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  • Elsinore Way/A316 - TFL consultation on removal of section of cycle track

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 1 thread

    Google streetview link:

    From TFL:
    Elsinore Way junction with the A316 Lower Richmond Road

    Please find attached a letter that will be sent to local residents regarding proposed changes to the junction of Elsinore Way and the A316 Lower Richmond Road.

    We propose to cut back the kerb immediately to the east (upstream) of the junction, to allow a better turning circle and prevent turning vehicles coming onto the kerb and the cycle path. A shared cycle/pedestrian space will be marked around this junction. Please see the plan attached.

    We are consulting the local community for their opinions regarding the proposals and we would also like to know your views. The consultation is open until 21 June 2013. Please let us know your views on the proposals by visiting our consultation website at, emailing us at (with ‘Elsinore Way’ in the Subject line).

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  • Richmond Hill and Ormond Road - 2 way for cycling

    Created by Ross // 1 thread

    Richmond Hiil and Ormond Road provide direct routes into Richmond town centre. However they are one way and force cyclists to take detours to get into town. Making these roads 2 way for cycling with contraflow cycle lanes would improve movement for cycles and remove some conflict which exists where cyclists ride on the pavement.

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  • Eton Street, George Street and Paradise Road - Make 2 way for cycling

    Created by Ross // 1 thread

    Cycling around Richmond town centre is tortuous on a bicycle due to the one way system. To encourage even greater cycling journeys to Richmond town centre business the one way system should be redesigned to allow 2 way cycling for bicycles on Eton Street, Paradise Road and George Street. Ideally this should be achieved with segregated cycle contraflows

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  • Preist Bridge Barnes - 2 Way for Cycling

    Created by Ross // 1 thread

    Make Priests Bridge in Barnes - 2 way for cycling. Facilitate easier and shorter cycle journeys and link more effectively into LCN 37 and 4. Encourage cycle traffic of the busy A205.

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  • One Way Streets - Make 2 way for Bicycles

    Created by Ross // 3 threads

    At the April '15 cycling liason group, Richmond Council asked members of the public to submit one way streets that would benefit from a treatment to make them 2 way for bicycles. When implemented correctly this can be a great way to facilitate bicycle journeys over other modes. The list that RCC are submitting is below, if you know of others post here and RCC will add them to the list.

    Somerton Avenue @ Clifford
    South Worple Way East End
    Richmond Hill
    Ormond Road
    Paradise Road
    George Street
    Eton Street
    Richmond Green
    Grove Road
    Park Road
    Glebe Way
    1st Cross Road
    Kew Station Approach
    Wiggins Lane Ham
    The Vineyard
    Cumberland Road
    Leybourne Park
    Priests Bridge

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  • Sheen Road _ Pedestrian Crossing Consultation

    Created by Ross // 2 threads

    Let's see what happens!

    Council Plans to change the Zebra crossing in this area. RCC responded to try to shape the plans to encourage more cycling and walking.
    Sheen Road Zebra Crossing Proposed Upgrade - Response from Richmond Cycling Campaign (RCC)

    RCC is in general supportive of improving crossings when the upgrades benefit both pedestrians and cyclists. This proposal unfortunately has not fully thought through the interaction of cyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicles, unfortunately we cannot support it in its current form.

    RCC would recommend that the scheme is implemented with the changes outlined below. The recommended changes will ensure that vulnerable road users safety is prioritised and the comfort of the cycling and pedestrian experience is enhanced:

    The crossing should be raised to slow approaching vehicles. Vehicle speeds are too high in this area, particularly considering the proximity to a primary school.
    Removal of the central refuge to create a single stage crossing is to be applauded. This will remove a cycle pinch point and will correctly prioritise pedestrians over other road users.
    The new road space that is created by the removal of the central refuge should be used to extend the existing mandatory cycle lanes on each side of the carriageway. It is our understanding that the 2015 TSRGD (traffic signs regulations and general directions) will permit the extension of the cycle lanes over the crossing. The work should pay heed to this so that this can be incorporated when the new regulations go live.
    Keep the zebra crossing. RCC cannot support the removal of the zebra crossing at this location, changing to a traffic light controlled crossing, prioritises vehicular traffic over pedestrians and those on bicycles. It is RCC’s belief that concerns, from users, that vehicles are not stopping in a timely fashion at this location are due to excessive speeds rather than the style of crossing. As mentioned earlier lower speeds should be achieved through a raised crossing to make the zebra crossing more effective. An enhanced zebra crossing keeps priority with the most vulnerable road users.
    The proposal suggests widening the pavement to make the crossing shorter. This would only have a marginal impact on the time to cross. The pavements should not be widened since this will not permit a continuous cycle lane. It will force cyclists to pull in front of fast moving motor vehicles, creating a new pinch point and hazard for cyclists.
    The railings on either side of the road should be removed. TfL research has shown that these encourage high traffic speeds and do little to protect vulnerable road users.

