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  • Blind Dangerous bend on Hope Street Path

    Ian S // 1 thread

    Continual issue of visibility on this blind corner next to a fast road and with lamp posts impeding the little space provided. Has been brought up with PCC a number of times e.g. re-siting lamp posts to other side of the road;
    Adding a mirror to the lamppost on corner for some visibility

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  • Cycle route blocked outside Electric Works

    Created by Matt Turner // 1 thread

    The cycle route that runs past Electric Works has been blocked by big white wooden sheets, it looks like this is for development of some kind.

    There is a parallel route (perhaps the official one?) on the footway (shared unsegregated) on Sheaf Street, but it's far too narrow to be acceptable for a cycle route to the train station.

    A temporary bark chipping path from the obstruction down to Sheaf Street, but it's not suitable for cycling on.

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  • Teversham bike route entrance blocked off

    Created by Claire Taylor // 1 thread

    I can't see a thread/issue about this, although it has been there for 9 months now.

    At the end of march this year, the metal barriers shown appeared in Teversham, by the school, along with a sign indicating that the bike route starts at the barriers.

    Previously the path started earlier, near the school. I can understand this wasn't ideal, due to the school being there, however, there is now no way to access the bike path legally except by riding up a kerb and across the grass.

    I have therefore been carefully riding up to the gate since then when using this route.

    I was annoyed about this an considered complaining at the time but I foolishly assumed as long as I was careful this was a live and let live situation and everyone would be fine with it, but today someone gave me abuse for this, so now I am annoyed and wondering who I can complain to about the restriction of the cycle route that was there previously.

    Incidentally there was nothing up in the area about this happening, although I cycle through there regularly. (I don't live in Teversham though).

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  • Parking on DNA path

    Created by Sam Webster // 1 thread

    There has been a marked increase in the number of vehicles parking by the path recently. To park where they have been must involve driving on the path. Today however, somebody decided that it was fine to park on the path making it tricky to get past.

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