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  • Trumpington busway - campaign for improvements

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    As described in the winter 2019 Camcycle magazine there is a group working on getting some improvements to the Trumpington busway.  The magazine concentrates on the northern end of the busway but we are also seeking upgrades to the Addenbrookes spur junction and the crossing at Hobson Avenue/Lime Avenue as well as adding pedestrian footpath from the Hills Road Bridge all the way to Drury Avenue.

    The group would like to start getting this out to users of the path for input, discussion and help with campaigning.  Many Biomedical Campus commuters presumably use this path frequently, even daily.  It would be great to get some input.

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  • Strafford Road Consultation

    Created by timlennon // 1 thread

    Changes to make school crossing better.
    "Concerns have been raised through the St Mary’s Church of England School Travel Plan regarding the lack of a safe place to cross the road outside of the middle site for the school.

    Officers assessed conditions at the end of school time and found that parents and pupils currently cross in random locations and often between parked cars where sightlines are reduced. Concerns were also raised regarding vehicles travelling at inappropriate speeds."

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  • Hobson Av / Busway

    Created by Daniel Dignam // 1 thread

    I complained to the council about the recent introduction of lights on the busway at Hobson Av. They're red for cyclists/pedestrians and don't appear to be triggered by bikes. There are 2 buses per hour that use Hobson Av so it seems entirely perverse for the priority to be as it is.

    In the reply justifying the priority for motor traffic it was stated that cars will soon start using this road to access a car park. Has anybody got knowledge about this, as I understood the planning consent access was going to be restricted to buses and emergency vehicles.

    I do think it's an accident waiting to happen, cyclists are going to get used to there being no traffic, and will cross on red (as they're allowed to if it's safe). If it was green all the time then it would be more obvious when they did change.

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  • Toucan By University Arms Sequencing

    Created by Chris Howell // 1 thread

    The intended operation of the toucan crossing by the University Arms is fundamentally broken. The crossing sequence starts with cyclists from Parkers Piece being given a green filter to go both left and right onto Regent Street, followed by the left filter going red and pedestrians being given the green light to cross. Except of course literally 100% of pedestrians see the high level green filters, ignore their street level red and start crossing just as bikes turn left into them. How did anyone ever think this would work?

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  • Close Lower Castle Street to cars

    Created by Fraser Stephens // 0 threads


    A radical idea maybe, but why not close the narrow, one-way, Lower Castle Street to cars and make it two-way for bikes and pedestrians? It would

    1) solve the problem of the confusing junction at the bottom end.
    2) remove the very complex routing of routes 42&46
    3) avoid cyclists cutting though the pedestrian zone and one-way part of cross street when travelling east across town.

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  • Pentre Road

    Created by Sam Charrington // 0 threads

    The National Speed Limit currently applies on this very narrow lane. There should surely be be a 20mph limit here? Pentre Road runs along the tops of a number of residential streets on the edge of Abergavenny. It is popular with cyclists and pedestrians. Much of the lane is extremely narrow, with some blind bends, and it is not possible to drive safely along here faster than 20mph.

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  • Signage

    Created by Andy Field // 2 threads

    Sign indicates permissive cycleway through Church although additional signage indicates that cyclists must dismount

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