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  • Percival Road/Well Lane

    Created by Ross // 9 threads

    Well lane has been blocked to through motor traffic creating a nice quietway for walking and cycling.

    However where it meets Percival Road a dropped kerb has not been installed meaning that cycles, pushchairs and wheelchairs have to bump down to cross Percival.

    A couple of dropped kerbs and perhaps a parking restriction would really open this up as a nice cycle quietway.

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  • Missing Advanced Stop Line in Kew

    Created by Tom B // 2 threads

    Previously, there was an Advanced Stop Line on Kew Gardens Road (B353) where it joins Kew Road (A307). The junction was recently resurfaced, which removed the ASL markings, and they have not been replaced. I have attached a Google Streetview photo showing the ASL that was previously present.

    The ASL marking was very useful, as the junction can become gridlocked in rush hour, so that only cycles can take advantage of the green signal from Kew Gardens Road without blocking the junction. Cyclists therefore need the space to be able to safely wait at the front of the queue.

    It would be great if the ASL markings could be restored as soon as possible. If they have been removed for a reason, then I would like to understand what the justification is.

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  • ramp for pedestrian bridge over Manor Rd level crossing.

    Created by MB // 1 thread

    A cycle ramp on the pedestrian bridge over the Manor Rd level crossing would be a great idea. Cyclists could continue their journey by crossing the bridge and ensure they were out of the way of drivers impatient to set off when the barriers rise. If done correctly, ramps would ensure that parents with buggies could also cross the bridge - getting them & their youngsters on their way & out of the pollution generated by the drivers who rarely switch off engines while waiting for the barriers to rise.

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  • Kew Rd Puffin Crossing Proposal

    Created by Paul L // 3 threads

    Richmond Council say
    "a signalised PUFFIN crossing with pedestrian countdown outside number 182 Kew Road (previously outside 180) Footway widening both sides of Kew Road. We have attempted to minimise the impact on the cycle lanes by introducing long tapers and following existing extended footways where possible. The kerb widening is essential to ensure sightlines to the signal heads past the many street trees."
    We suggested cranked supports for the signals to avoid the loss of cycle lanes but they claim TFL disapproval.

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  • A316 Marksbury Avenue crossing

    Created by timlennon // 1 thread

    Text of message from TfL:


    We are proposing to convert the current dual PUFFIN crossing at the above location to a dual TOUCAN crossing, formalising the facility for cyclists.
    The initial design is attached, which includes localised resurfacing of footways and some carriageway works. A lighting assessment has also been undertaken which recommends a full lantern replacement of the columns retaining all lighting columns once structural testing has been completed and passed.

    We also propose to extend the shared use footway further north on Marksbury Avenue and further south on Manor Grove to enable safer entry/exits for cyclists to the TOUCAN crossing.

    The impact (if any) is currently being determined by Traffic Signals.

    If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me have these by cop Friday 27th June.

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  • Craneford Way - Pedestrian and Cycle Access

    Created by timlennon // 1 thread

    Note from correspondent:
    At the moment there is an agreement for non-vehicle access in and out and vehicular egress for the Canons leisure club members via a controlled barrier with responsibility in the hands of The Harlequins Management. This is regularly abused by unauthorised traffic. I want to investigate the feasibility of it being made pedestrian and cycling only, in advance of any building developments which might want to bring it back into full use for vehicle entry and egress, which would have a significant negative impact on the safe use by pedestrians and cyclists.

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  • Provide a safe, separated route which links Bushy Park with Broad Lane

    Created by timlennon // 0 threads

    Bushy Park is a pleasant place to cycle and provides a number of potential routes for people wanting to get around the area. However, it should be possible to leave the Park at the Holly Road exit and proceed without the current level of potential conflict and threat inherent in the present route. We’d like to see protected space for cycling allowing people to leave the Holly Road exit and get to Broad Lane and the nearby schools - Denmead and Carlisle Infants.

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  • Make Sheen Lane, from Park Gate to Mortlake Railway station, a safe route for cycling to school

    Created by timlennon // 0 threads

    Sheen Lane provides access to a number of schools, yet is a busy route with no space allocated for cycling. It should be safe for children to make their way to the numerous local schools by bicycle, and it would open up access to Richmond Park for visitors who wanted to cycle from Mortlake Station. Measures such as 20mph and traffic calming are needed here, along with re-alignment of parking..

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  • Teddington Station cycle parking

    Created by timlennon // 1 thread

    Cycle parking at Teddington station can only be accessed by bridge from the Bushy Park side. The absence of a gutter on the bridge makes access very difficult, because the bike needs to be lifted all the way.

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  • Cycling to School in St Margarets and North Twickenham

    Created by Kate // 1 thread

    There are three schools in this ward (St. Stephens Primary, Orleans Primary, Richmond Upon Thames College) and more just on the edge of the ward boundaries (Chase Bridge, St Mary’s, Ivybridge, Worple Primary, Orleans Secondary) and there is a lot of traffic. Children should be able to cycle to them safely without having to share space with high volume, fast moving traffic. The roads surrounding these schools should all have 20mph zones including larger roads such as St Margarets Road, which is a heavily used link between areas. There should be car-free access around the schools, and protected routes to arrive there. In due course there should be a default 20 mile an hour limit on all residential roads in the borough.

