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  • A41-M1 Slip Road (near Brockley Roundabout) dangerous crossing

    Created by JonC // 1 thread

    Southeast of the Brockley Hill roundabout the A41 cycle route crosses the slip road that takes A41 traffic onto the M1. The speed limit is 70 mph. There are yellow cross-lines on the main A41 carriageway to slow traffic approaching the roundabout. However, there are no cross-lines on the two-lane slip road and traffic is accelerating to merge with the M1 motorway traffic.

    The at grade cycle crossing point, over a hard shoulder and two traffic lanes, is unmarked on the road and there are no ‘Cyclists Crossing’ warning signs approaching it.

    There was a cyclist injury in 2009 and a cyclist fatality in 2010.

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  • Braunstone Gate - Places for People

    Created by Clare Scott // 1 thread

    The Braunstone Gate Places for People project has been working on making this popular street more friendly for the people who visit its shops, pubs, restaurants and clubs, especially those visiting on foot, public transport or bicycle. Some significant 'greening' has been going on over recent weeks, including creating a community garden, reworking the road layout and introducing planters at either end of the street and between the parking bays.

    Here's some background to what's been happening, from Charlotte Jones, the Project Manager:

    "People said they would like to see more greenery, wider pavements, welcoming entrances and less conflict between parked and moving traffic. The idea of the trial is to create green 'gateways' at all entrances to the street by widening some small stretches of pavements on either side of the road and lining the edges with planters. By changing the white lines at the Narborough Road end, the idea is also to guide the moving traffic away from the sides where people commonly park cars, and so reduce some of the conflicts between moving traffic and parked cars at this corner. We will be monitoring the effects of the trial and learning from it what the community would like to see as a permanent change."

    This is a one month trial after which the Council will review with the community how it is working, what improvements could be made and how much longer it should continue. You are invited to be part in this discussion at the next Community Forum, on Wednesday 6th July, 5.30–7pm at The Laundry Bar, Braunstone Gate. More details about this project can be found on their Facebook page.

    If you can't make the meeting, please post comments on here before July 15th and they will be forwarded to the Team.

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  • Green End Road redesign

    Created by Cllr Ian Manning // 2 threads

    I've long thought the Green End Road area, specifically the section closest to Milton Road, is prime territory for a big reallocation of space, with segregated cycleways, pavements and a narrowed road.

    There is a *small possibility* of including an ambitious plan for this in the station project.

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  • Stonecross Junction redesign

    Created by mike1727 // 0 threads

    The Stonecross/Avenue road junction is to be redesigned. It is rounoured there may be a ban on bikes turning right from Stonecross onto Avenue road, which makes bike journeys W-E using Avenue road difficult. It would be better to redesign the junction to allow bikes through since many people will continue to ride/use the pavement as this is a desire line route.

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  • Cobden Junction (Mornington Crescent)

    Created by George Coulouris // 1 thread

    Camden are contemplating a re-design of this junction (the one adjacent to Mornington Cresent Station). We hope to get in early and try to ensure that the junction and its surrounding streets are made as safe and pleasant for cycling as possible.
    This CycleScape issue is intended as a forum for discussion of improvements or a total redesign.

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