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  • New Inn junction

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    The picture shows the view as a cyclist, waiting at the lights on Church Street. Considering the numbers cycling to the university it is extraordinary that the recent remodelling of the junction (2010, with further work on completion of the Palatine Centre) made no provision for cyclists.

    It is not obvious how cyclists are meant to access the shared-use paths on campus from this junction, or how to rejoin the road from the campus.

    Basic features like advanced stop lines would help, but even better would be a general "green phase", not permitted as yet in UK but under consideration by the DfT. This concept involves green lights for pedestrians and cyclists simultaneously for all directions and is very successful in the Netherlands. It's also what tends to happen, in reality, to some extent at this junction already. Couple it with cycle lanes approaching the junction from each direction instead of the wasteful dual car lanes, and this would be a big improvement.

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