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  • Sheen Lane Traffic Calming

    Created by Ross // 1 thread

    Sheen Lane provides access to a number of schools, yet is a busy route with no space allocated for cycling. It should be safe for children to make their way to the numerous local schools by bicycle, and it would open up access to Richmond Park for visitors who wanted to cycle from Mortlake Station. The junction with the South Circular is especially unpleasant for both cycling and walking, and deeply unwelcoming.

    How to do this: Raised zebra crossing at Vicarage Road, Palmerston Road and E Sheen Library, 20 mph signs to continue park speed limit to Mortlake station, removal of centre lane white lines, toucan crossing at A205 to allow cyclists to cross, with care, at same time as pedestrians, advanced stop boxes at level crossing and A205 junction, wider pavement on East side between York Way and Wayside - should be wide enough for a pushchair, improved signage and right turn access to North/South Worple Way - these are underused ward quiet routes leading to several primary schools and nurseries.
    Sheen Lane is a key route in the ward, cycle volume could increase dramatically with some minor road improvements. Calming and reducing traffic on Sheen Lane would encourage recreational and school commuting cyclists to use this route more frequently. Sheen Lane as a pleasant cycle route would provide quiet cycle link routes to many schools; Tower house, Thomson House, Sheen Mount, Barnes, Ibstock, Mary Magdalens and also link together tens of miles of Thames Path and Richmond Park traffic free routes that could be enjoyed by cyclists from 8 - 80. It would attract more recreational cyclists to get off at Mortlake station and spend money and time on our high street.

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  • Quiet Routes into Central Richmond from Ham

    Created by Kate // 1 thread

    This spot is part of the route that has potential to help people cycling avoid congested unappealing George Street in order to get to Richmond station or other parts of Richmond from the riverside. When you come up Friars Lane from the riverside you reach a junction where the traffic is one way away from central Richmond.

    If you follow the one way system left around the Green you add at least 5 minutes to your journey time. You cannot turn right and take the quicker route because it is one way. You also cannot turn right up King Street to join George Street because that is also one way.
    You also cannot go straight across the path on the Green as this is officially a footpath.

    There is more than one possible solution here: a contraflow for cyclists on the side of the Green nearest to George Street. A cycle path alongside the footpath straight across the Green.

    King Street would also benefit from a contraflow which would open up the options for cyclists - particularly when the riverside route is flooded.

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  • Off-road Route between Ham and Richmond

    Created by Kate // 1 thread

    In order to avoid the muddy and sometimes flooded route along the riverside path it is possible to use a tarmac path across Petersham Field. However, at both ends of the field there are kissing gates which mean that larger bikes, bikes with child seats, cargo bikes, double buggies or larger prams as well as wheelchairs are either unable or struggle to get through the gate. The gates create an unappealing obstruction for "normal" bikes too.

    I have been told by councillors and council officials that the gates are to keep in the cows which graze for half the year in the field. In Cambridge all the cows grazing on common land are kept in using cattle grids. Why can't this solution be used here?

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  • Link from Kingston Bridge - Bushy Park

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    The route from Kingston Bridge into Church Road and up to Bushy Park traverses busy traffic routes with little protection for people cycling. Making this short section easier and safer for cycling would provide an important link to join up the quiet routes from Hampton through Bushy Park to Kingston town centre.

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  • Link Staines Rd - Uxbrige Rd round golf course

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 2 threads

    There is currently a cycle track to the David Lloyd sports centre from the Staines Rd; which turns into a muddy track, blocked at the exit to Uxbridge Road by a difficult and narrow gate.
    Upgrading this short section of path with decent surfacing, streetlighting and removal of obstacles would provide a good link from the cycling facilities on the A316 and the Staines Road onto the schools in Hampton.

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  • Dean Rd - Longford Close bridge

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 1 thread

    The bridge between Dean Rd and Longford Close is currently a pedestrian only bridge, marked no cycling. Coupled with other improvements, provision of a decent facility here that could be used by cyclists with minimal conflict with pedestrians would open up a decent quiet route from the schools in Hampton (Hampton Academy, Hampton Boys, LEH) to the A316 cycle route.

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  • St Margarets Rd / Richmond Rd - no protection for cycling

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    The route from Richmond Bridge to St Margarets is very busy with traffic and offers very little protection for people cycling. LCN 37 attempts to divert you through Rosslyn Road but this is very inconvenient for westbound cyclists since it requires you to cross the main road twice just to enjoy a short section of quiet road. Providing protected space for cycling along this stretch of road would link up Richmond Bridge to the quiet route down Amyand Park Road to Twickenham town centre.

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