.

    In response, we are proposing putting a traffic restriction gate in Effie Road on an experimental basis for up to 18 months to see if this helps stop cars cutting through from Harwood Road and Fulham Road.

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  • Filter to prevent rat running on Parsonage Crescent

    Created by Sam Wakeling // 0 threads

    Through traffic drives along South Road and goes down Parsonage Crescent as a short-cut to access Walkley Bank Road rather than going down to the turn opposite The Florist.

    On an evening peak this is done by about 1/3 of all the outbound traffic on South Road (220 out of 670 motor vehicles per hour). In the evening peak cycle traffic is almost exclusively outbound, with 87% using this route from South Road and down Parsonage Crescent.

    Stopping motor access to the top of Parsonage Crescent would remove traffic from this narrow residential street and also create a safe and convenient way for people cycling to access South Road up from the Rivelin direction without needing to cycle up Walkley Road, crossing the difficult turn at The Florist, which has heavy traffic and no protected space.

    As with all routing of motor traffic away from a route of maximum convenience it should show some level of traffic evaporation from the area. The current pedestrian crossing on this arm could be removed as no motor traffic would have to be crossed.

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  • Obstruction at St. John's Street rising bollards

    Created by Jim Baker // 1 thread

    I have observed vehicles queuing at the rising bollards on St. John's Street before 4pm, apparently mostly belong to market tradespeople waiting for the bollards to go down. On at least one occasion this has meant the road is impassable to cyclists.

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